New Writing Team for ‘Flight of the Navigator’ Remake Is Probably a Good Thing

We’ve got news about the team chosen to write the remake of 80s classic Flight of the Navigator.  For those who not were not 80s children, Flight of the Navigator involves a young child who is abducted by aliens (the nice kind, not the probing kind) and returned eight years later to find his entire family has aged while he has not. It is a quintessential 80s film involving strong performances, a touching and interesting story line, and some great aliens.

Brad Copeland was the first writer brought in on this remake, but his script was not well received with the fanboy community. The new team is duo Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connelly. Never heard of them? Don’t worry, they have recently made a great time travel movie which is not really about time travel (watch the trailer below and you will see what I mean) called Safety Not Guaranteed.

It involves a wanted advert for a time travel companion and a group of magazine reporters, who while getting close to the story; end up getting closer to the guy who placed the ad as a person and find out more about themselves too. It has a stunning cast and really makes you think that the remake will be in good hands. The way the trailer handles the interactions between characters makes me think that the duo will be able to handle the mix of humor and pathos the original had.

Source: Geek Exchange 

My main worry as always about remakes is this – Can it recapture the magic the original had for me when I watched it as a child? If they are trying to create a fantastical adventure for children and possible adults will they be able to pull it off? Just for this fan in particular I really hope they gel CGI with actual creature feature effects, because that was one of the moments that made me as a child believe I was on an alien spaceship (and as an adult as well truth be told). Very few films have managed this, but I look forward to seeing if this team can create something worth cheering about. But just in case they can’t, here is the trailer for the original movie to put you in the mood for this remake.

[Kronner’s Editorial Note: The following picture is not really related, but I have a crush on Aubrey Plaza and I’m in charge around here. So that’s all the justification I need.]

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