TV News Roundup: Arrested Development, Kenny Powers, and James Gandolfini

Howdy, howdy! It’s about that time again, time for a TV News Roundup! We’ll find all the news that’s fit for print out in the world of television today and bring it to you in one nice neat package. Without further adieu, let’s get to it!

‘Sopranos’ star, James Gandolfini, dies at 51

James Gandolfini

HBO released a statement confirming that Gandolfini, who played the lead character, Tony Soprano, in their mobster-drama, died Wednesday of a heart attack in Italy.

[quote]He was a special man, a great talent, but more importantly, a gentle and loving person who treated everyone no matter their title or position with equal respect.[/quote]

‘Hemlock Grove’ Renewed For Second Season

At the end of season one I was left with a few questions.

  1. WTF is going on in that house?
  2. Did I seriously just watch this entire series about angsty vampires and brooding werewolves?
  3. How does Olivia Godfrey keep her all white wardrobe so clean?
  4. Will there be a second season?

Hemlock Grove leadin

While there aren’t any answers for the first three (yet), we do now know that Hemlock Grove will be returning! It will be only 10 episodes long as opposed to 13 though. Just like House of Cards, Netflix is keeping mum about numbers for Hemlock Grove but apparently they were strong enough to warrant a second season so good job Eli Roth and company!

Reaper Reunion!!!!!

As we talked about in a previous Roundup, the powers that be over at FearNet engineered a Reaper reunion and have started airing the two seasons of the show on Tuesday nights. Not only that but they were kind enough to put the episode online for those of us without access to their channel. Stand up guys.

How exciting is it to even think about new episodes of Reaper? I’m trying not to get my hopes up but that would be pretty amazing as it was a show that certainly was cut down before it’s time.

Bottom of the Ninth for Kenny Powers

HBO has announced that the upcoming fourth season of Eastbound and Down will be it’s last. Poor Kenny Powers. I’d say poor Danny McBride but he’ll do fine, his on screen counterpart however? Well we’ll just have to wait for the season to air but I can’t imagine Kenny Powers does anything successfully so who knows what the future holds? My hope is he just drives his jet ski off into the sunset…


‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 in Chronological Order

Did you watch Arrested Development and wish they’d been able to tell the story in a much more traditional manner instead of the constant back and forth that the schedule and time constraints forced them to use? Well you are not alone. Redditor morphinapg took it upon themselves to put together a chronological season complete with new episode titles and descriptions. You can check them out here. Is it a good idea? Bad idea? Stupid and should never even been done because Mitch Hurwitz had a vision for this season and this guy (or gal, it’s sometimes hard to tell with redditors) has completely undermined it?

GOB on the cross

If your answer was the last one then go ahead and get off the cross because someone else needs the wood. Hurwitz himself has even mentioned in various interviews that he himself would like to see/do a chronological edit of the season so it’s not that big of a deal. Just like every other thing that fans get ahold of, there will be remixes and AU (alternate universe) fanfic, and :insert every other aspect of fandoms here:. At the end of the day, it’s a great show with perhaps not such a great season so anything keeping people still discussing it in a positive light can’t be a bad thing.

Comedy Show from back of Comic Book Store… sounds legit.

Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani already have “the best stand-up comedy show in Los Angeles” but they are looking to conquer even greater heights. They are well on their way with news recently that their show, The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail has been picked up by Comedy Central. I’m of the feeling that there isn’t enough stand-up on television (even on Comedy Central I always seem to catch the same three acts every time I tune in) so this is great news! Apparently there are plenty of people who agree as the executive producer list for this series is quite long but the biggest name on that list, without a doubt, is Ben Stiller and his Red Hour production company. The best part of Meltdown is that it’s held in the back of a comic book shop. Why? Well, why not?

So there you have it, the top news as we see it in TV today! If you think we’ve missed a story, by all means let us know down in the comments or if you’re feeling downright neighborly, it’s perfectly all right to just say hello. Until next time!

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