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Frank Miller and Scott Snyder Discussing a New Dark Knight Sequel

There are a few iconic Batman stories that die-hard fans are quick to share with new and old fans alike, but one story stands above the rest as one that not only changed the face of Batman in the decades to follow, but also the rest of the comic industry. The Dark Knight Returns took a dark look at the future of Gotham City, as a retired Bruce Wayne once again dons the cape and cowl, along with a new partner and a renewed fight against crime. While TDKR is never far from any dedicated fans comic shelf, the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has brought TDKR back into the forefront, with many of the themes and scenes from the comic set to appear in the film.

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Female Robin Carrie Kelley Cast for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

On top of the huge news that came from Warner Bros. regarding the future lineup of DC Comics films comes this huge rumor – Batman’s most trusty sidekick may make an appearance. And she (yes, we just said SHE) may have already been cast.

So where did this rumor come from? A news report stated that one of the film’s background talents divulged a few details about what additional superheroes may pop up. One of them is Batman’s most revered partner-in-crimefighting, Robin, who is rumored to be the Carrie Kelley version of the character. For those of you out there who’ve read The Dark Knight Returns, this news should come as an exciting surprise. This rumor could have some more legitimacy placed behind it due to the film being heavily inspired by Frank Miller’s epic miniseries.

So who’s the lucky lady rumored to be donning Robin’s outfit? The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s own Jena Malone! Miss Malone has also done some TV and movie work in Law & Order (as Michelle Landon), Sucker Punch (as Rocket) and Time Out of Mind (as Maggie).

Jena Malone in 2011's SUCKER PUNCH.
Jena Malone in 2011’s SUCKER PUNCH.

Another cool tidbit that emanated from the Batman v Superman’s ongoing production revolves around Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) crossing paths.  A scene is being prepped within the Michigan State University campus’ art museum that could set up the problems that exist between two of DC’s most powerful men.


We’re hoping this latest Batman v Superman rumor rings true. We’re looking forward to seeing Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the announced DC characters show up. We’d be even more ecstatic to watch the Dark Knight jump across rooftops with a female Robin in tow.

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 Images: DC Comics, Warner Bros. Pictures