The Wind

The Wind: First Trailer For This Festival Favorite Western Horror

IFC Midnight released the full-length official trailer for Emma Tammi’s acclaimed western horror The Wind, which first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival back in September 2018. The supernatural thriller film is set in the western frontier of the late 1800s, following a plains-woman driven mad by the harshness and isolation of the untamed land.

In this folkloric tale of madness and terror, Lizzy (played by Caitlin Gerard) is a resourceful frontierswoman who settles in a remote stretch of land of 19th-century America. Isolated and desolate, where the wind never stops howling, Lizzy begins to sense something sinister in this terrifying setting. This overwhelming dread is quickly dismissed by her husband (played by Ashley Zukerman) as superstition. However, when a newlywed couple arrives in a nearby homestead, their presence increases Lizzy’s fears and sets into motion a shocking chain of events.

Check out the trailer for The Wind below:

Are we dealing with some sort of terrifying environment inhabited by real monsters or are we seeing the mental decay of a woman on the verge of madness? The film unravels through a series of flashbacks that propel the narrative towards a devastating aftermath of violence that opens the film. Tammi is making her feature directorial debut after co-directing a documentary and producing a few other docs. Here, she imbues her film with meticulously sinister threads that rattle and creak. The devil is in the details when it comes to The Wind, all the more so because of the exquisite photography. If you were a fan of The Witch, make sure you check out this film, which feels like another chapter in the recent renaissance of American folk-horror.

In an interview with IndieWire, Tammi brought up her influences when it came to bringing The Wind to screens. “Making a psychological thriller that’s also a period-piece Western was a uniquely awesome experience. Drawing inspiration from classics such as ‘The Searchers’ and ‘Carrie,’ we were able to reference some of my favorite moments in cinema, while also subverting and reinventing along the way.” She added, “Growing up watching Westerns that follow men taking off on adventures, I was excited to turn the camera in the other direction — onto the women who stayed behind. The isolation and vast, harsh landscape directly interacts with the characters’ emotional states, often making even the mundane terrifying.” After premiering at TIFF last year in the Midnight Madness category, The Wind also played at Fantastic Fest and Rotterdam.

The Wind

IFC Midnight will release Tammi’s The Wind in select US theaters and on VOD starting April 5.

Source: IFC Midnight

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