Return of the Killer Care Staff – The ‘Nurse 3D’ Trailer Arrives

Nurse 3D is a film that has been on a bit of a slow burn since it was completed over 2 years ago. For whatever reason Lionsgate felt the need to hold this back, maybe they wondered how the hell they were going to market this type of movie. This is a fair point because it is not your typical horror flick, feeling more like the slew of crazy female stalker movies from the ’90s, with echoes of Fatal Attraction and Single White Female.


They have finally decided now is the right time for us to see some killer nurse action, and ‘the killer nurse movie’ is certainly not a new concept. They have been a staple of the horror genre on and off for years in the low-budget arena of film making. Quentin Tarantino was obviously influenced by the sub-genre, as is evidenced by Kill Bill.

The official synopsis:

[quote]Paz de la Huerta (HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”) turns up the body heat in this wickedly entertaining story of a fatal attraction. By day, nurse Abby Russell (de la Huerta) lovingly attends to the patients at All Saints Memorial Hospital; by night, Abby prowls nightclubs, luring unfaithful men into dangerous liaisons. After Danni, a young, sensitive nurse, joins the hospital staff, Abby pursues her friendship. But when the friendship turns to obsession, Danni spurns Abby, unleashing Abby’s fury and a rampage of terror[/quote]

And the trailer…

Paz de la Huerta (Boardwalk Empire) as Abby Russell certainly has an alluring quality to her. Something seems off with her whenever she glances at a character, it’s a surprise they don’t figure out sooner that she is absolutely bonkers. She certainly seems engaging and though personally, I do not feel drawn to her strange charms, there is definitely something about her which drags you in. I am still not sure if this is an amazing piece of acting or if she is just crazy. Having missed Boardwalk Empire it is hard to know either way. Katrina Bowden (30 Rock, Dale and Tucker vs Evil) as Danni seems to play the role of the confused new comer well enough, and her tumble into this new and weird world grabs your attention for long enough to be interested in what will happen to her. The notion of Abby maybe being an escaped loony seems a tad cliché and unnecessary to be honest, but this may be a throwaway line without too much relevance to the movies outcome. Judd Nelson pops up for 2 seconds with one hum-dinger of a mustache which if nothing else should be a joy to behold.

Judd Nelson! Nurse 3D

The use of 3D actually does not gel well in the trailer, taking away from the tone they had built up, turning it from erotic horror to generic jump bait. There are certainly elements of interest here, with plenty of brief shots of syringe action which sometimes gave this film a feel of Audition by Takashi Miike. The use of sex and death seem to have a foreign film feel to it with elements of films like Nekromantik and Dario Argento’s movies slipping in there (the scene in the morgue with the bone saw seems like it could mix elements of both of these movies). But for tone and even content this felt a little like American Mary, the 2012 film about underground surgery.

nurse 3d poster 2

The general feeling after watching this is that the dark mix of horror and sexuality will be a good thing.  The film is set to release sometime in 2014. This may be one to keep your eye on in the near future.

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