Join the SuperF*ckers

“We’re doomed again — all the toilets are ruined, so Grotessa is peeing in the sink!” — Jack Krack, SuperF*ckers

On the latest episode of InkStuds, Simon Hanselmann (whom GB interviewed in brief a couple months ago) shared with host Robin McConnell that Frederator has invited him to pitch a show (which, curiously, he categorized as a kid’s show. Joke? True? Whatevs). That’s exciting, because (a) we’re big fans of Hanselmann, (b) big fans of Frederator’s shows, including Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors, and (c) especially tickled at the results of Frederator’s latest show, SuperF*ckers, based on James Kochalka’s comic book of the same name.

In fact, after only three episodes, I’ve start thinking of Fridays as “SuperF*ckers Day.”

What is SuperF*ckers? Aside from being decidedly not for children — whether or not you choose to watch the censored or uncensored version of each episode, it’s a twist on the old Legion of Superheroes premise: superpowered kids hang out in a club house. But instead of heroes, these SuperF*ckers are more like what real teenagers — or itnernet trolls — might act like in this situation. They tend to be vain, stupid, self-aggrandizing, and/or just jerks.

None better exemplify the comedic possibilities than main protagonist Jack Krack, who invites his girl teammates to get it on, takes a dump in another teammate’s latest invention, and constantly proclaims himself “the mothef*cker” (and seems to think this is a good thing). He’s voiced by the former Bud Bundy, David Faustino. Along for the ride are Princess Sunshine, Grotessa (voiced by Veronica Belmont), Wonder Kyle, baritone-voiced Ultra Richard, and many more.

Yesterday”s episode, titled “Crises on Infinite Toilets,” clocks in at under 4 minutes and features Jack Krak peeing all over the toilet, which kicks off events resulting in, among other things, the recruitment of new member Computer Fist, a nerdy, butt-kissing straight-man (in the comedic sense), who is voiced by Maria Bamford.

The shows are short — it should be easy to take a chance and watch the series to date (but not on a smoke break, dudes — NSFW!) — amusing, and mostly full of superhero send-ups and potty humor. But you may find them about as addictive as the slime drippings from the team’s grotesque mascot, Grotus (voiced by Kochalka himself).

Check it HERE.


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