Final Jessica Jones Trailer, First Luke Cage Teaser for Marvel’s NetFlix Lineup

You will know Jessica Jones. Or at least be intrigued enough to watch the new Netflix series which debuts this Friday. The publicity machine over at the streaming channel earlier this month unleashed a barrage of stills of the titular character as well as many of the series’ cast. These include allies and friends like Trish Walker (played by Rachel Taylor), and the villainous Purple Man, who’s slickly portrayed by David Tennant of Doctor Who fame.

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Also showing up in the photo frenzy is Luke Cage. As previously reported, Cage is the lead of his own Netflix series which is scheduled to debut next year. In the comics, Cage is also Jessica’s paramour. This looks to repeat itself in Marvel’s Jessica Jones. In the second official trailer, you get a sense of the story that’s to come, from Jessica and Cage’s steamy dates, to her powers, and the horrifying abilities of the Purple Man. If Netflix’s Daredevil, which is going into season two shortly, is any indication, the confrontations between Jessica and the Purple Man are going to be brutally memorable as she fights to stop his schemes against her and her love ones.

Speaking of love ones, a trailer for the Luke Cage series has gone online. Actually, make that a teaser of a trailer. The 15 second piece pans to show three things: the bar sign Josie’s, the words, “Welcome to Hell’s Kitchen x Pick Your Poison”, and another bar sign: Luke’s. As teasers go, it’s only so-so even for a trailer. Here’s hoping the future trailers for Luke Cage will be as substantial as with Jessica Jones.

Jessica Jones may not be a household name outside a few hardcore comic book geeks (like yours truly). It won’t be surprising if that changes with the new series.

Want more on Marvel’s Jessica Jones? Go to the beginning with the first teaser trailer which we covered back in September. Then check out even more trailers hinting at her abilities and attitudes. Then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Images: NetFlix, Marvel Studios

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