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Dexter: 8.03 – “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?”

Dexter has been pretty difficult to watch over the past few seasons. It has been hard to keep my attention to the television. Frankly, I think maybe I just have really low expectations, even though I am still excited to find out how this series will end. I felt like this episode was slightly better than the first two, but I attribute that entirely to Debra Morgan.

First things first, Deb gets pulled in to the police station by a cop for a DUI and calls Quinn to come get her. Her reaction to finding out that she knocked down a parking meter cracked me up! Quinn had to lie to Jamie to go pick up Deb, but this whole episode wasn’t littered with his usual level of douchebaggery. Not only did he tell Dexter what was going on with his sister (I am counting it because he thinks she may have a problem) but he also puts himself out there and asks Deb if she thinks she may have a substance abuse problem! That takes serious balls to say to someone.

In a moment of old school Dexter & Debra quality time, Dex took his sister to a restaurant to see a guy whose life she saved while she was a part of Miami Metro. Dexter was trying to get through to his sister that she has done great things for this world. Unfortunately, the incident caused her to get wasted (shocker!) and stumble into the Homicide Department where she confessed to killing LaGuerta to Quinn! When Deb confessed I thought first that OF COURSE she confesses to the most shady cop in the joint! He would cover anything up with no second thought. Second, I felt fury rise up within me and thought that it better not be Joey Quinn, Miami Metro’s frat boy, who takes Dexter down! I will RIOT! Quinn hands a drunk Deb off to her brother and Evelyn Vogel. Dexter takes her back to her house, but only after slipping her the needle! Ooh… phrasing… he dosed her!

Sussman’s body was found in an apparent suicide crime scene, but Dexter knows the truth; he was being forced to do the real “Brain Surgeon”‘s dirty work. With that case closed, Dexter looks for another suspect and came across a cannibal named Ron Galutso. He is not the man scooping out pieces of brain and leaving them for Vogel, but he is eating brains! Gross. As usual, Dexter takes out the trash and continues his search for the real Brain Surgeon.

Dexter 803 Consume

Dexter’s new mommy seems to be making a case study out of him. Evelyn sort of drops a bomb on Dexter when she asks why he didn’t kill his sister when she found out what he is. Dexter tried to explain that he loves her and why, but Evelyn insists that his love for Deb is entirely self-serving, and not about her as a person. In the preview for the next episode, Deb is shown the videos of her father with Vogel. Deb asks if Harry killed himself. Dexter also apparently kicks Vogel out of his life. I cannot help but think about what the significance of Vogel is going to be. Maybe she is a psychopath herself and she’s the Brain Surgeon, or at least knows who he is. Maybe she wants to take out Deb herself so that Dexter can be her own personal… ahem… garbage man.

All the small things: In this episode we saw Harrison for the first time in forever, but only for about a minute in the very beginning. Joey Quinn and Jamie Batista had a fight because Quinn keeps rushing to Deb’s side and he lied to Jamie about having to go in on a case when he picked Deb up from her DUI. Also, Angel helps Quinn study because he recommended him for the Sergeant spot.

Overall I would say this episode gets a 3 out of 5. It was more interesting than the first two of this season, but still leaves much to be desired.

ED. NOTE: This pic seems appropriate, for whatever reason you like.
ED. NOTE: This pic seems appropriate, for whatever reason you like.

Dexter: 8.02 – ‘Every Silver Lining’ Review

Every Silver Lining’ was a very dramatic episode. Since this is the final season of Dexter, every episode counts, and I think this is a great example of that. With the introduction of Evelyn Vogel, plus Deb’s apparent breakdown, this will hopefully be one season we will not soon forget. This and the first episode seem very predictable and at times dull because we Dexter fans are used to being exposed to amazing kill scenes and other psychopaths. However, I must hold out hope for season 8!

This episode begins with a videotaped session between Harry and Evelyn Vogel. Harry is going on about how he showed Dexter a crime scene and how his deranged son reacted. Dexter even took a piece of bloody glass as a souvenir… his first blood slide.  Evelyn has known all about Dexter for a very long time. She is the one who convinced Harry that Dexter’s urges could be controlled, and she helped come up with his code; the code that Dexter has lived his whole life by. What is that going to do to Dexter emotionally, assuming he has those types of emotions? Is he going to take Evelyn on as a mother-figure knowing that she had such a large hand in raising him? Or is he going to lose that sense of morality when choosing his victims, because the code wasn’t really Harry’s? Or Vogel could just be manipulating him in an extreme way and using what he does only for personal gain.

Every Silver Lining Dexter

Vogel reveals to Dexter that the killer from the previous episode could be one of her former patients. Dexter at first shows no interest in helping her, but later agrees after finding the second dead body missing a piece of his brain.

Deb and her boss go to check out the place that she lived with Briggs, her now deceased boyfriend. As they head out to go to the storage unit, El Sapo (hitman from the last episode) sees Deb. When she goes to the storage unit alone to look for the stolen jewelry, she finds it in a dresser drawer, but it gets stolen by El Sapo. She attacks him with little regard for her own life, and he kicks the shit out of her. Which is easy of course, she is the size of a ragdoll.

Every Silver Lining Dexter

After checking out Sussman’s (the man who matched the fingerprints found at the Brain Surgeon crime scene) home, Dexter and the team get called away because of a man found dead in his vehicle…. El Sapo! Masuka finds another gun in the glove box… which is obviously Deb’s gun! Dexter drives over to her place and she is sleeping soundly on the couch. She wakes up and they talk. She explains that she didn’t want to hate her brother, she wanted the opposite (sexy time!). Then she kicks him out. I cannot help but think that Deb and Dexter may be perfect for one another now, both having killed. I wonder if Vogel can provide that type of therapy… yikes!

Every Silver Lining Dexter

Dexter gets to the Sussman’s cabin. He sees that Sussman hung himself. Dexter goes to Vogel who helps him understand her views on psychopaths and how they are a gift to society. She explains that psychopathic traits can be found in CEOs and politicians.

Dexter ran the blood on the window glass from El Sapo’s car. He realizes that it was Deb who killed El Sapo (totally called it!). Right after he realizes this, Deb walks into the precinct to answer some of Quinn’s questions about the El Sapo case. Dexter pulls her out of the room and takes her outside to talk to her. He tells her he knows she killed El Sapo. She asks Dexter to switch the gun that Masuka found from evidence so that they don’t know it is Deb’s. Deb tells Dexter that El Sapo is not the first person she shot, and he may not be the last. This is either a cry for help, or (more probably) a confession of her intentions. She seemed pretty shaken up when Quinn showed her the photos of the El Sapo crime scene, but I do not think that will stop her. Especially since she now has drugs to calm those worries.

Vogel calls Dexter and tells him that someone is inside her house. He comes over and makes sure that it is empty. She realizes that she was left a DVD. On the DVD you see that Sussman was forced to suffocate the victim because he was held at gunpoint. Whoever the real killer is, he was not Sussman and he is still out there.

Every Silver Lining Dexter

Dexter also tells Vogel that he destroyed Deb and that he is a mistake.
Vogel then hugs him in a somewhat creepy & motherly way and tells him he is perfect.

Every Silver Lining Dexter

In many ways I am excited for season 8. First off, I would never have guessed to see Deb on the wrong side of the law. She is now a liar, a druggie, and even a murderer! But how far will she go? What I do love about this season so far is that it leaves me asking questions. For example, will Dexter and Deb ever make up? Will Deb keep killing? Will she and her brother join forces and create a brother/sister dynamic duo of vigilante superheroes? Will Deb kill Dexter, since she has already admitted that she should have? Will Dexter have to kill his sister? Wouldn’t he have to if she kills someone innocent? If he had to kill his sister, would he then kill himself? Where the hell is Harrison if Jamie is trolloping around with Quinn and Dexter is out the whole episode? What ever happened to Astor and Cody? And with Quinn’s suspicious eyes and his constant tracking of Deb, will douche-of-the-century Joey Quinn be the man who finally takes down Dexter Morgan? There are too many questions to be answered just yet… but I cannot wait to see what happens next!

I give ‘Every Silver Lining’ a 2.5/5 – On pace with the season 8 premiere.



Dexter: 8.01 – “A Beautiful Day” Season Premiere Review

Before watching this, as I always do, I watched several old episodes of Dexter to try to get in the mood. To be honest, I enjoyed the first couple of episodes of season 7 and the season finale was great, but the rest was pretty much garbage. It is hard to see a show with such a unique premise and strong story crumble like this has. Part of me wishes that the show would have ended after Trinity in season 4. Because of this, it has been difficult to get excited about Dexter. What made me even care to watch the premiere of season 8 the night it aired was that this is how the show will all end and I plan to follow it there.

A Beautiful Day Dexter

The season premiere begins 6 months after the season 7 finale. Dexter has gotten his life together, obviously unaffected by the shooting of Maria LaGuerta. Dexter has never been one to dwell on the deaths he causes. In fact, if he is affected by anything, it is when he cannot kill, like in season 2 when Doakes was tailing him.

A Beautiful Day, Dexter, Dokes

Deb is MIA at the memorial service for LaGuerta and nobody has heard from her in a while. The first time we see her she is snorting coke and screwing a jewelry thief, Andrew Briggs. Clearly, she is having more difficulty coping than her brother. Basically, she’s a hot mess.

A Beautiful Day Dexter

After finding out that Deb is on a cocktail of prescription drugs and that she hasn’t checked into her job in 2 weeks, Dex tracks her down at a convenience store. Deb tells him that she shot the wrong person in that trailer. OH SNAP.

I have no clue how super-douche Joey Quinn pulls the tail he does, but we get to see him in action with Jamie Batista. This part isn’t super relevant, I just wanted to give everyone reading the opportunity to take a moment and imagine Aimee Garcia naked…


Matthews brings in a special guest, Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling), to Miami Metro. She is there to help with a new case. She is a neuropsychiatrist. The victim has part of his head and brain separated before being laid out. She profiles serial killers, so of course Dexter is extra nervous. She seems like she may be a bit of s psychopath herself. She starts grilling Dexter about how the Bay Harbor Butcher was, stating that it’s strange that Doakes had a short fuse. She said that it seemed like the Bay Harbor Butcher operated under some sort of moral guidelines. I really love what she seemed to be doing as I watched it.

Here is Charlotte Rampling back in 1976. (Via Getty Image}
Here is Charlotte Rampling back in 1976. (Via Getty Image}

Dexter, with his son in tow, tracks Deb down to a seedy motel so he can warn her the the fence she is waiting is in fact a hitman. Harrison is with him because Jamie took the night off. Father of the year, ladies and gentlemen.  He leaves Harrison in the car and escalation of the events result in an altercation with Deb’s target, Mr. Briggs. In a move that goes against all of his M.O. and history of preparation, Dexter stabs Briggs in one of his least impactful killings ever. Upon his return to the car he finds Harrison no longer asleep in the vehicle, and after a frantic 10 second search, finds the boy wandering through the parking light. Dexter picks his son up with bloody hands and a sullen look. After Deb calls the death in to the police, she is spotted by the hit man that Dexter was trying to save her from, “El Sapo”.

At the end of the episode, Vogel brings Dexter some of his childhood drawings. He chases her down and she tells him that she knows he cannot kill her because she doesn’t fit Harry’s code. And my thoughts are…. why did they wait until the end of the episode to make me excited?

dextergif1 dextergif2 dextergif3 dextergif4

In a sneak peek at the next episode, Vogel says that Serial Killers are a gift and that she needs a favor from Dexter. I love that there will be someone new who knows what Dexter is, but after LaGuerta’s theories before her death, his sister being MIA, and the fact that he told Angel “she died because she wouldn’t leave things alone” about Maria, there are already a lot of fingers pointing at Dexter right now. Too many people know or at least suspect him to be much darker a person than they originally thought.

I would give this episode a 2.5 out of 5. It was pretty dull for a season premiere, but it did excite me for episodes to come.


Dexter: Season 8 – First Peek At The Final Season!

The first official teaser trailer for Season 8 of Dexter has released!  Take a look:

As has already been said several times, this will be the final season of Dexter. This little preview suggests that Season 8 picks up a couple weeks after Season 7 ends, as Dexter tells Deb she hasn’t talked to him in weeks. Obviously Deb isn’t handling the fact that she *SPOILER*  killed LaGuerta *SPOILER* very well, since she missed her memorial and is very clearly drunk.

Oh… and then there’s this:


Chilling! Is Deb going to kill Dexter this season? Is that how it all ends? Or will he kill her? Or will they run off into the sunset together? Sigh… I suppose we have to wait.


Season 8 begins June 30th at 9 pm on Showtime.

Kick-Ass 2: New Trailers and Movie Posters Galore!

In 2010, the Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. comic book story of a high school guy who decides one day to become a superhero was brought to the big screen in Kick-Ass. Now the gang is back and ready to fight crime and well, kick ass yet again!

Chloe Moretz is reprising her role as Hit-Girl, the bad-ass little high school girl who fights crime in costume beside Kick-Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) himself. This time around, a group of regular citizens have been inspired to follow her lead, and don costumes, and fight crime through the city as well. Aaron and Chloe will star alongside such names as Jim Carrey, John Leguizamo, Donald Faison, Clark Duke, Lyndsy Fonseca, and of course Christopher Mintz-Plasse, formerly Red Mist, as The Mother F***er; the villain who the citizens must band together to defeat. [Ed. Note – Let me just say, I’m very pleased to find out that  Lyndsy Fonseca is returning. She is awesome on Nikita, plus – well you know. The acting and all that…

Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass movie
Her Maxim shoot…

see. Acting.]

Comic creators – the aforementioned Millar and Romita Jr. will also be making a costumed appearance…

Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass movie

Now – on to the goods…

First one is the ‘Official Red Band Trailer’, it gives us a pretty good look Jim Carrey and some of the other newcomers…

The second one here is a character trailer for Hit Girl, who sort of stole the spotlight in the first movie…

Finally, we have a whole slew of movie posters and stills. Most of the character posters come courtesy of CINE 1, as their watermarks will clearly indicate…

Kick-Ass 2 will be hitting theaters on August 16th of this year!

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Finale – “Welcome to the Tombs”

In the beginning of this, the mother of all finales, the Governor is beating the living hell out of Milton. They go into the room where Andrea is being kept and when the Governor tells Milton he isn’t leaving the room until he kills Andrea, he tries to kill the Governor. Obviously, because the Governor is a pro at evading death, he immediately turns the knife over onto Milton and explains that now he is going to die, and he is going to turn, and then he will tear the flesh from Andrea’s bones. Either he kills her or he dies, or he dies and then kills her.

Walking Dead

Back at the prison everyone is seemingly packing up to go. When the Woodbury crew invades the prison, they notice that no one is immediately around. Tyreese and Sasha stayed back at the town to protect the children and citizens. When they began going deeper into the prison, the emergency alarm is set off and there are flash bombs everywhere, forcing them outside. Once outside, Glenn and Maggie, in full body armor, start shooting out the Governor’s men.

Walking Dead  Walking Dead

Walking Dead  Walking Dead

They immediately retreat, but leave behind the kid with asthma, who should not have been on their defense crew in the first place. The kid stumbles across Carl and Hershel hiding out in the woods, and while the kid is handing over his weapon, Carl shoots him in the head. Hershel brings this concern up to Rick.

Walking Dead  Walking Dead

Once on the road, the Governor makes his crew pull over. Some of his people try to explain that they believe they aren’t soldiers, and that they walked into a slaughter. The Governor turns on his own people and opens fire, sparing only his two most trusted men, and unknowingly, one of the women.

Walking Dead

Back at Woodbury, Milton passed and started to turn. The door is closed, and last we see in this scene, Milton as a walker starts going toward Andrea, who is armed with only a wrench, and is still tied up.

Rick, Michonne and Daryl go after the Governor, but stumble across the pile of dead/undead Woodbury men he left behind. The one woman who was then locked in a car, got out and lead the group to Woodbury. Rick explained to Tyreese and Sasha, who were guarding the wall, that they initially went there to end everything, but then came across what the Governor did to his own people. They then began looking for Andrea, and find her in the corner of a room with Milton dead. Andrea then reveals her shoulder, which was torn apart by Milton. She asks to be the one to shoot herself while she still can.

Walking Dead

Rick, Michonne and Daryl head back to the prison. When they arrive, they being a little surprise. They bring a bus full of Woodbury citizens with them to come stay at the prison.

For the last 12 minutes of this finale, I had tears either in my eyes, or running down my face. I would like to think that I have become more desensitized to the thought of characters on this show dying off, but it just isn’t true. Andrea has been with us since the very beginning. She has been through a lot since the beginning; having to put her sister down, going on runs, helping protect the group, being stuck in a group of two on the run all winter, and then acting folly under the Governor’s spell. I complained a lot about Andrea this season, mostly because of how she seemed dizzy with unmerited optimism, and blinded by the charms of a man who she knew was shady. She was a strong character in this show for so long. I am really going to miss Andrea.

This was a very strong season for The Walking Dead. We have lost some great characters, but we have also gained some. We lost Lori, but we gained Judith. We lost Andrea, but we got some Woodbury citizens. We lost Merle, but to be fair we had just gotten him back this season. We lost T-Dog, but we gained Tyreese and Sasha. Overall, season 3 has been extremely emotional, very frustrating, shocking, devastating and perfect. I have to say that this has been my favorite season so far. I award the finale a 4.5/5

grizzly rating 4-5of5

The Walking Dead: 3.14 Prey & 3.15 This Sorrowful Life

3.14 – “Prey”

Prey was an interesting episode. Andrea has become quite an annoying character this season. She has put blinders on and changed before our eyes from total badass to ignorant hussie. In this episode, Andrea begins to redeem herself. When Milton explains the plan that the Governor has to eliminate Rick and his group and shows her his torture chamber, Andrea says that she has to kill him. I didn’t like the transition to wide-eyes Governor groupie to professing murderous intentions. It was very abrupt… like a light bulb went off in her head, like “OH! That must be what everyone kept trying to tell me.” Moron.

Walking Dead Walking Dead

Anyway, she’s back in my good graces after this episode. Almost the entire thing was shown from the eyes of Andrea, following her through her escape from Woodbury and over to the prison. The cat and mouse game between the Governor and Andrea was pretty suspenseful. First, through that abandoned warehouse or factory, and then on the path to the prison. Andrea leaves the Governor for dead in a swarm of walkers coming towards him, and yet he gets out scratch-free. Just as Andrea pulls up to the prison and begins waving to Rick, who only catches something moving out of his peripherals, the Governor tackles her to the ground so that no one can see it is her. He takes her back and straps her into a chair in his little torture dungeon.

Walking DeadWalking Dead

I hate that the Governor is still alive. Not because he’s a douchebag… because he truly is… but because he is always in situations where logically he should be killed. It is unrealistic that so many times, he can stand in the crossfire of a battle smirking and not be hit. Overall, I really liked this episode. It was hard to keep my focus on it at first because I was sure Andrea would find a way to be obnoxious again, but she held it together. I really loved the excitement of the chase!

3.15 – “This Sorrowful Life”

I feel it necessary to begin this with the fact that I believe both Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker should have piles of awards for their perfect performances as the Dixon brothers. They are two incredible actors. Moving forward… this episode begins with Rick having a discussion with Hershel and Daryl about giving Michonne to the Governor. When Rick goes to talk to Merle about doing some of the dirty work, Merle explains to Rick that the Governor is not going to kill the katana-swinging hard ass, he is going to “do things to her”.

Rick decides that they cannot go through with giving Michonne over to the Governor, and has a very heartwarming group discussion about how they are all the greater good, and they need to protect each other. It was sweet. Preceding this talk, Glenn proposed to Maggie, who of course said yes. This was one of the sweeter moments of the show. It is rare that you get a love story in a situation such as this one, even if the ring came from the finger of a lady walker.

Walking Dead

While clearing out a part of the prison, Merle knocks out Michonne and puts a bag over her head, then takes her away from the prison. Of course Rick and the crew thought he was taking her to the Governor, so Daryl went to find them. Of course, Merle had bigger plans. You know… when he was coming back for season 3, I knew there’d be some big reason, I just wasn’t sure whether it would be positive or negative. He lets Michonne out of the car and says there’s something he needs to do on his own.

After this, the eldest Dixon brother has himself some liquor and blares the stereo in a vehicle, attracting a large hoard of walkers. He continues this until the dozens of undead arrive with him at meeting place.

Walking Dead

Merle ducks into a building and through the window, begins shooting our some of the guards protecting the walls of the town. He has the Governor in his sights, and right at the last second, a guard steps in front of him, getting immediately killed, but protecting the Governor from harm.

When the Governor attacks Merle, he bites off two of his fingers from his good hand! The Governor is such a charming man [Ed. – *shakes head*] that it is just incredible to get little reminders of what he is capable of… like biting fingers off of another human being. He shoots Merle, but of course not in the head. Daryl arrives to Woodbury and who is there to greet him but his big brother feasting on the deceased. Daryl, either viciously or mercifully, stabs zombie Merle in the head several times.

Walking Dead Walking Dead

Next week is the season 3 finale of The Walking Dead. I cannot stress enough how excited I am to see that episode. These last two episodes are clearly leading up to something huge. I have loved this show since episode one, but this season has brought so much depth to the characters we thought we knew already, it might just be my favorite season so far.

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The Walking Dead: A Double Review

3.12 – “Clear”

Clear was one of the best episodes of The Walking Dead I have seen in a long time. Can we say character development? This entire episode focused solely on Rick, Carl and Michonne. The unlikely trio head back to where the Grimes family used to live; where Rick was a sheriff and Carl was a child. The idea behind risking their lives was to gather guns, ammo and supplies from places that Rick remembers.

The Walking Dead

Almost immediately, they all realized that someone else had made a home out of the place, this is where we run into Morgan. Morgan, in case you don’t remember, was in season one and saved Rick’s life. Rick hid out with Morgan and his son and nursed to health before meeting up with the rest of the group. Morgan has gone a little bit crazy since then, which of course pulls at Rick’s heart strings, considering his own recent hallucinations. We learn that because Morgan could not kill his walker wife, she eventually attacked his son. Rick explains that Morgan has to come back from this… this horror of what he’s seen, what has changed, and what he has been through. He may be too far gone, though, there’s really no way of telling.

The Walking Dead

Carl and Michonne went to get a crib for little Judith, and made a stop in a tavern that contained a photo of his mom, dad, and himself back in the world. In this episode, we saw Michonne’s human side. Unlike her usual robotic demeanor, Michonne is buddy-buddy with Carl, and even saves his life. Carl says to his dad that she might be one of them, which indicates that she has gained his trust.

The Walking Dead
Source –

Clear was an episode that looked like it was right out of season 1. Not only was it very focused, but it showed how small the world really is. Morgan was still around, and was the only human they ran into. It wasn’t shown so that we could see the group take guns from Rick’s old stomping grounds; it was made to show the humanity left in humans.

3.13 – “Arrow on the Doorpost”

It’s finally time for the face off! Rick and the Governor sit across from one another at a table to discuss what to do about their precarious situation. Philip seemed, once again, quite charming and relatable. He divulged information about his wife’s tragic death; the car accident after she’d called him at work, and he explained to Rick that he’s always wondered what she called for. It was a very thought-provoking story, because you always consider what the characters have been through since the apocalypse, but rarely think about who they were before hand. Philip was a broken man before zombies started taking over his land.

The Walking Dead

While Rick and the Governor were swapping stories and sipping whiskey, the rest of the group keeping watch decided to pair up. Oh, except for Andrea, who I could not possibly want to strangle any more than I already do. Daryl and Martinez kill through a line of walkers together, which was very impressive to watch. Daryl with his circus-like knife throwing skills, and Martinez with his baseball bat baton twirling act, was the coolest killing streak this episode. Hershel and Milton discuss the amputation of Hershel’s leg when he was bitten. When Milton asked to see his stump, Hershel replied by saying he should at least buy him a drink first. Laughter… something we hear very little of in this show. It was refreshing.

The Walking Dead The Walking Dead

Over at the prison,  sure the Governor would kill them all. Merle tried to go help defend his brother and the rest, but it was Glenn and Maggie that put their foot (feet?) down and stopped him, followed by a gunshot from sweet little Beth to break up the fight.

The Walking DeadBeth

Glenn and Maggie have a sweet discussion where they make up from the tension surrounding their visit from Woodbury. This is followed directly by one of the sexiest… no…. THE sexiest scene in the history of The Walking Dead. Maggie and Glenn got their freak on… and it was HOT. Glenn has been one of my favorite characters this season. Much of what takes up our daily lives, being it love, sex, lust, like, and romanticism, are lost in the post-apocalyptic world. It is so sweet to see a couple actually making it in such harsh conditions. In fact, it is a regular American love story.

The Walking Dead

In the end, the Governor gives Rick an ultimatum; Rick can hand over Michonne and he will agree to leave their whole group and the prison alone. Rick is given two days to come up with an answer. The way both groups reacted to the meeting in the end was an amazing way to finish off the episode. The Governor explains to Milton that they are still going to kill Rick’s group, which Milton explains will be a slaughter – but Rick is no fool. He tells the group that the Governor wants them all dead and wants to take over the prison and that they are going to war. Rick and Hershel have a heart to heart during which Hershel explains that Michonne has earned her keep and saved some of their lives by this point because Rick seems to be considering giving up Michonne.

This episode was absolutely brilliant! The face off had to happen sooner or later, and I am overjoyed that it happened this way. I love the double-sided betrayal. I honestly cannot say much more than I am way too excited to see what the final three episodes of the season bring.

I would rate these two episodes as one, because the first of the two was a focused episode involving only three members of the group. 5/5 is something I am encouraged to rarely, if ever, give. However, in light of Arrow on the Doorpost being the best episode of the show this season, 5/5 it is.

grizzly rating 5of5

The Walking Dead: 3.11 – “I Ain’t a Judas”

Security is on lock down and the group is on edge after the attack by the Governor and his crew last week. Carl even told his father to take a rest and let Daryl and Hershel take over as leaders of the group. The prison is full of tension. I’m still not clear on how some things have settled. Merle is now just totally welcome by everyone but Glenn, pretty much. Michonne is also now completely welcome. Not just welcome… but participating and talking! In fact, Rick says that he is going to go to Woodbury to take care of the Governor, and is not only taking Carl with him because “he’s ready”, but also Michonne! Yes, the same Michonne who was going to be sent on her way after the group made it back to the prison after losing Daryl. I guess those two proved their worth when Phillip and his friends unleashed a truck full of walkers on to their property.

I Ain't a Judas

With Woodbury asking for citizens of the small town to join in an army to fight against Rick’s group, even teenagers with asthma, Andrea sees that her old buddies are in clear danger. She asked for Milton’s help covering for her so that she can make a trip out to the prison. When Milton tells the Governor what her plans are, he asks Milton to help her as she asked. Andrea makes a pet walker like Michonne had when she met her, by chopping his arms off kicking his teeth in. Tyreese and his group came across Andrea and Milton in the woods and Milton took them back to Woodbury where the Governor gave his sociopath welcome to the town. Tyreese and the group explained that they’d gone to the prison and encountered crazy Rick who kicked them out, and that they would join in their Woodbury army to earn their keep.

I Ain't a Judas

When Andrea gets to the prison, Rick does the coolest thing he’s done in episodes…. he throws her against the fence, frisks her, makes her get on the ground, takes her stuff from her, and treats her exactly how he should! Like a total outsider… because that is exactly what she has become.Carol is excited to see Andrea, but she seemed to be the only one. It was actually really cool because Andrea hadn’t been there for so many of the big events that defined the end of season 2 and the first half of season 3. She had no idea Shane was gone or how it happened, had no idea about Lori or little asskicker, and was shocked to see Hershel is now an amputee. I loved the reminder of those big events. This season has been so focused on Woodbury and the prison that I forgot how insanely dangerous it was for the group in older episodes, traveling from place to place, especially when the kids never stayed put! Now, both groups are in large secure places. They have come very far!

I Ain't a Judas

Andrea tries to explain to Rick and the group that they need to make peace with the Governor, and that there is more than enough room for them at Woodbury. Michonne gives her a reality check when she explains that the Governor sent Merle to kill her. Also, that he would have sent him to kill Andrea, had she gone with her. Andrea is sent with a car and a gun and one of the coolest things Carol has ever said; she tells Andrea to sleep with the Governor… to give him the best night of his life, and when his guard is down to kill him. Well, she says end this, but she means kill him.

Merle tries to bury the hatchet with Michonne. He tells her that the whole hunting her down thing was just business, and to let bygones be bygones. I have not made up my mind about whether or not I like Merle being in the group. What he did to Glenn was unforgivable, yet he really didn’t have a choice, or at least not a good one. The episode ends with Andrea arriving back to Woodbury to seduce the Governor. When he falls asleep, she stands up, grabs a knife, and goes to kill him… and then backs off.

zandrea0 zandrea1

PUSSY OUT! Like a boss.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this ‘I Ain’t a Judas’. I love the introduction of Andrea to her old group. I hope it makes her remember how awesome she used to be, and I hope she feels terrible for being nothing more than the Governor’s little trollop. I think that Carol’s character is finally proving worthy of the show. These past few episodes, she has made herself useful. Carl is ready for the outside world, I agree with that. However, I am concerned for Rick being ready for the outside world. He left the gates of the prison because he saw a ghost…. and then admitted that he knew it wasn’t real and that it was a ghost. What happens if he ghost of Lori shows up while they are fighting a herd of walkers, and Rick just wanders off? I can only imagine that Andrea doesn’t kill her psychotic, tyrant boyfriend, or we wouldn’t have the remarkable battle that is sure to come!

I am excited to see what happens. I really enjoyed this episode, but I feel like too many things aren’t being talked about. How is it suddenly okay with Hershel and the rest to see Rick leading a group out into the open? How is it alright with Rick that Michonne not only stick around, but has his back? And how the hell do they go from letting Daryl go so that they can stay away from Merle, to giving Merle a key to the gate and a gun?! They are clearly setting a lot up, but they’re also letting a lot go.

3/5 Grizzlies.

grizzly rating 3of5

The Walking Dead: 3.10 – “Home”

Last week marked the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead from their mid-season hiatus. It focused mainly on Rick’s return to the prison and him losing his shit. Well, that continued this week with Rick is still long gone mentally and seeing hallucinations of his dead wife. When we start, Rick goes out beyond the gate of the prison to stand with Lori. His mental break has been rather public and here, again, he makes no attempt to hide it…


The governor wants Andrea to take over Woodbury. Now, I would love nothing more than to see a good old-fashioned Andrea fight between her and the Gov. She never used to even trust the people in her own group! All of a sudden she is this trusting, obedient lady. I am not yet over that. The Governor then goes to Milton and tells him to keep tabs on Andrea. How that works, I’m not sure. I could snap Milton in half. And his poker face is laughable. My hope is that Andrea is going to come to her senses when she realizes that her friends are in trouble. OR better yet, when she realizes Michonne is with her friends, alive, and they are all in trouble.

HomeAndrea and Milton 2

MEANWHILE. BACK AT THE PRISON: Michonne actually has something to add about Glenn’s plan. Oh yes… he has a plan. He wants to go to Woodbury with Michonne and make a stand for the group’s sake. As I mentioned in last week’s review, Glenn should take over the group. Oh wait! That is currently happening! The group needs to find out how the walkers are getting into the tombs, and Maggie is lying in bed. She is unwilling to speak to Glenn… not exactly sure why. I guess she is upset that Glenn is upset about what happened to her, but I have no idea why that is pissing her off. The man with the awesome mustache, Axel, is pretty keen on Carol. I wonder if Daryl will come back all jealous! “That’s my mousey, scrawny she-man!”

The good man in Daryl goes to help a few stranded folks, of course against Merle’s wishes. Daryl crushing the walker’s head by shutting the trunk on it… just the most atrocious thing I have ever seen. Outstandingly grotesque.

Trunk Kill

Daryl turns his weapon on Merle, who was trying to take from the mother and baby they just saved. I mean… that man is putrid. Daryl and Merle get into a spat, which actually leads to a bit of back story between the two. Daryl says to Merle “You lost your hand ‘cause you’re a simple-minded piece of shit.” It then comes to light that the brothers Dixon were abused as children by their father, Merle left, leaving Daryl to continued abuse, which resulted in scars all over his back. So when Daryl had to walk away and was saying that Merle was the one leaving him… again… Merle seemingly realized who he needed to be, which is a good brother to the only family he has left.

While Glenn is gone looking for the breach, Rick claims to Hershel that he’s got “stuff” outside the prison gates, and that he needs to stay there. He explains to Hershel that he saw Lori and she was on the phone earlier, along with Shane, and the rest of the group that had been killed. He explains that there must be a reason and although it does not make sense now, it will in time so he refuses to come back inside the prison.

During a tender moment between Carol and Axel, a bullet rips through Axel’s head and so begins the Governor’s attack on the prison.


 The Governor’s crew smashes an armored truck full of walkers through the gates and onto the prison grounds and released its contents. While Glenn extracts Hershel, we get to see not only Michonne swinging her Katana, but Daryl and Merle’s arrival just in time to save Rick as well. This all out assault resulted in only one death from our prison group – Axel, who then acted as a human shield to keep Carol alive during the firefight. The Governor also suffered only one casualty when Maggie picked off the sniper who somehow got into the guard tower.


This episode was much better than last week’s, in my opinion. I love the development of characters that have been around since the beginning, like how we are just finding out about Merle and Daryl’s past. The action in this episode was a big part of what was missing from last week. There was the scene between the Dixon brothers resulting in Daryl turning a weapon on his brother. It was very exciting! And then, of course, the end of the episode, when the whole group had to grab a gun and try to stay alive. Honestly, when Daryl showed up just as Rick was about to become zombie chow, my heart skipped a beat! And then, Michonne’s beautiful Katana work made me cheer out loud. This was a great episode. I was still slightly annoyed with the Woodbury situation, making Milton look important and Andrea unlikable, but I have a feeling that will change.

Overall, I would give this episode a 4/5. This may be generous because the last episode disappointed me so much, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

grizzly rating 4of5

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