Blue Caprice: New Film About The Beltway Sniper Attacks

Most know the story of the infamous Beltway Sniper Attacks, but here’s a refresher; During three weeks in October 2002, two men drove a blue Chevrolet Caprice through Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, stopping in public areas where they would then randomly shoot people from a sniper rifle positioned in the trunk of the car. Their toll was 10 killed and 3 injured. The perpetrators were an older gentleman, John Allen Muhammad, and a minor, Lee Boyd Malvo. That is the set up for the film, Blue Caprice, directed by Alexandre Moors, marking his debut feature film. Starring Isaiah Washington (Grey’s Anatomy) as Muhammad, and another TV alum in his first starring feature film role, Tequan Richmond (Everybody Hates Chris) as Malvo. Rounding out the cast is Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy), and Leo Fitzpatrick (Kids). The trailer is great, showing that the film is more about the psyche of the men leading up to the events, than a sensationalizing of the shootings. It look spot on tonally for something of this nature. Check it out:

Premiering at Sundance, the buzz for this film was unanimously positive, most praising the lead performances. The thing that excites me the most has to be the point of view the film is told from. Instead of being investigators trying to stop these shootings, or something of that effect, we’re given the anti-hero story in the POV of the perpetrators, and their father/son relationship. This allows for a unique look into their minds that could give us a different perspective on the horrific events. The cinematography is also worth mentioning as the muted colors and grainy shots remind me a lot of the recent, based on a true story pic, Fruitvale Station, which had a very similar tone to what the trailers selling.


The film is due out September 13th in theaters, and September 17th on VOD.

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