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Marvel Preview: Nova #3

Marvel continues to unveil more from the upcoming Nova series, which promises not only a new character wearing the helmet of Nova, but what looks to be a pretty deep connection with the Guardians of the Galaxy, another group with a new series coming out soon. We’ve taken a look at the first 2 issues from Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness, and we have a great new preview of the third issue that show off some great pencils before any of the finishing. Click through below to check it out.

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Marvel Previews: Nova & Age of Ultron!

Marvel has shared a few new previews of a couple highly anticipated upcoming series. They are set to join a number of other highly anticipated series that have been teased lately, but we’ve known about these two for a while now.The bound to be awesome Age of Ultron and the brand new series Nova!

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