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Nintendo Power Glove Returning For The Playstation?

“Now you’re playing with power!” 

Or so the kids of 1989 thought when this (then) futuristic piece of gaming tech came on the market. Featured in the film The Wizard and on the cover of Nintendo Power magazine (where even the mighty Macho Man Randy Savage had one) the Power Glove looked like it had come straight out of the year 2000, it was the ultimate tool for any Nintendo game player.

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James White’s Amazing Pop Culture Art

Recently Grizzly Bomb covered some amazing computer art by Adam Thompson who created his own characters in a unique style. Well Comics Alliance brought to my attention another artist who dabbles in computer related art, this time using Adobe. James White has a compelling and eclectic portfolio of work behind him and if the name seems familiar it may be because he recently designed the front cover to the game FarCry: Blood Dragon. But his art is comprised of so much more than that. Below is a gallery of some of my favourite pieces from his collection and as you will see, in addition to having his own style, he incorporates lots of different influences into his work:

 james white art undertaker

 james white art superman

james white art super mario bros

james white art robocop

james white art macho man

james white art link

james white art judge dredd

james white art jay and bob

james white art hot rod

james white art hobo

james white art ghostbusters

james white art game

james white art far cry 3

james white art evil dead

james white art drive

james white art doc brown

james white million dollar man

james white art atari

james white art darkseid

If these pieces piqued your interest, you should really check out White’s website where he showcases his new art designs. He also has his own store where you can buy some of his incredible prints. Be quick however as they sell out very quickly (As I discovered first-hand!). Hopefully we will see more of James’s art in the future.