The Walking Dead: 3.01 – “Seed” Premiere Review

Words cannot express the high level of anticipation and anxiousness I felt yesterday as the television lit up with a recap of the season 2 finale of The Walking Dead.

The episode “Seed” began after some months had passed. The group had made it through the long winter by running from house to house and eating anything they could safely consume. You see Lori has a big pregnant belly, and Hershel has a beard; both signs that a chunk of time has gone by. Andrea is still with Michonne, the newest addition to the show. She gruesomely beheads two walkers during the first scene she is in. Clearly, this is an indication of what we can expect from her, action-wise, in the future.

In a world full of fear that one night a walker is going to find its way onto your person and turn you, you can imagine that there would be some tension. Rick seems to have become very hard and cold. Lori spent the entire episode focusing on herself, as usual. She explained that she was concerned that she would die while giving birth and come back as a walker. I am not saying that this would be awesome, but… I can’t think of a way to finish this sentence. After this long with Rick being the prominent leader and keeping a good chunk of this group alive, some are still doubting his ability to keep them safe. The group finally reaches the long awaited prison! Victory! The way that they secure the premises just inside the gate was very impressive. Some of them were stabbing walkers through the gate from safety, some were sniping, and Rick got face-to-face with a bunch as well!

One thing became very clear to me by the first half of the episode: Maggie is now a total bad-ass! She joined the men in fighting hoards of armored walkers from the other side of the prison, and she was the one to figure out how to kill them! You go girl!

Maggie’s little sister Beth… not so much of a bad-ass. In fact, as Dr. Kronner would say, she is completely useless. She sang a song, which I guess cheered up the group, but Maggie sang as well. So really, I was thinking that if the group lost a member, it should be her. Instead, much to my chagrin, Hershel got bitten by a walker. While the group was making their way through the rest of the prison, Maggie and Glenn had to duck into a door and separate from the group. When Hershel went back to find them, he decided to step over a dead body instead of walking on the other side of the empty hallway. The body was that of a walker, who then bit Hershel.

Rick chopped off the infected leg with an axe. This wasn’t even the most disgusting part of the episode, if you can believe that. (The most disgusting part was when Rick pulled a helmet off of a walker and it basically ripped his whole face off, skin and all.) Out of all of the people who could have been bitten, it had to be the most useful one? Hershel knows how to farm, is signed on to deliver Lori’s baby, and is basically the group doctor, not to mention that he is also the group’s conscience. Oh yeah, guys. You don’t want that gross, messy riot gear and armor that you had lying on the table. You’d rather tough it. Good call. After this, at the end of the episode, you see that there are other survivors who are living in the prison! Last season, we learned that outsiders can be a bad thing for your group. I am curious to see whether the group accepts them, or if they kill them off.

As far as other characters, not much development took place. Carl stayed put! This is a pretty big change for him, doing what he is told. Also, Carol and Daryl are going to hook up (gross). Beth and Carl might eventually get something going, but thankfully right now the Grimes boy is in his awkward stage. In the beginning of the episode, you see an owl; try not to fall in love with it, because Daryl picks it apart for food. T-Dog is still just kind of there.

This episode was seriously amazing. The overall amount of walkers killed was impressive. How they were done in also was very fun to watch! The character development was much needed! I really like the way they skipped ahead a few months from last season’s finale. This allowed for the characters to change without any real explanation. When you see someone every single day, change is so gradual that you do not notice. This is where the jump in time helps the story move along. I appreciated every minute of this premiere. I imagine that the other 10.9 million viewers did as well. Bravo!

5/5 Grizzlies

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