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In Fabric Trailer: A Killer Dress Wreaks Havoc In A24’s Hypnotic New Horror Comedy

A24 has released the first trailer for Peter Strickland’s strange new horror-comedy In Fabric, about a cursed dress afflicted with “unspeakable evil.” The trailer for the film only hints at what the film holds for viewers but does a great job at getting the skin crawling.

In Fabric follows Sheila (Oscar-nominated Secrets & Lies actress Marianne Jean-Baptiste), who indulges in a bit of retail therapy following a painful separation from her husband. While shopping at a posh department store in London, she takes some fashion advice from a peculiar saleswoman who promises that a particular crimson dress will transform her life for the better. The film also co-stars Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones) and Hayley Squires (I, Daniel Blake) as well as cult-favorite actors Steve Oram and Julian Barratt, who hilariously portray an eccentric pair of bureaucrats.

Check out the hypnotic official trailer for Peter Strickland’s In Fabric below:

“I always had this fascination with objects,” Strickland said of his inspiration for the film in an interview with Entertainment Weekly back in September. “I think what started it was going to secondhand shops. You find clothes with stains on them, you find clothes which stink of body odor, you find clothes from dead people. Already, there’s a haunting. You buy a shirt, and probably someone cried having to give that shirt away because it belonged to someone they loved who died.”

Strickland is best known for his film The Duke of Burgundy and Berberian Sound Studio. Two films that both pay homage to cult filmmakers of the past while establishing an exciting new voice, one that often bends the rules of traditional linear film and pushes the genre to it’s very edges. Much like those other films, In Fabric is an homage to ’70s Italian horror films, even though it wasn’t written on the page as such. That comes down to Strickland’s directorial process.

In Fabric premiered to overwhelming ecstatic reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival to the point that an additional screening had to be scheduled to accommodate both the public and press.

Check out the very Under The Skin influenced poster as well as the spectacular UK poster, which resembles something out of a macabre shopping ad from the seventies.

A24 hasn’t announced a release date, but In Fabric is expected to arrive in theaters later this year.

Source: A24

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