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DC Universe Has Already Cancelled SWAMP THING, Citing Failed Tax Break in North Carolina

Update: Less than a week after it’s promising premiere, DC has canceled Swamp Thing. It was initially reported on Twitter that the cancelation was due to a North Carolina tax break paperwork error, which was gonna cost Warner Bros. $34 million. This has since been disputed, with the actual number coming in much smaller.

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Rambo: Last Blood Trailer is Just OK, But We’re Excited Anyway

Before there was John Wick and Beatrix Kiddo. Before Chuck Norris jokes and Jason Bourne, and Schwarzenegger’s Commando, there was a John J. Rambo. American-Made killing machine and all around sad dude. And now he’s back.

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HBO Finally Drops Full Trailer for Game of Thrones’ Final Season

“I promised to fight for the living. I intend to keep that promise.” 

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is now only five weeks out, and as excitement is reaching a fever pitch, HBO has thrown some gasoline on the fire, revealing the official trailer for the show’s six-episode swan song.

The trailer answers a few questions in quick flashes, but before we dive into that, take a watch first.

Alright, that was fantastic.

One of the easiest questions answered here is one that was poised right at the end of season seven when the Night King destroyed the wall – are Tormund and Beric Dondarrion still alive? That answer comes with a quick shot of the pair walking and appearing very much alive as they are with torch-in-hand. We can assume they have made it back to Castle Black, as Dolorous Edd is with them.

When the trailer starts we see something we’ve not witnessed since before the death of the Waif in Braavos – a terrified Arya, running through the halls of (presumably) Winterfell with blood on her face, giving us a visual foil to the audio, which is Arya’s voice sounding, booming with confidence about wanting to see Death’s face.

As for the Lannisters, we see only a quick glimpse of Tyrion, but Jamie appears to be right in the thick of the battle, while Queen Cersei sits in King’s Landing, looking forlorn and regretful, but not alone – at least not for long. We also see Euron Greyjoy’s fleet carrying The Golden Company across the sea at the behest of the Queen.

All the players are in place. From Davos and Gendry to Mormont and the dragons, this is the conclusion we’ve been waiting for since 2011.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 14, 2019 for its final six episodes.

Images: HBO

Buffy’s “Once More With Feeling” Getting a Vinyl Release

One of the most beloved episodes, of one of the most beloved geek shows in history is “Once More With Feeling” – the musical episode from the sixth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In this particular episode from 2001, a demon called Sweet takes Dawn to be his bride and traps all of Sunnydale into a deadly musical, which Joss Whedon used brilliantly to address relationship issues between all the characters, including the reveal that when the Scoobies resurrected Buffy, they didn’t save her from Hell, but instead ripped her from Heaven. At the time it was a pretty major deal, and this remains one of the better hours in the show’s entire run.

The release comes from the Mondo Record Label, who in a statement said:

We’ve been huge fans of “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” for decades…. Our obsession with the musical episode “Once More With Feeling” inadvertently presented a solution to a long standing problem of how to best entry point for us to celebrate the brilliantly singular, yet expansive series. It took a few years to get it perfect, but we couldn’t be prouder with the artwork that Paul Mann put together—including some truly inspired additional design by Chris Bilheimer and Eric Montes, who came up with the idea of the “Slaybill” lyric booklet.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer: Once More, With Feeling (Original Cast Recording):

01 Overture / Going Through the Motions
02 I’ve Got a Theory/Bunnies / If We’re Together
03 The Mustard
04 Under Your Spell
05 I’ll Never Tell
06 The Parking Ticket
07 Rest in Peace
08 Dawn’s Lament
09 Dawn’s Ballet
10 What You Feel
11 Standing
12 Under Your Spell / Standing – Reprise
13 Walk Through the Fire
14 Something to Sing About
15 What You Feel – Reprise
16 Where Do We Go From Here?
17 Coda
18 End Credits (Broom Dance / Grr Arrgh)
19 Main Title

The vinyl LP will be available March 20 at 12 p.m. Central via Mondo.

Images: 20th Century Fox Television, Mondo
via Pitchfork

Hobbs & Shaw Trailer Looks Like Tango & Cash on ‘Roids

Nearly two decades into The Fast and The Furious franchise, one that I never would have guessed would still be kicking, Universal Pictures is putting out Hobbs & Shaw, the first spin-off from the main line of films.

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