First Official World War Z Trailer

Well, it happened.  It’s finally here.  Our beloved Max Brooks, author of best selling classics The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z has been adapted to film. The first official trailer for World War Z starring Brad Pitt and Mireille Enos was released today, and it is nothing short of intense.  I have never seen so many bodies stacked on top of each other before.  The trailer gave us some truly stunning visuals of panic that I’ve never imagined. Due out next summer, will it be in time or will the zombie craze have starved itself by then?  My projection is that it will be a delicious treat.

I loved seeing the first trailer of a zombie inspired film without having truly received a great image of the antagonist.  I compare it to the build up of when Jaws finally pops out of the water.  Considering this is the first trailer and the film isn’t due out until next summer, this was a great reveal.  We have been enticed, but there is still much awaiting the audience.

There are two different types of zombies as I classify them.  There is the Romero, and the Boyle.  The Romero is slow moving with poor motor skills and possesses its greatest strength only when accompanied by numbers.  Then there is the Boyle, an energized take on the classic zombie that appears to be fueled by the crazed fires of hell.  We’ve seen this type represented as the newer generation in such modern classics as the 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake, and the 28 Days/Weeks Later series.

It appears World War Z is utilizing the latter to create a truly action packed, ride of suspense and excitement.  I feel it’s a good direction when all things considered, the zombie genre has been beat to death in the past ten years.  This trailer presents the sheer panic of numbers with the intense violence of the Boyle zombie.

When considering if the film is landing too late, I would have to say no.  For one, its got Brad Pitt.  Two, its got Brad Pitt.  And three, there are lunatic fanatics such as myself that would even sit through trash like Survival of the Dead because it has Romero’s name on it.  Zombie flicks are like the Field of Dreams.  “If you build it, they will come.”  So far, I can’t tell how closely the film adaptation will follow the literary excellence of Brooks, but that can only be concluded upon actually seeing it.  What I can guarantee is that Brooks is a great place to start when it comes to great zombie story telling.

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