Chevy Chase Leaving ‘Community’

Polar bears like the cold. Superman goes out of his way to avoid kryptonite. The Kardashians are one big Attention Whore. In the movie Titanic, the ship sinks. In other completely unsurprising news, Chevy Chase is leaving Community.

If, by chance, you are surprised by this news, please come out completely from that rock you’ve been under and let’s do a brief history of Chevy Chase’s involvement in Community so far.

In February of this year, he gave an interview to Huffington Post UK, in which he described the decision to take the Community job “a mistake.” He also talked about the difference between television and movie saying that “hours in this kind of show are not commensurate with the actual product”. Granted, this is a long-standing tit for tat between movie actors and TV actors but come on, TV is paying your bills, how about not putting it down?

In March, there was a very public, and profanity laced feud between Chase and then showrunner, Dan Harmon. As the entire story came out, there were many who agreed with Chase, on principle at least but perhaps not execution, which prompted Harmon into sort of apologizing later.

In May, Chase gave an interview to Vulture in which he said that if he were writing the show it would be funnier and that he was tired of playing Pierce. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I hadn’t started wondering how on Earth he was still employed by this point, this one certainly turned the tide in that direction.

In October, after staying out of the headlines for a few months, Chevy Chase got back in the news after dropping the n-word in frustration would be a good idea. It was reported that he was frustrated over dialogue and the direction Pierce was taking and said something akin to “What are you gonna have him say next – “.

I beg to differ Pierce.

So now that everyone is on the same page, anyone surprised that Chevy Chase has decided to leave the show? He’s been saying, in public, for about nine months now exactly how much he doesn’t want to be a part of Community anymore. At this point I think it’s for the best. Apparently the finale has already been recorded but when the new season premieres on Feb. 7th, there will be at least two episodes that have no Pierce. I’ll try to miss him.

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