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Mr. Go 3D: New Korean Gorilla Baseball Movie!

You can always trust Asia to come up with some truly inspired and incredible film ideas, and South Korea has come up with a potential classic called Mr Go 3D, or what people will no doubt be calling “ That baseball playing ape movie” (sort of like that AWESOME Matt LeBlanc movie). This has to be a first of some kind and it makes the new trailer that has just arrived that much more special. Though an English language trailer is not currently available at the moment we do have a brief plot summary, courtesy of Base Fount.

Based on a popular Korean comic, Mr. Go 3D is a sports comedy that tells the story of a troublemaker gorilla from a Chinese circus named “Zoo-Zoo” becomes a superstar for a professional baseball team after going through many complications. All the while, his keeper Mi-mi always has her hands full.

If that got your attention then look at this concept art and posters from Twitch Film which shows what potential this film could have.

mr. go trailer movie poster 2

mr go trailer movie poster 3

mr go trailer movie poster 4

So now we go straight to the foreign language trailer with at least an idea of the plot. The trailer is put together very well though and anything you were unsure of will no doubt become clear after watching it.

This film utilities motion capture and digital effects to create Korea’s most expensive film, costing over 20 million dollars to make. Luckily, the effects seem to have a story to back them up. The relationship between the Chinese/Korean girl and the ape seems quite touching and the film trailer makes the right decision in showing that this creature has a heart. Nothing wins an audience’s heart more than seeing an animal (even a CGI one) protecting humans. How do you top that? You put him in a baseball uniform! The CGI is quite good, not quite fluid enough to make me forget this is not CGI, but good enough that I can watch the film without this becoming an issue.

The whole concept of this movie seems fantastic; watching an ape playing baseball and taking his team to glory (which the trailer certainly suggests) could make this the feel good movie of the year for animal film lovers everywhere. As you can see I have a soft spot for this film, but it is only because it has so much going for it and I find it hard to believe that people would not want to see an ape take a big swing at a baseball. I love a feel good movie with heart and the nice touches of humor that pop up throughout this trailer (the ape nicking the guys hat for himself and sitting down on the ground before taking his swing made me chuckle) certainly make it more enticing for movie goers who may have been unsure from the start on whether to pay their hard-earned money for.

If you wondered what the artwork of the comic book that this film is based on looks like then feel free to check out the pictures below which showcase some of the comic’s art.

mr go trailer comic art 1

mr go trailer comic art 2

This movie is scheduled for summer 2013 release so we wont’ have to wait long to see how Mr Go really does go at the box office. If it’s successful then it’ll likely be only a matter of time till we hear Disney is doing a version of their own…


Pinterest Finds: Baseball Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!

Screw Christmas and Easter and whatever holiday you hold in high esteem because this right here is the real deal, it’s Opening Day folks and that is something worth getting excited over. Like we’ve done with holidays (including James Bond day) before, let’s head to Pinterest and see what goodies it has in store!

Baseball, pinterest

Right off the bat (see what I did there?), something weird. A skull made of the baseball cover – odd, but I’d be okay with owning one.

Baseball, pinterest

I do not wear high heels. I rarely wear shoes. Even given those two statements, I might be convinced to don a pair of these heels fashioned in the likeness of a baseball. Might. Okay who are we kidding? There is no way in hell I’d wear these but they still look cool.

Baseball, pinterest

However if anyone was in the mood to make me a cake (hey, it could happen), I’d be really okay with this one. It’s even got complementary cupcakes down below. So cute.

Pinterest, Baseball

If you are the overachiever type, then you probably should go ahead and build yourself a baseball themed table to display your baseball themed cake and cupcakes on. I mean anything less would be gauche. You don’t want to be “that woman/guy” do you? Didn’t think so.

Baseball, pinterestIf I were planning my wedding now, and could have somehow convinced my mother and husband that this needed to happen, I would have totally gone for the baseball themed reception. As it was we stopped at Busch Stadium for pictures so really baseball invitations were the logical next step. But I’m not and they wouldn’t so it’s a non-issue but still these are pretty cute.

Baseball, pinterst

Today might be the greatest day of all but we all know that the dark days without baseball wait for us in the fall. What better way to try and recapture some of that magic than a baseball pumpkin for Halloween?

The best thing about Pinterest is you can find some random things that you might miss otherwise. This would be a great example of that.

Baseball, Pinterest

If you’ve ever wanted to know how many people were posting pictures to Instagram from various ballparks through May of 2012, well here’s the infographic just for you! I will say I’m sort of surprised that Turner Field is so high on that list but I suppose there really wasn’t a whole lot happening game wise so people had plenty of free time.

There is also quite a bit of fun stuff to be found while perusing various pinterest boards. I came across this one which tickled me, especially the Dodgers “beer”.

Baseball, pinterest

It’s a bit small but if you click on this link it will take you to the pin where it is larger. Very funny and probably the most accurate is the Padres. Poor Padres, no one ever really talks about them and they are quite a fun team to watch.

You can also find things that make you shake your head.

Baseball, Pinterest

Not only did someone think this was a good idea, they got another person to agree it was a good idea, and then I’m assuming yet another person willing to stake their reputation on the production of this ridiculousness. Needless to say, my crew will not be donning baseball uniforms no matter how excited I am by Opening Day.

Then you go from the ridiculous to downright hysterical.

Baseball, pinterest

That would be a book about “Baseball’s Great Teams” and it’s about the Chicago Cubs. Because we all know, when you think of great teams, you first think of the Chicago Cubs.

Of course for every truly ludicrous thing found on Pinterest, there is something of beauty.

Baseball, Pinterest

Happy Opening Day everyone!

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The All Perverted Name MLB All-Stars

A lot of websites will make a dream team of the best players. Hell, that’s what the All-Star Game is supposed to be. But no one ever has created a team based on the most perverted names, its true (I can’t back that up). I was sitting at the baseball game on Monday giggling like a 8-year-old at Doug Fister and wondered what a team of sexual innuendo’s and dirty sounding names would look like. I remember some of the greats like Steve Sax, Dick Pole and Rusty Kuntz, but I wanted to focus on current players.

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Francisco Liriano: The Twinkie Who Won’t Let You Hit That

Last night Francisco Liriano of the Minnesota Twins threw the first no-hitter of 2011 campaign, and it came against Division Rival – the Chicago White Sox. The Twins took the victory 1-0. A no-hitter is always impressive…but in this case, maybe they should throw an asterisk up on it. Over the course of nine innings, Liriano gave up 6 walks and only struck out 2. Of the 123 pitches he threw, only 66 of them were strikes, or 54%.

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