The Walking Dead: 3.09 – “The Suicide King” Review

The Walking Dead returned to television yesterday with “The Suicide King” after an ungodly 10 week break. In case you weren’t one of the 12.3 million viewers who tuned in to AMC Sunday, I will do a short recap:

Before the mid-season hiatus, Merle and Daryl were in the ring of zombies fighting for their lives… against each other! The sick and twisted (and mega charming) Governor was testing Merle to see where his true loyalties were. Although most fans knew that Daryl and Merle could not possibly die, it was still exhausting to wait ten weeks to see what happened. TWD likes to throw curve-balls sometimes. With Maggie, Rick, and others from the group shooting out lights and throwing smoke bombs, the brothers were able to escape from Woodbury together.

The Suicide King

Rick makes it clear to Daryl that Merle is not welcome in the group, so Daryl walks off with his brother to fend for themselves. Tyreese is at the prison with Sasha, Ben and Allen, trying to win over the rest of the group while they await Rick’s arrival. Woodbury was infected with a few walkers, terrifying the citizens who Andrea then somehow pulled together. Since it is ultimately Rick’s decision whether Tyreese and the gang get to stay or not, everyone was gathered in one room to find out his answer. After saying they could not stay, Hershel explains to Rick that he is wrong about them. Rick then sees ghost Lori and starts waving a gun around and panicking. Of course, with that, the episode ends.

The Suicide King

I knew that neither Daryl, nor Merle would end up dead from the ring of walkers at Woodbury. However, I did not see Daryl leaving the group! I am very unhappy about this. I love Daryl, and he is fully aware of what his brother did to his friends. I do understand where Daryl is coming from. In this post-zombie apocalyptic world, it is extraordinarily rare to have any family at all. If that one family member you have left happens to be a racist, sexist, jerk redneck, you still can’t turn them away.

Daryl's Bow
I’ll take that.

I haven’t made my mind up about Tyreese’s group yet. Clearly, I love Tyreese and Sasha, but Allen and Ben already attempted to create a plan in which they would overrun the girls and children and take everything from them. I am pretty confident that Tyreese will be staying at the prison. My concern is that his friends will do something stupid to get them kicked out.

Andrea still has Stockholm Syndrome. She is so dense, and so irrational that I don’t really like her anymore. It is a pity, too, because she used to be awesome! She traded in her badass-ness for a warm bed and a glass of wine. I am concerned that if she did come to her senses, not only does she not have anyone with her from her original group, but she has not been really using her skills. She can’t be nearly as useful as she used to be. Honestly, in season 2 I would have said Andrea versus all of the walkers on her way back to the prison equals all of the walkers dead. Now, I would say she would not make it very far. It was almost comical how quickly the group of concerned Woodbury citizens’ attitudes changed when Andrea talked to them. Their little town had walkers within their walls, a man died, people were terrified, and they were not allowed to leave! However, somehow, when Andrea gathered them into a circle and explained that one day in the future, History books will tell the tale of Woodbury and how they survived, the group immediately started shouting YEAH! Apparently, all it took to completely change their minds and get them to forget about the zombie attack was a 12 second pep talk. Sweet!

Carol has started to seem useful. I never understood her part in the group, other than give them all a daughter to find and be an emotional wreck. However, she had heart to heart discussions with Carl and Beth both this episode! She seems like a very good therapist-type for the group. I would like her in that role, as I imagine it is much needed!

The Suicide King

Crazy. Toys in the attic, I am CRAZY!  Rick my dear, you need a nap. That man is losing his marbles. He is clearly in no condition to continue being the leader. [<— No.] In my opinion, and this is just based on the rest of season 3, I think that Glenn has proven himself a worthy leader. He was willing to die before giving up the group’s location. He fought off a walker while tied up. He is this season’s champion, and I think that it may be time for him to step up.

curb stomp
Glenn curb stomps a Zombie – Source: A little light upon Darkness..

Overall, I would give this episode a 3/5. This may seem harsh, but I waited a long damn time for this episode, and it honestly didn’t entertain me as much as I thought it would. Should the rating suffer for my high expectations? Yes. Yes it should. I did enjoy it, though. Until next week!

grizzly rating 3of5

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