Capone: First Trailer For The “Bonkers” Tom Hardy Gangster Flick

Vertical Entertainment has released the first trailer for the long-overdue Al Capone film from director Josh Trank.

Originally titled Fonzo, the film is now simply going by Capone and will trace the final years of the mobster’s life, which has been the stuff of endless mythmaking since his death. The film will pick up with Capone in Florida after he served a decade-long prison sentence, where he’s developing a severe case of dementia, and may or may not be planning to bury a large sum of money in the middle of nowhere. The film also stars Kyle MacLachlan, Linda Cardellini, Jack Lowden, Matt Dillon, and Neal Brennan.

Check out the trailer for Capone below:

Tom Hardy looks monstrous in this. Often adopting strange accents, the former Bane is utilizing his penchant for also mumbling his way through roles to defiant success. Much of the trailer shows Hardy as the famous gangster in a generally unhealthy demeanor at a lavish Florida estate. This is starting to look a lot like one of Hardy’s previous films, Bronson.

Director Josh Trank released the trailer on his Twitter account Wednesday. With theaters closed, the film will release on VOD on May 12 with a 48-hour rental. Plans are still in development for a summer theatrical release once movie theaters are back open. Trank garnered solid word-of-mouth with his breakout film Chronicle, but hasn’t directed a movie since the disastrous (both in-front of and behind the camera) Fantastic Four. Capone has been Trank’s big return project for several years now and the film probably will not even get to hit the big screen given the circumstances around the world.

Having said all that, if this Capone movie isn’t grabbing your interest then this might sway your opinion. Perhaps it looks a little too VOD? With passable historical production value and a very noticeable makeup job on Tom Hardy, it’s not exactly like the trailer is screaming “must-see!” – But Rian Johnson, director of Brick, Looper, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Knives Out is here to ease your mind. The filmmaker tweeted out shortly after the trailer dropped that this is indeed a batshit bonkers (in the best possible way).

Could we be seeing something more akin to a surreal character study? Al Capone did die of syphilis which was said to make him particularly crazy during his final years. Maybe this is less of a biopic and more of a free-wheeling’ gonzo fest.

Capone will be released via VOD on May 12, with an on-demand 48-hour rental.

Vertical Entertainment

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