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‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ to Feature Cameo from Morbius?

Total Film just reported that there may be another one of Spider-Man’s foes making an appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. We already have Electro in the mix (played by Jamie Foxx), but now it appears that everyone’s favorite living vampire Michael Morbius will be making a cameo as well. For those unaware of whom Morbius actually is here is a brief recap. He was a prize-winning biochemist who suffers a startling vampire like transformation when he tries to cure him self of a rare blood problem he has. Actor Asim Ahmad has the part and he tweeted this information recently about his role in the movie:

“Morbius is only mentioned in two pages, not a big part”  (The tweet appears to have been removed since…)

It seems that the role will only be as a cameo with the fact he is only featured for such a short length of time, but this may be an introduction for him to appear as a bigger villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 perhaps? This could just as easily be just a little fun piece thrown in to keep the loyal Spidey fans out there happy. At this point who knows?

spiderman 2 morbius asim

Another question you may be asking is “Who is Asim Ahmad?” It is a valid question, one that I asked myself. A quick look on IMDB revealed this little piece of information…

[box_light]Asim Ahmad’s career started while attending college in New York, studying acting and creative writing, and at the same time was interning at Marvel Comics. Showing his enthusiasm for the titles they published, he started writing for such comics as Daredevil and Ultimate X-Men. Once he graduated, he progressed from writing comics to helping rewrite screenplays based on Marvel’s characters, movies such as Blade, X-Men, Spider-man and Daredevil. Asim left Marvel in 2002 to concentrate on an acting career, appearing on stage in productions of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Tempest and Romeo & Juliet. Asim later then went into film and television productions, with works such as Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Inception, Rob Marshall’s Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides and Craig Gillespie’s reimagining of horror comedy Fright Night with Colin Farrell. In 2007, Asim had set up Solar Eclipse Films, his own production company, dedicated to make feature films, television shows, and video games. Solar Eclipse are currently in pre-production for a reimagining of The Hound of the Baskervilles, with Asim making his directorial debut.[/box_light]

On first glance I have to be honest, I did not really see him looking anything like the Michael Morbius I remember from the comic books. But considering the amount of work he has done for Marvel Comics in the past and his obvious love of the genre, I feel like it will be a good fit and it makes me think more and more that a larger role in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 movie may be on the cards in the future.


‘Chronicle’ Director in Talks for ‘Venom’ Movie

Amongst the greatest movie atrocities ever committed, aside from Jar Jar Binks and all of George Lucas’ terrible Star Wars alterations, Spiderman 3 stands alone from many others. I don’t remember being quite so disappointed by a movie in my life as Peter Parker went Emo, Sandman was just a “guy trying to get his kid back” and Venom? Venom was saved as the closing act jobber played by That 70’s Show’s ‘Eric Foreman’ – Topher Grace.

What happened? Where was the Venom from the comics who was cold, calculating and basically a mountain of muscle? Instead, we get possibly the most whiny Eddie Brock imaginable, and a Venom who sounds like a velociraptor and has to peel back his face to show us Topher Grace with sharp teeth every time he wants to talk. It was a complete and utter betrayal, and nauseating display of a studio grabbing for the almighty buck right out of our pockets. Sam Raimi himself even let everyone in on the secret that this wasn’t even his vision of Venom at all, but the studio wanted him in there because he was sooooooo cool to the fans. Nevermind story or any of that kind of shit Sony, just fit him into your already horrible movie during the last fifteen minutes because, ya know… it’d be cool. UNCOOL!

But anyways, onward to the subject at hand.

Even after the debacle that was Venom in Spiderman 3, the powers that be have decided to give our favorite symbiote a second chance and are even attempting to place it in very capable hands. Josh Trank, the director of the newly successful movie Chronicle, has reportedly been tapped to take on directing duties for the newest Venom movie. Chronicle was a found footage approach movie that let us have a look at three young fellas who stumble upon telekinetic powers and then proceed to use them to dick around. There’s a tad bit more to it, but in the long run the movie cost 12 million to make and ended up grossing over 100 million. So, there’s definitely no reason a Venom movie should be terribly hard to make on a modest budget and still be profitable because let’s face it; the days of big budget films that don’t already have a huge fan base may be pretty much over. John Carter and Green Lantern are prime examples of that. Why not start off small and see where the box office revenue takes you before you determine whether or not there will be a sequel.

Next is the question of whether or not the Venom movie will tie into the forthcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie and what Venom’s origin will be. In the other Spidey movies, they didn’t even bother utilizing the space shuttle angle, even though they had already used John Jameson in Spiderman 2. Instead, filmmakers decided that it would be a good idea to just have it fall from the sky like a meteor in the general vicinity of Peter Parker. In the new Venom, I’d think it would be a better idea to follow the Ultimate Spiderman comic book link of Peter and Eddie Brock being old childhood friends and Venom being a creation of both their parents. Of course they can change it up a little more but that seems like a simple, yet better way than a blob of black good falling from the sky. Only time will tell what direction the Venom movie will take, or if Josh Trank will indeed helm the movie. Rest assured, we will bring you news as soon as it hits!