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Flashpoint One Shot: Grodd of War #1

I hope at this time everyone is loving the crap out of Flashpoint and even the tie in issues that have released so far. There has been a massive amount of tie ins so there had to have been at least one everybody has liked. One of the more debatable ones in my opinion had to be Grodd of War, which as you probably guess stars the Flashpoint equivalent of Gorilla Grodd.

There isn’t much to review about the comic. All that I can say is if you like violence and Grodd then you will no doubt love the living shit out of this comic. It basically shows that Grodd is a merciless SOGB (son of a gorilla bitch) and goes around looking for fights to further challenge himself. The whole one shot is just an excuse to have Grodd and his army enter the mix in Flashpoint proper as at the end of the comic he decides to go to war with Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

Overall I give the comic a 2.5 out of 5 bears. I’m not a fan of Gorilla Grodd so I wouldn’t recommend it to the casual reader, but it was a simple story (which is good sometimes) and has some pretty decent art. It will actually be a welcome sight to see Grodd and his minions enter the fray against Emperor Aquaman and Wonder Woman.