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Halloween Kills: Bloody New Footage Straight Out Of BlumFest!

Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures has revealed a new teaser for the highly-anticipated Halloween Kills showing Michael Myers’ bloody return to the screen! 

Opening on the town of Haddonfield, Laurie’s voice warns that Michael Myers was back for blood, and The Shape is shown picking up his iconic mask. From there the violence escalates as Halloween Kills delivers on just that. Plenty of blood shooting out of victims as well as familiar faces such as Allyson (Andi Matichak). And none other than actress Nancy Stephens, who is playing Marion Chambers for the whopping fourth time in Halloween Kills. A hand smashes the glass on her car’s window, in a sequence highlighting her fateful encounter with Michael Myers back in 1978.

Gordon Green promised “twice the thrills and ten times the kills” during today’s Blumhouse panel, and this new 36-second look at the film is promising just that. Check it out below:

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Halloween Kills: First Teaser Trailer But Gets Bumped To 2021

David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills was due out later this fall but due to the pandemic, and constant shifting of most movie productions, the film has suffered a fate we were hoping wouldn’t come true.

In a joint statement from David Gordon Green and John Carpenter, the team behind Halloween Kills confirmed that the film will unfortunately have to be postponed by a whole year. Now being released on October 15, 2021. The creators promise that this is to ensure the largest amount of people can enjoy the film together and even go as far to fulfill an IMAX presentation of the new slasher film. It was an inevitability as the pandemic continues to increase in several hot spots around the world, while other places adapt to new social and physical norms and safety measures. It was the right move but it still stings for horror fans.

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‘Eastbound and Down’ Teaser: Kenny Powers Rises From The Ashes for Season 4

The moment every single television viewer has been waiting for is almost here. A new teaser has been released to commemorate the spectacular return of America’s single greatest baseball player, role model, father figure, and lover of high class prostitutes. The 4th season of Eastbound and Down premieres on HBO in September, and the teasers show us… pretty much nothing.

Except for Kenny Motherf*cking Powers. Danny McBride reprises his fan favorite character in the newest season, which sees Kenny Powers apparently back in the big leagues. However, with the small amount the teasers have shown us we really can’t be sure of anything but more Kenny Powers greatness. Here is the first teaser that was released a while ago:

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TV News Roundup: Arrested Development, Kenny Powers, and James Gandolfini

Howdy, howdy! It’s about that time again, time for a TV News Roundup! We’ll find all the news that’s fit for print out in the world of television today and bring it to you in one nice neat package. Without further adieu, let’s get to it!

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Grizzly Review: The Sitter

Jonah Hill, the man we know as being that really funny, fat guy who stars in all those Apatow movies. He’s made quite the name for himself since his big break in 2007’s Superbad, which was the sleeper hit of the year. Now, in 2011, he’s following in the footsteps of his peers (and close friends), Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow, by taking a somewhat more dramatic approach to film while still maintaining his goofy, lovable, and sometimes misguided humor.

Recently, Hill lost a substantial amount of weight for his role in the upcoming film, 21 Jump Street, a remake of the hit series that he co-wrote, set to release in March. The sudden and surprising weight loss has been the target of much scrutiny by his fans, who have started an internet trend, taking still frames of his films, adding a caption about his obesity, and ending with, “Stay fat, Jonah Hill”. Hill himself has embraced his new lifestyle, and definitely acknowledges that everyone wants him to gain his weight back.

In Jonah’s last “overweight” movie, The Sitter, he plays Noah, a crass man-child who’s been kicked out of college and has to live with his mother. When her ride to a party where a date awaits her cancels because their babysitter couldn’t make it, Noah has to unwillingly step in to save the day.

The Pedulla’s are a wealthy family with three children: Slater (Max Records), an overanxious and marginally confused wreck of a thirteen year old, Rodrigo (Kevin Hernandez), an El Salvadorian pyromaniac who could probably get enough dynamite to blow up a building, and Blithe (Landry Bender), who’s going through a “clubbing and partying” phase at the age of eight. Ready to go nowhere, Noah suddenly gets a call from his friend Marisa (Ari Graynor) who promises to have sex with him if he gets her cocaine. Instantly, he packs the kids into the mini-van and takes a wild ride through the dirtiest and scariest parts of New York City.

If The Sitter is anything, it’s completely implausible, but it’s also surprisingly sweet and quite funny. The character of Noah bounce well off the completely unruly behavior of the children. They each have their own subplot, in addition to Noah’s central conflict, that makes the movie’s short 78 minute running time fly by with ease.

The character of Noah was one that seemed to be written for Hill personally, and it’s a role we’ve seen him play before, but he plays it so damn well that I could never get tired of it. The man is a very talented actor, and at such a young age, his filmography is so diverse and solid, that his future is looking extremely bright. The children are played so well, and they each stand out in their own special way, even if at first it does come off simply as crass and unnecessary.

The screenplay, which was penned by first timers Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka, is a strong enough debut to get the ball rolling for them, but not strong enough to guarantee them a successful career in Hollywood. I find this interesting to note because I’ve noticed a lot of big name stars and directors who have been picking up screenplays by first time writers.

The surprise scene-stealer, though, is Sam Rockwell, who plays Karl, a crazed drug dealer who begins hunting down Noah after Rodrigo steals a large amount of very valuable cocaine, and then proceeds to break its container. Rockwell plays Karl with an almost natural ferocity that is as funny as it is terrifying. He’s another actor who’s able to play almost any character, a chameleon in the acting world.

Directed by David Gordon Green in his second feature film of 2011, the first being the absolutely awful medieval stoner comedy, Your Highness, his quick zooms and fast editing gave the film a very 70s blaxploitation feel to it, which, when accompanied by the soundtrack, and some of the catchphrases that Jonah Hill uses throughout the picture, really confirms my suspicion that that was what they seemed to be going for. Green, who is probably best known for directing the 2008 action stoner comedy, Pineapple Express, isn’t a bad filmmaker, but his 2011 critical reception hasn’t been anything resembling welcoming (Your Highness holds a 24% on Rotten Tomatoes, The Sitter has a mere 22%), and unless he gets hold of a gem, he may be reduced to directing cookie-cutter comedies such as this. Green is one of a somewhat large group of graduates of the North Carolina School of the Arts, other notable names being Danny McBride, Ben Best and Jody Hill, three people who are currently running the black comedy scene.

The Sitter is saved by its usually funny script and dedicated performances, but for all intents and purposes, it’s a movie we’ve seen before. The plots are familiar, the jokes are familiar, but the presence of Jonah Hill and the somewhat gritty take on New York is enough to keep this film afloat.

3/5 Grizzly’s

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Grizzly Review: 30 Minutes or Less

Up for a movie about one of the most ingenious criminal plans of all time? Then get in there and see 30 Minutes or Less, but I must warn you; Shut your brain off along with your cell phone before the movie starts, because it’s a long profanity laden ride. The dialogue definitely drives the movie, but not in the Tarantino way. Think about it, you’ve got Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari and Nick Swardson spouting off one liners all movie long! But come to think of it none of them were particularly memorable. Plus everything Danny McBride says is funny so it’s hard to keep track.

So I’ll give you  rundown and the things that drive our characters to the madness they get up to in the movie. First off there is Nick played by Jeese Eisenberg, who is fairly unremarkable in this movie. As Dr. Kronner said he’s basically a poor man’s Michael Cera which I’m pretty sure is impossible but you understand the comparison. Being a poor man’s anything is terrible, especially when it involves Michael Cera…. but we’re off topic so let’s continue. Nick is an out of highschool pizza delivery guy living the dream as his forbidden girlfriend Kate is about to go onto bigger and better things. Why is she forbidden? Because she is his best friend Chet’s twin sister. And she is played in all of her hotness by Dilshad Vadsaria. I’ve tried and cannot make that name sound attractive though.

Dilshad Vadsaria as Kate

Chet is played awkwardly but hilariously by Aziz Ansari. After a best friend blowout occurs between the two, Nick spills the beans about Kate and the two-part no longer friends… for now. That’s when Nick falls into the twisted web of retarded plans that belong to Dwayne. (Danny McBride)

The guys buying their rape kit… I mean bank robbing kit!

I’m going to tell you what Dwayne’s master plan is because it’s just that effin’ awesome. It won’t take away from the movie, unless you considered something this stupid as a spoiler. Dwayne and his best friend Travis (Swardson) are morons who blow up watermelons with C4 for fun and one of the old Friday the 13th movies in 3D in their spare time. Dwayne’s father, the Major (Fred Ward), is understandably hateful towards his son who is definitely over forty and a complete bum still living with him. But then Dwayne has an idea…. or one he expands on from a stripper starting. One way to get his dad’s lotto winnings is to have him killed. He then plans to have his father killed, but to pay the hitman (Michael Pena) he has to force someone to rob a bank for him. Once his father is dead and the hitman paid off then Dwayne and Travis can start a tanning salon that will be the perfect front for a prostitution ring. Way to dream big guy. Though in Dwayne’s defense the Tanny Glover is ingenious! The rest of the movie involves Nick’s quest to rob a bank and get off the exploding vest Dwayne and Travis put on him to do their bidding.

I won’t spoil anymore of the movie, but I’ll say it’s definitely worth a watch. Nothing extremely memorable but if you’ve got nothing going on during a Tuesday night and a couple friends are willing to go with you then by all means go for it. Low expectations will do wonders for you going into this one. I give it 2.5 out of 5 bears. Nothing great, but definitely worth some laughs.

Grizzly Review: Your Highness (aka Natalie Portman Thong)

I went into the midnight showing of Your Highness with good expectations. Not that I would be seeing a great movie with an awesome storyline, or top-notch acting, but a movie that would have great comedy to make me laugh my ass off, effectively spoofing the fantasy genre. It definitely spoofed the genre very well, but the comedy aspect left plenty to be desired. And I will also be bombarding this article with Natalie Portman pictures so enjoy. Let’s start out with a summary of the movie’s plot and players:

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Natalie Portman VS Her Body Double

Ahhhh, there’s nothing like a fresh dose of controversy to start your Monday off right. It’s even better when you can’t figure out why so many people or news outlets care enough to make it a controversy, and I can’t decide whether I’m helping or hindering it right now.

So here it is: Natalie Portman is being accused by her body double Sarah Lane, of not doing hardly any of the actual dancing in the ballet scenes of the movie Black Swan. According to an article on OTRC, Lane claims that Portman only did five percent of her dancing parts in the movie, while Portman’s fiancée Benjamin Milliepied said it was her 85 percent of the time. Darren Aronofsky and Mila Kunis both also back up Portman.

The biggest question that I pose however is; Who gives a crap?

As everyone probably knows by now, Natalie Portman won the ‘Best Actress Oscar’ this year for her performance in Black Swan. I thought the movie was okay, but critics everywhere have praised it as a masterpiece of cinema. And now it all comes down to this? She didn’t do her fair share of ballet dancing? I would hope Darren Aronofsky focused more on the story itself, and bringing out the best acting in his cast than on ballet dancing. Is everyone supposed to be surprised she had a body double for the dancing part? I was more interested in other parts of the film, you know, the parts where Natalie Portman is losing her mind and morphing into a f–king Swan. After watching the “scene” with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis my first reaction is: what ballet?

Until they add in a best ballet dancer category at the Academy Awards maybe Sarah Lane should switch her face to the off position.

“I’m sorry? Did you say a Ballet? I wasn’t paying attention.”

I may be a bit biased because I’m a dude and think Natalie Portman is one of the best things to happen to geeks since the Star Wars prequels were announced. (Which sounded good at the time but turned out not so good.) After the Serena Williams controversy a couple of days ago (click her name for link.) it seems like highly successful women are coming under fire from some of the most ridiculous nonsense.

I for one could care less about Natalie’s dancing prowess at this point because I’m eagerly awaiting the upcoming comedy starring herself, James Franco and Danny McBride titled Your Highness, which comes out next Friday – April 8th. Swords, Sorcery and Natalie Portman in a thong anyone?

Our review of Your Highness will soon follow its release.