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Will Ferrell Announces…Yes…A Sequel To Anchorman!

What seemed literally impossible a mere two weeks ago is now a green-lit reality. After making an outlandish appearance on “Conan”, Will Ferrell, in his Ron Burgundy persona, announced the confirmation of Anchorman 2. Personally, I find this announcement a little bit abrupt and unexpected only because just a couple of weeks ago, Will Ferrell was talking about how the project was “pretty much dead”. I’m interested as to whether he intentionally lied about the certainty of the project, or was he as surprised as his fans to be able to negotiate the deal with Paramount.

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Young Justice on Cartoon Network

So lets start this off by saying that I don’t watch live TV almost at all. It’s all torrents and recorded shows for me. The only channel ever actually on my TV is Cartoon Network, because its easy to watch and has some sweet shows on it.

Lately I’ve been feeling more of a desire to watch whole seasons of shows, so I took it upon myself to find Batman The Brave and the Bold and the new this season Young Justice. I’ve seen more than a handful of episodes of Batman TBATB already and started off watching Young Justice.

This show is great. I was a big fan of Teen Titans when that was on, and this show feels similar, but with a little more bite. It basically follows, Robin/Dick Grayson,  Aqualad/Kaldur’ahm, Kid Flash/Wally West, Artemis/Artemis Crock, Superboy/Conner Kent, and Miss Martian/M’gann M’orzz as they form their own team under the Justice League and are sent on covert missions by Batman.

They are trained by the Black Canary and live under the guidance of The Red Tornado. In the show is also Speedy who later becomes the Red Arrow. Speedy refuses to join the group but still sticks around and makes appearances.

The group lives in the old Justice League headquarters inside of Mount Justice. It features the typical members from the DC rouges galley of villains who show up and cause the usual problems as well. The shows begins focusing on Superboy’s origins as a clone of Superman, and deals with the team trying to come together and deal with growing up.

I barely follow comics since they get so ridiculously confusing with who’s dead this week, or who plays what character on which Earth and on and on. I’m sure there is all kinds of continuity differences, both good and bad between this and the actual Young Justice comic, The writers have already come out to say that it’s not gonna follow the entire DC Universe, but stick to its own story.

It’s nice because it focuses on the relationships between the young heroes coming out of the shadow of their mentors and finding their own way. It’s obvious that they all strive to impress the older generation especially Robin and Superboy. Robin, the youngest of the group by far is only 13, while the rest are 15-17. Early on Aqualad is chosen as the team leader, but the show makes it clear that Robin will ultimately take that mantle.

There’s only been nine episodes to date, but the show has gotten better and better with each one. It appears as though the writers have a story to tell and plan to stick with it slowly brining out more in each character. One of the things I liked best about Teen Titans is how every season focused on a different character and really built up a good story. This show seems like nothing less as it’s already given depth to each of the main character’s. It’s clear they are all in-experienced and short from being as capable as their Justice League counterparts. It’s fun seeing regular DC villains squaring off against a new generation of heroes trying to prove their worth.

The show is simplistic and entertaining. It doesn’t require expansive knowledge of the confusing and long running DC universe, and is easy to jump right into. Go back and catch up on the beginning of the season, because I only see this season getting better.

Conan O’Brien as the Flaming C on Young Justice

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– B. VanGorder