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Countdown to Halloween #18: The Cryptkeeper

From comic books to television to movies – The Cryptkeeper has been a constant in the genre for over 60 years. Originating in EC’s Crime Patrol #15 in 1949, the Cryptkeeper would become the most famous of EC Comic’s ghoulish trio of hosts (with The Vault-Keeper and The Old Witch) as he would go on to star in their Tales from the Crypt comics for the next few years following his debut. That was until 1954 upon the release of The Seduction of the InnocentA true study in 1950s paranoia, the book chronicles psychiatrist Fredric Wertham’s assertion that near all delinquent behavior in America could be traced back to the evil that was comic books. The stir caused by this book resulted in the industry’s self-imposed ‘Comics Code Authority‘ which essentially de-toothed comics, turning Batman from a creature of the night into a glorified boy scout, and all but killing EC Comics and their horror themed books.

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