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Drew: The Man Behind the Poster – Drew Struzan Finally Gets Some Well Deserved Credit

Drew Struzan is a man at first glance you will probably not recognise. But as soon as his pencil hits paper he becomes instantly recognisable. This is the man that has been responsible for some of the greatest poster art seen in movies today. Newer fans will know his work on the Harry Potter movies while 80s fans will know him for his art on the time travel classic Back to the Future or the posters showing the wacky bunch from Police Academy. Most people will probably know him as the guy that gave us the iconic covers for some of George Lucas best work mainly Indiana Jones and the Star Wars movies. Looks like Drew is finally going to be in the spot light himself with this new documentary, Drew: The Man Behind the Poster the trailer of which has just hit YouTube and which you can watch below.

“He’s part of the movie going experience” is the key quote (among many in this trailer) that really sums up the joy of seeing Drew’s work. It is great to watch so many talented and interesting people in the film and entertainment industry gush over how incredible his art is and the most important thing to come out of this trailer is the fact that his work creates feelings among those that see it. The fun thing about this trailer is just that, the fun of it all. Drew seems to be a very laid back individual and being a master of his craft has not made him big headed about it. Another element which I cannot wait to see more of is how he actually creates these pieces.

 drew the man behind the poster poster 4

The thing that I always liked about his artwork other than the fact it is incredibly detailed is that he is still going strong and representing a bygone era of film advertising where pretty much every film had some painted artwork to represent it. With most of today’s releases even getting the Photoshop treatment or a poorly devised photo shoot design it’s a refreshing change to still see Drew create these incredible pieces that capture the magic of cinema. This is the kind of thing that got my bum into a seat in the cinema and it attracted me to take VHS out in my youth. Drew is still one of the best artists of this style of artwork out there and it is great to see a documentary made on his work.

If you like what you have seen and cannot wait for this documentary to come out then why not check out his website HERE  where tons of his work is up for sale or even splash out and buy his art book from HERE . If you are lucky enough to be at the San Diego Comic Con then you can see this documentary debut on July 19th. Otherwise you can wait until its official release on August 16th in New York and then other cinemas to follow (thanks to FIRST SHOWING for that information). Hopefully the documentary will live up to the fascinating trailer. This reviewer will certainly be keeping his fingers crossed for this to be the case.