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Arrow: 1.20 – Home Invasion

We are in the homestretch of season one!!!

Home Invasion

Seems like just yesterday we stumbled into Starling City and learned that Oliver Queen had a family and an ex-girlfriend named Laurel Lance and a best friend named Tommy Merlyn and now look where we are. There’s an entire Arrow posse that is teaming up to take down the baddies and looking fantastic while doing so. Hard to believe there’s only three episodes left until next October (I’d say September but the CW started in October this year and I imagine they’ll do the same next year), but let’s not focus on the long Arrow-less summer, rather let’s dive right in to this week’s episode, Home Invasion!

Home Invasion, Arrow
Credit to: GypsyHeartLove

I’m going to start with Thea and Roy because there were a small side story this episode with most of the time going to Laurel and Oliver and a hired gun but I felt it necessary to lead off with this moment from Felicity. I think she just gets better each week! Now she’s going from one moment lamenting a trip to Guantanamo Bay and the next she’s reminding Oliver what she could do to him if he were to let it be known she dyes her hair. This chick is just awesome.

Arrow, Home Invasion
“Is that a police radio in your pocket?”
Credit to: ScruffyDean

Okay, Roy and Thea. If I wasn’t already certain that Roy Harper was going to be THE Roy Harper, I am after this episode. He thieves a police radio so he can try and track down the vigilante, somehow Detective Lance who was completely unaware of a bug on his phone for an unknown period of time (for all we know it could still be there as they’ve never mentioned it again – annoyance) noticed this and devised a way to trap the hoodlum. Of course that leads to him telling Thea how much he feels he owes the vigilante and blah blah, he’s going to be Speedy, I imagine they’ll have both Thea and Roy find out about Oliver in the season finale.

Arrow, Home Invasion

I feel like it’s been way too long since we had a nice workout scene. This one was way too short thanks to that jackass fun ruiner Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot. Let me just say, unlike the Count from episode 19 who sadly came back as a non-issue, I’m really liking how they’ve played Deadshot through the season. Of course, at first it seemed as if they were going to make him a one shot wonder, but the story line of Diggle distancing himself from Oliver’s list to start his own is really appealing. Of course he wants to go after Deadshot and of course Oliver will help him… or will he?

This week’s bad guy was an assassin hired by another dirtbag businessman Rasmus. Enter the home invasion of “Home Invasion”. That dude was rather efficient. You’d think as a seasoned assassin he’d at least attempt to go after the 10 year old that he wants to kill, but let’s not be foolish, it’s not as if a grown man can outrun a gradeschooler. No it is much better to just go ahead and leave that loose end to be finished off later.

Speaking of really bonehead moves…

Home Invasion, Arrow
Credit to: TheBoyInTheRedHoodie

I am really glad that Laurel’s father taught her how to handle a gun. However, I’m fairly certain that he probably also told her to make sure that if you are going in with only one shell, make sure it counts. Otherwise you do this badass move to pump the shotgun only to look like an idiot when it’s empty. Thankfully Oliver swoops in to save the day, somewhat to Tommy’s chagrin. Of course this was after Tommy had a little heart to heart with the poor little orphan boy.

Home Invasion, Arrow

Look at those teary eyes! If that doesn’t make you sigh then you have a heart of stone. That was a very endearing moment. Of course Tommy is having a very emotional couple of weeks. First his father is an ass, then his best friend tells him he’s been lying/withholding truth, and now he’s having to deal with now ex-best friend being the human equivalent of Mighty Mouse and swooping in to save the day. Poor guy, I just want to give him a hug.

Home Invasion, Arrow
Credit to: Maradyer

So now Tommy, Laurel, and the kid are at the Queen mansion. How awkward is that? Nothing like playing house in the house of your ex-boyfriend while his mother tells you how much she liked her son dating you. Yea, that’s not cool. Even less cool would be Oliver, again. Although I do concede that this was a crappy decision to make, I’d probably go after the guy who has names of everyone he’s killed tattooed on his body, but I do recognize that it would be difficult to ignore the fact that your ex-girlfriend that you still love is target by proxy of the other contract killer. Really, when you are dealing with two assassins, perhaps it’s better to just flip a coin. Either way, someone is going to get hurt.

Home Invasion, Arrow

Unfortunately this time it was Diggle, quite literally. Well Diggle was hurt and his ARGUS cohorts were more than a little hurt. Best line of the episode was Deadshot telling Diggle that the reason he wasn’t going to kill him was someone hadn’t paid him to. Foreshadowing maybe? Hmmmm. What’s really got to chap Diggle’s ass though is yes Rasmus was jailed which was Oliver’s doing but in the end his assassin went off the reservation and went after the kid anyway. Well he did until Oliver stuck a fire poker through his chest. Ouch.

Home Invasion, Arrow
That probably hurt

So not only has Deadshot gotten away, again, but the assassin his killed anyway. I sort of can’t blame Diggle for leaving. I mean I feel badly for Oliver, but Diggle has a better leg to stand on with this one. Of course I want him to stick around but man, Oliver might have to do a bit of groveling. Diggle isn’t the only one leaving because in a move everyone saw a mile away, Tommy is leaving Laurel. So now he’s working for his father, he’s kaiboshed his friendship with Oliver, and he’s dumped Laurel. He’s either going to take a long walk off a short pier or he’s going to go into the real family business. I’m banking on the second.

Arrow, Home Invasion

The island story was short but full. We get to see more of the shaping of present day Oliver as Shado is teaching him to shoot. Oh and how to awkwardly tell a woman that there’s someone else. Awkward.

Speaking of people dumping other people, Yao Fei and I are OVER!! Fool me once and all that. How many times is he going to give up Oliver to Fyers? How many?!?!? I’m officially disbanding the Yao Fei fan club. No more Fei, no more.

Overall, I really liked this episode. Moved the plot along quite a bit and sets up quite a bit of action for the remaining three episodes. Going to have to go with a four out of five.

grizzly rating 4of5

Like Mr. Amell said, there are no breaks until the finale so we’ll be back next week – see you then!

Just because –

Arrow, Home Invasion

Arrow 1.17: The Huntress Returns

Before we jump into this week’s episode, let me just say if you aren’t following Stephen Amell on Facebook, then you are missing out. I actually don’t follow many actors and don’t even remember what prompted me to follow Mr. Amell but I am so happy I did. At first he didn’t really have much interaction but in the last few months he has really embraced both Facebook and Twitter and it has been quite fun as a fan. Of course there’s also the chance of a John Barrowman sighting which is never a bad thing.


While you’re there, you can go ahead and follow Grizzly Bomb on Facebook. I mean, since the page is already open and all.

Okay I lied, one more thing before this week’s review. DC has put out a comic series to tie-in with the show. Much like video games based on movies, it has that “okay this is ridiculous” sort of feel to it, but it’s not horrible. I’ve actually grown to look forward to each new release. Nice to see a little bit more of Starling City and the Arrow cast of characters than just on Wednesday nights.


Okay on to this week’s episode! After what seemed like an eternity after such a great episode, Arrow returned with the Huntress. I’ve made my feelings about the Huntress known (short story – I can’t stand her) so you can only imagine my reaction when the episode starts right off that bat with her posing as a stripper and killing her father’s lawyer. This chick has some serious Daddy issues and instead of just letting bygones be bygones, she’s going to hunt him down while he’s in protective custody. Blah blah blah. Thankfully there were other things happening in this episode that distracted from her annoyance.

Like this:

Credit to: marcussour

The club is finally open! Now, I am no master builder or anything but seriously it seems like in the episode where McKenna (oh McKenna, it was so nice knowing you) and Oliver are having their little picnic on the floor, there wasn’t much done in the club but now? Well it’s all done and ready to go! Not only that, but billionaire Oliver Queen was able to snag Steve Aoki for Verdant’s (we see what you did there) opening.

In addition to the awesome party going on, there is a lot happening at this club opening. Tommy is brooding, still butthurt over Oliver not telling him about the whole secret identity thing; Diggle is baffled that Oliver is even entertaining the idea of not ditching Helena like yesterday’s newspaper; McKenna is dancing like it’s her job; and Laurel is pissed that Tommy didn’t ask about her breakfast date.


Let’s discuss this breakfast.
1.) I feel awful for Quentin. There he is trying to apologize for being a complete ass to Laurel and in walks his ex-wife who disaster ditched him after Sarah died. He’s having to deal with Oliver coming back, alive and well, and now this? Dude is going to end up dying of stress. So sad.

2.) Laurel needs to go and watch Parent Trap at least one more time because that was the worst “I’m going to get my parents in the same room tee hee” move ever. Come on.

3.) Dinah Lance – did you give a boatload of money to Miss Cleo and she somehow, psychically and through the phone, led you to this mystery “tourist” who just happened to have a picture of your thought to be dead daughter who really is alive grunging it up on one of the HUNDREDS OF ISLANDS SURROUNDING HER SHIPWRECK?!?! I mean come on! I can suspend belief pretty far but this was ridiculous. The writers couldn’t find a bridge to this storyline that was at least remotely plausible?  That being said, I love Alex Kingston and girlfriend is looking pretty damn good with her straight hair.

Credit to: mikaelsondiaries

The best parts of this episode actually involved Helena but only when Diggle or Felicity were part of the picture. Felicity of course has that impeccable timing, walking into the middle of Helena’s “deal” with Oliver. Not only that but of course she has always wanted to hack into the FBI database. Saw that set up a mile away. As great as Helena wondering about the cast of characters in Oliver’s love life was, I think we can all agree that Dig commenting on how much she looked like the T-Mobile girl was the highlight of the entire “party in the Arrow Cave” if not the entire episode. It’s like he read my episode 7 “Muse of Fire” review!

Credit to: simonjadis

So Malcolm suggests the name Green Arrow and Detective Lance calls Helena “Huntress”. Very nice. I did like how Helena was all shocked that Oliver went all Mighty Mouse and busted her out of the police station. Hello?!?! Did she honestly think he was going to let her sit there and just float his name out in hopes for leniency? I’ve watched enough Law and Order to know that it happens all the time.

Credit to: teatralka

Of course while all this is happening with Helena and Oliver, Thea is off trying to get in the pants good graces of Roy. Getting him a job, going and checking on him (in the incredibly bad neighborhood, lest we forget) when he doesn’t show up for said job… Thea, newsflash: these are not attractive qualities in a mate. Yes, he may have saved you from the very scary “Glades” muggers and gotten stabbed in the process but he has no job, apparently no desire to get a job, and is okay to live off money acquired by a life of petty crime. This is not a good thing. As a matter of fact, go ahead and take a moment to listen to the soulful and wise musical stylings of TLC.

But of course she’s probably thinking she’ll “save” him or some crap like that. Step one: solve his fear of needles. Check. Which is, by my count, the second reference to Roy Harper’s drug issue in the comics, the first being his ‘8-ball’ necklace.  It’s really only a matter of time before Oliver takes this kid under his wing at Thea’s behest.

It was not at all surprising that Helena ignored Oliver’s offering of a new life in Rome. Nor that she went and

Credit to: jamandstuff

coerced Felicity to go ahead and follow that dream of hacking the FBI’s network. What is surprising is the speed at which Oliver check’s his voicemail! I only check my voicemail to get rid of the notification, I can’t imagine being in the middle of some “personal time”, hearing the voicemail go off and jumping in my car. That’s superhero dedication if I ever saw it. Good on ya Ollie.

Back to my Law and Order education, why would McKenna go ahead and go after Helena without backup? I mean come on, Being a Cop 101 clearly states that you wait for backup. Otherwise you’ll get shot by a woman who has spent time practicing trying to catch an arrow in midair (that was pretty badass, I will admit) and is hellbent on taking out anyone who stands in between her and killing her father!

However, perhaps that was McKenna’s plan all along because now she’s out of commission and can move to Coast City without having to find the words to say “I’m breaking up with you, Oliver, because while in the midst of some torrid love-making, you unceremoniously dumped me to check your voicemail and then run to the aid of your girl Friday“. Can’t say I blame her, “rehab my shattered femur thanks to your shotgun wielding ex-girlfriend” is probably the easier route.


The island flashbacks this week were mainly to show that Oliver is getting better at thinking like a person abandoned on an island with some dude and his army gathering SAM units rather than the silver spoon rich kid. I was sort of surprised that he used his “leverage” to request a way off the island as opposed to telling Fyers to release Yao Fei and Shado but I’m sure they’ll be re-appearing relatively soon, I hope.

Overall, not the best episode. It wasn’t bad but I just don’t like Helena and am glad she’s gone again. I’m interested to see how the whole “Sarah might be alive” thing pans out and of course Roy Harper’s further involvement with the Queen family. Speaking of the Queen family, I’m guessing that since Moira and her plan to kill Malcolm weren’t mentioned at all this week, that they’ll probably return to that storyline in the next episode or two. I can not wait because you know Malcolm is going to be uber-pissed and all about hunting down who put the hit out on him. Woohoo!

Gonna have to give this week a 3.5 out of 5.

grizzly rating 3-5of5

Sadly there were no half-naked workouts this episode, but thank you Entertainment Weekly for filling our shirtless Stephen Amell quota this week.


Until next time Arrow fans!

Arrow 1:15 – “Dodger”

Probably due in part to last week’s episode being so great, this week seemed a little blah. It certainly had great moments but the overall feel was just a bit of a let down. Not to mention sort of irritating that the writers finally gave in to the CW “norm” and we had an episode all about romantic relationships. It’s not really necessary given that the main point of the show is a guy hunting down people with a bow and arrow who’ve done wrong in the city. If he happens to find love in his off-time, well that’s great, but we don’t need an entire story arc dedicated to it (I’m looking at you Huntress).


However, I really liked this week’s bad guy – the Dodger. I chose to just go ahead and forget everything I know about the actual comic book character Dodger because it would only irritate me as it’s hard to have Dodger be involved in trying to kill Connor (Oliver Queen’s son) when there is no Connor. Also no

Credit to: delena-falling-in-love

Black Canary (I am hoping that with Laurel’s mom appearing soon they’ll address this finally) so yea, best to just let Starling City’s Dodger be his own man. Of course he did have his “electronic mace” which was cool. I could think of a few times in my life I’d like to have had one of those on hand.

Like I said, the real story of the episode was the love lives of both Diggle and Oliver. I do believe I called the Diggle/sister-in-law thing from the very beginning so it was nice to see I was right. How awkward was it though when he started comparing their first date to her first date with his brother? Yikes. I don’t do well with awkward, even if it’s on the TV. I felt like I was standing there trying to scream “SHUT UP DIGGLE!!” but my mouth wouldn’t open. Clearly, I have issues.

Who else has issues? Oliver. Of course he has a reason behind them, what with the whole “everyone thinks I was alone on that island but really I was getting my ass kicked on the regular never mind the constant mind-games I had to wade through” thing. I don’t know what to think about the McKenna situation. After last week I had a feeling she might be the mole in the police station but now she’s being bugged by Oliver so maybe that rules her out? I don’t know. What I do know is it’s not going to take her long (at least I hope so, she is a detective) to find that bug and the shit is going to hit the fan. That will be fun.

Oh oh oh! Another obnoxious point about this episode! The “nerdy girl takes off her glasses and puts on a dress and is all of a sudden hot” trope. I can just imagine how it played out in the writers room.

[quote] Writer A: So we’ve got this gala thing that Felicity is going to go to.

Writer B: We should totally have her take her glasses off and let her hair down.

Every other writer who hates this move: groans loudly

Writer B: But really, it will work. Then the guys will realize how pretty she is! Yay! [/quote]

Ugh, unnecessary. What purpose does it serve? Absolutely none. I love their little trio and how she’s been able to work her way into their lives already and as much as I think I would like to see her and Oliver

Credit to: notenoughducks

together, I’d rather it just be the three of them. ArrowTeam4Lyfe! Now that I got that ridiculousness out of my system, I think the three of them will end up doing quite well together. Already we’ve seen the good influence that Diggle has made on Oliver. Throw in Felicity and her desire to go after bad guys that aren’t on the list as well and how he could go about “talking” to people differently and it seems like Oliver is becoming more well-rounded. One could say he’s going through the vigilante version of a liberal arts education.

The island parts this week were a major letdown. Basically they were only there to drive home the point that Oliver has changed and the island played a major part in it. One has to wonder if the writers think we haven’t seen the previous fourteen episodes.

Back to ArrowTeam- this week we got to finally meet someone who should be making his way into the ArrowCave any moment, Roy Harper!

Credit to: saniday

Let’s just get one thing out of the way – Colton Haynes is 24 years old. I know this will cause many people to breath a sigh of relief that they aren’t dirty pervs. Not saying I was one of them, but there was a Google search done almost immediately.

I can not wait to see how Roy Harper becomes an Arrow sidekick. I imagine it will sadly have something to do with Thea as it looked like they were setting it up as a love connection between the two of them. Much like Diggle and Oliver, I don’t really care who Thea dates. I actually don’t really care if Thea just disappeared one day and never returned but if that can’t happen at least she can get her bratty paws off Speedy. Doesn’t seem too much to ask, does it?


As great as Roy Harper’s appearance was, perhaps the biggest plot movement of the night came from Moira Queen. I think she only had three scenes but there was a lot involved in those three scenes. Some guy named Frank Chan shows up. He is part of this group that is doing, gods only know what, but Moira wants him to help her stop “the undertaking”. Then the final scene of the show we see exactly how she plans to do that – by hiring China White to KILL MALCOLM MERLYN!!!!

I’ve watched enough television in my 34 years to know that this is not a good idea. Not a good idea at all, Moira. This will end badly for you. Very very badly. On the whole, not a great episode. Roy Harper being introduced and that last scene was great (awful idea, but great scene) but the rest of it was blah. Going to have to go with just a 3 out of 5 this week.

grizzly rating 3of5However there is much to look forward to as this picture clearly shows… Until next time Arrow fans!