VHS Vault: Sleeve Mash-Ups and Movie Cover Make Overs

VHS Wasteland and Matthew Dix Create Their Own Analog Art.

A few weeks ago The VHS Vault opened its creaky doors once more and unleashed a mass of VHS created covers by artists doing their own interpretation of what modern movies would look like today if we were still in an analogue age.

Well, lo and behold these creations do not stop there. Recently a few more pieces of interest have come Grizzly Bombs way via Lunchmeat, a site run by Josh Schafer which focuses solely on VHS events, releases and news.

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One of the artists I originally covered was Matthew Dix and his Instagram page Offtrackoutlet who had put together some great looking VHS boxes for some of todays blockbusting movies. Recently he extended this collection to fit in even more covers, so it seemed rude not to share these great creations with you today.

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I love the attention to detail that has gone into these covers. Not only the image selection and retro styled cover art, but also the physical wear and tear on them. The rental stickers and random filing system stickers that Matthew has put on to are just the icing on the cake for me. The inclusion of some big name VHS companies like Vestron also gives these pieces an element of class. Truth be told, I think most of these look better than the actual DVD releases!

So moving on from modern VHS covers to VHS movies that never saw the light of day. VHS Wasteland has put together a collection of sleeves for mash-up movies and films that we would love to see today but alas, never happened. Ever wanted to see Superman in a Bill and Ted Adventure? Or perhaps Ernest as a serial killer? Well look no further than here because the VHS Wasteland covers give you mash-ups and home creations galore. See some of the best ones in the gallery below.

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It is hard to describe how much I love these covers, but here goes anyway. Much like Off Track Outlet did, VHS Wasteland has taken existing VHS companies styles and logos and created a series of fantastic parodies. With artwork taken from a variety of different sources (including artist Jason Edmiston and some of Marvel and DC’s comic art), they have converted them all perfectly into seamless VHS cover creations. It is hard not to be impressed by not one, but two Ghostbusters related covers. It is great that the fondness for this style of art is getting kept alive by a variety of different artists and fans of the VHS format. I doubt this will be the last we see of these specialized video cover pieces of art.

If you liked these, be sure to take a look at what else is in Grizzly Bomb’s VHS Vault, or watch a short video explaining the history of VHS.

Images: VHS Wasteland, Offtrackoutlet,
Matthew Dix, Lunchmeat, Josh Schafer.

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