Breaking Bad: 508 “Gliding Over All” Review

Well, folks, it’s all led up to this. For eight weeks, our heart rates have been unfairly raised and our expectations shockingly shattered. It’s been quite the ride, and it’s not even over yet, but this 6 month break will probably be the cause for a strange decrease in my blood pressure. Fresh from the murder of Mike, Walter and Todd are getting ready to burn his body and discard of all his things when Jesse, who is still not aware of the murder, walks in.

They quickly hide the body and him and Walter speak briefly about what to do regarding the nine men in prison who are now willing to rat them out. Walt says he’ll deal with it and that Jesse’s vote is no longer valid. Walt then meets with Lydia to get the names of the nine men in prison. After doing so AND making a deal with her regarding international distribution, Walt utilizes Todd’s uncle and his prison connections to take out the nine different men in three different prisons in only two minutes. In what is possibly the most hilarious murder montage ever showcased on Breaking Bad (yes, there is more than one), each man is brutally knifed down by multiple men to the tune of a classic jazz standard. It’s brilliant.

Meanwhile, Skyler and Marie talk about how the kids continue to stay with her and Hank. Skyler obviously wants her kids back, and to prove her point, she shows Walt the money they’ve made since they started their business up. A number is never specified, but it looks to be about $20 million dollars. Walt obviously does some serious thinking and makes some decisions he never thought he had to make. Giving Jesse the $5 million he was promised, Walt promises Skyler that he’s out of the business completely.


But, of course, nothing is ever as it seems. In the final scene, which is almost dreamlike in its construction, the entire White/Schrader family is together, but after Hank decides to take a quick dump in the bathroom, he finds a book signed W.W. In a flashback, we see a scene from Season 3 that recounts him and Walter doing a search for Heisenberg. He finds something signed W.W. and says, “Walter White,” to which he replies, “You got me.” Well, now, he’s really got him.

This final episode of the half season is one of my favorites, if not my favorite, so far. While there isn’t a whole lot of Jesse or Saul and no Mike whatsoever, Walt’s attempt to keep everything under control makes for riveting television, and Jesse Plemons’ addition to the cast is one that I was skeptical about at first but now welcome with open arms. The directing, writing, lighting, and acting were all spot-on and top-notch. The final scene, though partially expected, was still a surprise and has me wishing I could fast forward my life to next Summer for the 2nd 1/2 premiere. Five seasons in and I’m as hooked as ever.

5/5 Bears

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