Cursed Films: Shudder Documentary Series Explores Notoriously “Cursed Horror Films”

Cursed Films is a five-part documentary series which explores the myths and legends behind some of Hollywood’s notoriously “cursed” horror film productions.

From plane accidents and bombings during the making of The Omen to the rumored use of real human skeletons on the set of Poltergeist, these stories are legendary among fans and filmmakers alike. But where does the truth lie? Cursed Films reveals the events that haunted these productions through interviews with experts, witnesses and the cast, directors, and producers who lived through the real-life events. Were these films really cursed, as many believe, or just the victims of bad luck and bizarre circumstances?

Entertainment Weekly was the first to release the official trailer, which you can check out below:

The trailer sets up the series nicely, showcasing a lot of behind the scenes footage coupled with interviews  from The Omen director Richard Donner, The Exorcist star Linda Blair, horror icons Kane Hodder and Michael Berryman, Troma Entertainment co-founder Lloyd Kaufman, Poltergeist III director Gary Sherman, historian Mitch Horowitz, and Blumhouse executive/Shock Waves podcast co-host Ryan Turek.

The premiere episode will be centered on The Exorcist on April 2nd. Poltergeist and The Omen will then be profiled on April 9th, followed by the final episode covering both The Twilight Zone: The Movie and The Crow on April 16th.

The series comes from Canadian filmmaker Jay Cheel, who is mainly known for directing the feature-length documentary Beauty Day, which followed the life and work of Ralph Zavadil whose Cap’n Video series on a community cable channel were a precursor to segmented stunt-comedy shows like Jackass. Cheel is also a co-host of the Film Junk Podcast. Additionally, Cheel has made several others projects like the viral marketing ‘Mockumentary’, called The Goblin Man of Norway. The film follows several fictitious professionals’ opinions on a recent discovery of a humanoid robot, found buried in the glaciers of the arctic.

The first two episodes of Cursed Films (Poltergeist and The Omen) will have their world premiere at SXSW on March 13 with Jay Cheel in attendance. The show will later be available to stream a couple of weeks later.

Check out artist Matt Ryan Tobin‘s poster for the show below:

Cursed FIlms

Shudder is available on numerous devices in the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, and Germany. Make sure to stream Cursed Films when it premieres on Shudder starting April 2, 2020.

Source: Shudder

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