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#7 – Countdown to Halloween: THE MONSTER SQUAD

This movie is awesome and totally lives up to all the 80’s/90’s stereotypes. First off the main character’s father is definitely a high-ranking official in the town’s police department, its in a super small town where everyone apparently knows everyone, all the kids have access to weapons and metallurgy tools, and there also all kinds of sweet school yard bullying.

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Hornady Releases Ammo Just for Zombies

Even though most of these posts are about movies and TV I feel like this is something we all need. I can’t be the only one secretly hoping for Z-day to arrive so I can loot and kill zombies all day. Now when that day does finally come I’m gonna be ready. Major ammunition manufacturer Hornady released its line of Z-Max bullets this month. Making them the first company to provide zombie enthusiasts like myself with the proper round to pop some heads “Resident Evil” style. These were NOT easy to find to buy. I had to go online and then they are back ordered 5-6 weeks so I can’t say just how they shoot yet. I can say that the box alone is sweet as hell and that just having a couple of boxes in my house is cool enough.

They manufacture a 9mm  Luger,  40 S&W, 45 Auto, 223 Rem, 7.62×39, 308 Win, and 12 Gauge rounds.  The rifle rounds appear to be tipped with a greenish tint and I’m gonna assume the same is on the handgun rounds. All are fairly standard with the company saying their focus was mixing velocity and speed while still keeping a safe enough distance.

You can read a short talk with the company president here.

They released a sweet promo video for ammo which I included below.

I honestly don’t really care how these rounds shoot since the chance to ever properly utilize them is slim. However who knows how long they will actually manufacture them. I plan to keep a few of my boxes in tact just so I can show them off and make fun of anyone I know who missed out on buying some. I bought mine from one of my favorite stores Cabela’s.

They only sold the handgun rounds. I’ll give them a few months to trickle down to my local gun shops and hopefully be able to pick up a box or two of shells also. If I ever receive these back-ordered beauties I’ll be sure to follow-up on here about them.

 Guest Writer: B. VanGorder

Cartoon Network Brings Back ‘Thundercats’ – HOOOOO!!

On Friday July 29th at 8pm the Thundercats roars back onto TV on the Cartoon Network, with an hour long series premiere. It then will regularly air on Fridays at 8:30 pm on August 5th. So start setting your DVR’s.

Most will remember Thundercats from the 1985 cartoon series which ran through 1990 with four seasons and a TV movie. The series centered around a group of cat like humanoids that were fleeing their doomed planet of Thundera, and crash land on middle Earth. There they battle mutants and the evil forces of Mumm-Rah, along with other challenges. The series usually had some kind of sappy moral or lesson to learn which obviously made childhoods everywhere better off, and made TV properly raise us instead of our parents.

The show primarily followed the main character of Lion-O, the boy king whose body aged in a sleep chamber, but his mind didn’t. Which is an obvious problem with monarchies, and clearly an over used plot device. So Lion-O has to learn how to be a king and use his kick ass sword of omens to fight off all these lame ass enemies and teach kids some important life lesson, all while holding it down 80’s style.

It’s gonna be pretty hard to top that, but Cartoon Network looks like its gonna give it a great re-boot. They have Sam Register (Young Justice, Batman the Brave and the Bold, and most of the DC cartoon movies that have been released recently) and Ethan Spaulding (The Simpsons, Avatar: The Last Airbender) producing. As an added bonus Will Friedle the older brother from Boy Meets World is voicing the character of Lion-O this time around.

The animation looks better and there seems to much more an actual plot and character development. It appears that the series is gonna start on Thundera and give us a look into the Thundercats home world and culture, not just start with a space fight and space ships crashing.

There was a 10 minute video of the series that was leaked online that has since been taken down but gave me just the taste I was looking forward to get me excited. More updates to come as more information becomes available and the series airs.

– B. VanGorder

Young Justice on Cartoon Network

So lets start this off by saying that I don’t watch live TV almost at all. It’s all torrents and recorded shows for me. The only channel ever actually on my TV is Cartoon Network, because its easy to watch and has some sweet shows on it.

Lately I’ve been feeling more of a desire to watch whole seasons of shows, so I took it upon myself to find Batman The Brave and the Bold and the new this season Young Justice. I’ve seen more than a handful of episodes of Batman TBATB already and started off watching Young Justice.

This show is great. I was a big fan of Teen Titans when that was on, and this show feels similar, but with a little more bite. It basically follows, Robin/Dick Grayson,  Aqualad/Kaldur’ahm, Kid Flash/Wally West, Artemis/Artemis Crock, Superboy/Conner Kent, and Miss Martian/M’gann M’orzz as they form their own team under the Justice League and are sent on covert missions by Batman.

They are trained by the Black Canary and live under the guidance of The Red Tornado. In the show is also Speedy who later becomes the Red Arrow. Speedy refuses to join the group but still sticks around and makes appearances.

The group lives in the old Justice League headquarters inside of Mount Justice. It features the typical members from the DC rouges galley of villains who show up and cause the usual problems as well. The shows begins focusing on Superboy’s origins as a clone of Superman, and deals with the team trying to come together and deal with growing up.

I barely follow comics since they get so ridiculously confusing with who’s dead this week, or who plays what character on which Earth and on and on. I’m sure there is all kinds of continuity differences, both good and bad between this and the actual Young Justice comic, The writers have already come out to say that it’s not gonna follow the entire DC Universe, but stick to its own story.

It’s nice because it focuses on the relationships between the young heroes coming out of the shadow of their mentors and finding their own way. It’s obvious that they all strive to impress the older generation especially Robin and Superboy. Robin, the youngest of the group by far is only 13, while the rest are 15-17. Early on Aqualad is chosen as the team leader, but the show makes it clear that Robin will ultimately take that mantle.

There’s only been nine episodes to date, but the show has gotten better and better with each one. It appears as though the writers have a story to tell and plan to stick with it slowly brining out more in each character. One of the things I liked best about Teen Titans is how every season focused on a different character and really built up a good story. This show seems like nothing less as it’s already given depth to each of the main character’s. It’s clear they are all in-experienced and short from being as capable as their Justice League counterparts. It’s fun seeing regular DC villains squaring off against a new generation of heroes trying to prove their worth.

The show is simplistic and entertaining. It doesn’t require expansive knowledge of the confusing and long running DC universe, and is easy to jump right into. Go back and catch up on the beginning of the season, because I only see this season getting better.

Conan O’Brien as the Flaming C on Young Justice

Scoot has more on the Flaming C – SupaScoot’s Action News!!!

– B. VanGorder

Best month in TV ever??

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about that train wreck Charlie Sheen, and his firing from Dr Kronner’s favorite show Two and a Half Men, placing said show, and its future in limbo. Hopefully it never recovers and is lost forever.

While Charlie Sheen was “winning”, and getting paid close to two million per episode of complete crap, NBC had yet to renew two of television’s best shows. As of Wednesday, the fate of Parks and Recreation and Community were still up in the air, as both shows had yet to be renewed for next season.

Yesterday however, NBC pulled their heads out of their Peacock’s ass, and green lit another season of life for some of the only network shows worth watching. Let’s hope these shows find some better ratings next season.

So in the last month, Two and A Half Men has become doomed, and now NBC has renewed their 2 most under rated shows. That’s good stuff. Now here’s hoping that reality TV suddenly explodes as well.

Also in case anyone cares it looks as though Outsourced and Perfect Couples weren’t so lucky. With any luck they replace one of those with a spin-off about Ron Swanson, Ahbed, and Troy spin-off, where Ron becomes their butler like on Seinfeld‘s show within the show…

– B. VanGorder

When TV shows become Lost: ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Like most Americans I spent hours of my life watching Lost. I didn’t start watching until during the third season at the request of friends so I just jumped into the first and second season DVD’s. I was hooked. Those first two seasons were so good at captivating me and teasing me with all these clever questions that they would only answer with more questions.  The characters were engaging and the story was somewhat fresh. After catching up and somewhere in the fifth season I got my room-mate just as hooked in it as I was. We burned through the earlier seasons (again for me, first time for him) and caught up to speed quickly.

Unfortunately what we both soon realized was that the spark had quickly left the show. Unlike most shows where they “jump the shark” and continue to stick around long after their expiration date, Lost had promises of something different by giving its self a time limit on its story. However it only seemed that the reason the writers gave themselves this time line is because they realized they had written something too clever and now knew no way out. The story fell apart and the questions I had once had three seasons ago were now replaced with different things altogether. If it wasn’t for Lapidis keeping things so chill there would have been nothing saving that show at all. (I mean honestly, all that Walt build up, the hints of telekinetic possibilities, the others possessing some unknown power to silently walk through the woods only to find out it’s a fat old guy in a fake beard. Come on!) Finally though, it ended and my time was better spent wasted on other programs. However I always had a little bit of disdain whenever Lost would be brought up again. I felt betrayed by the writers for letting such a good idea get away and at myself for holding on to it for so long.

Recently I’ve noticed a similar trend with other shows I watch. Shows that I wouldn’t say “jumped the shark” just yet, but rather got Lost as I’m going to refer to it in up coming posts. I’m going to pick out shows I once loved, but now can barely recognize. This trend became clear to me when watching last weeks episode of another show I used to love, How I Met Your Mother.

I’m sure most of you didn’t even watch the last episode, because most people I know have just given up on it. Here’s a quick run down of the episode for you kids at home:

Marshall and Lily have given up on life and are married and boring and now useless to the show and life. No one cares about their storyline, only Alyson Hannigan’s boobs.

The writers are again trying to show Barney as more than just a funny suit. They introduced another love interest for him, which Robin attempts to help with, and again, no one cares about this. Everyone just wants to see a gay man try to hook up with slutty women all while saying clever things, and of course, Cobie Smulders’ boobs.

Ted is dating another new female who the show has built up for almost the whole season, like it does literally every season. They get all the way to the end of the episode and leave Ted and his new girlfriend (whose name I honestly don’t even remember because it means so little and I hate the show so much) [Ed. – Zoe] apparently super happy in love, and headed towards possibly finding out this is finally the mother. Only we don’t find that out. Instead out of no where it’s randomly revealed that this new love interest is not the “mother” that we all want to “meet”, but just another useless story line with great tits. The show laughs at our waste of time and poops noisily, on our chests.

It seems to me that the writers of this show had so little faith in this project they never expected to make it past season one or two. Now they are stuck in season six of a show with no end game. Someone needs to tell these writers that no one actually cares who the mother is. I know I don’t, and as long as she is well cast I don’t see how anyone else would. It would have been great if Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) had just stayed around, she would have made an excellent new cast member, instead she choose obscurity and is more than likely unemployed or dead. [Ed – which is the same as starring in the new, and sure to be canceled, or at least suck, CBS show MAD LOVE]

The fact of the matter is the show works because the characters are likable and the jokes were clever, Slapsgiving = classic. However the gag of teasing us with the identity of the mother is old. Its time for the show to move on and come to terms with it’s self. I might return for an episode or two here or there, but after this weeks steaming pile I’m out.

This show has officially become ‘Lost’. With Charlie Sheen (see legen—-dary, super awesome, hard partying, hooker beating, crack head) shutting down production of Two and a Half Men, (Dr Kronners’ favorite show) it looks like CBS is pretty much doomed. [Ed. If they weren’t rated #1 in everything] Let’s hope next season things shape up and TV magically finds a way to fix itself. Until then I’ll stick with NBC and hopefully others will too.


– B. VanGorder