I Kill Giants: Movie Adaptation Coming, Zoe Saldana Joins Cast

Zoe Saldana has steadily been making appearances in some of the biggest sci-fi blockbusters in recent memory. From Avatar, to Star Trek, to Guardians of the Galaxy, she has been a staple name in some huge franchises. Saldana has now been confirmed to join the cast of I Kill Giants, a movie adaptation of the award-winning comic of the same name.

Saldana in Guardians of the Galaxy
Saldana in Guardians of the Galaxy

The comic, written by Joe Kelly, has all the potential to be a stunning movie. The story follows a young girl, Barbara Thorson, coping with reality by creating a fantasy world where giants are real. She starts to meld the two worlds together and is prepared to go to battle for when the giants come. Madison Wolfe (True Detective) will portray the young Barbara, while Saldana will be playing the role of the school psychologist that helps Barbara cope with the monsters that are in her fantasy, as well as the ones that are very much in her reality.

The elements of fantasy give the movie a head start on being nothing short of well… fantastical. It will be interesting to see how the worlds parallel artistically. The hope is that it can excel in bridging fantasy and reality together, like Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, which dealt with some similar themes.


Anders Walter will make his full-length directing debut, after winning an Oscar for his short film Helium, and Chris Columbus will be producing the film. Joe Kelly will write the screenplay, which is great since it’s his story that the movie is based on. No word yet on when it will start filming as I’m sure scheduling is an issue, especially for Saldana, with sequels for Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy in the works.

Hopes are high for this adaptation, as smaller comics sometimes don’t receive as much love as the popular ones do. Fingers crossed that this starts a trend. Indie comics have some of the most interesting and complex stories that deserve some screen time!

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Images: Marvel Studios, Image Comics

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