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Daredevil + New Avengers = Awesome?

I’m a little torn on Daredevil joining up with the New Avengers. Don’t get me wrong, I love the red son-of-a-gun and the idea of the Avengers having as many prominent heroes on their roster as the JLA does, but it seems a bit off.

To me, Daredevil is one of the street level heroes and that is his domain. I don’t see him able to handle foes of the caliber that we’ve been seeing in Fear Itself, in the midst of which he will make his debut. For example: Do you all think the D-man could take out a Nazi Mech? I think it’d be tough but he makes it look like it’s as easy as slipping on your shoes. Many thanks to CBR for the preview pictures!

Despite what I think I’m going to embrace this thing. I’m loving the hell out of the new Daredevil comic out there brought to us by Mark Waid and I think DD is on the right track now after having a rough last decade. Don’t forget Matt Murdock had to go through a public outing of his secret identity, a divorce, prison time and demonic depression. It’s about time the guy has something to fall back on like the protection of the Avengers. Look to see the Man Without Fear avenging against the Serpent in New Avengers #16!

So Many Spidey Suits!

Oh boy, another few years pass by and we get yet another Spiderman suit! Even though unnecessary, I could tolerate a new costume if it looked cool but this one ranks right up there with the Iron Spider or the Scarlet Spider (It does count if it was Parker’s clone wearing the suit, right?).

The IRON SPIDER in all it’s glory…

In case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, our beloved Johnny Storm died so hard that he was dead. Spiderman will be donning the suit to replace the dearly departed in the new Fantastic Four, now named the Future Foundation. Behold the newest Spidey suit in all of it’s black and white majesty! I suppose I don’t hate it as much as the Iron Spider suit, or the denim vested Scarlet Spider costume. I guess at this point he has so many suits that he could wear one in each of the comic books he now appears in and still have a couple in the closet.

So of course it’s not all about the suit. What to think of Spiderman being in this Future Foundation? He’s been on the team temporarily in the past, not this official. Will this be a permanent spot for him? I mean come on, how long can John boy possibly stay dead?

Even though I do enjoy Spiderman, I don’t think he needs to be on yet another super team. He is currently on the New Avengers roster, and the Mighty Avengers roster, and there is also his solo series. Next he would just have to join the X-men and he would be in almost every major Marvel title!