Webcomic Wednesday A-Z: Friends With Boys

Welcome to Webcomic Wednesday, in which we feature comics available for free on the Internet, just in time for the Geek Sabbath (a.k.a. New Comics Day).

You know what we call putting a 20-page preview online for your otherwise traditionally printed?

We call it damned smart. What the hell else if the Internet for? “F”, in addition to being for “free,” is also for “financial stability.” As in, if you love an artist’s work, shell out some damned dough and show it, if you can swing it.

In that vein, our friendly suggestion for the letter “F” of the webcomics available is an “F” herself: Faith Erin Hicks’ Friends with Boys. We’ll lead you to the 20-page snippet on the web, and if you love it — which we suspect many will — you can follow-up with the print edition from First Second (another “F” and one of the best comic publishers out there).

Friends With Boys — What you need to know:

Main Site/First Page
Purchase Print Version (or, even better, visit your local comics store and support a small biz)

Friends With Boys concerns Maggie, who has been home schooled up until recently, but now finds herself entering public high school. Hicks’ cartooning — not just her art, and not just her design, but the cartooning — the layout and interaction and impact of how things are depicted, etc. — is just superb. Really, that’s the crux of it. First 20 pages for free; it’s a no-brainer. And about $11/$12 if you want to own it, 224 pages, perfect for young adults and older. Also a no-brainer, if you ask our humble opinion. But you be the judge. One more time, that’s here.


Hicks has plenty of other comics available online as well, notably The Adventures of Superhero Girl.

BONUS: Okay, you want an alternate “F”? something with a little more content? A complete story? Here you go — Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield’s FreakAngels, which also has print volumes available. Some people really, really love Ellis’ work; he’s an imaginative, inventive and compelling writer. We suspect, though, that FreakAngels has post-hypnotic suggestions built into the words & images that will compel you to purchase the entire catalog of Ellis’ work in hardcover. Accordingly, if you aren’t a spendthrift, it’ll be cheaper to just buy Friends With Boys.


A – The Abominable Charles Christopher
B – Boozehounds
C – Courting Disaster
D – Dangerously Chloe

E  EmiTown

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