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The Devil’s Double – Trailer

Read anything about Uday Hussein and you’ll find that he was indeed one sick bastard. Not only that, the little scum bag lived lavishly his whole life up until the U.S. military ended his sorry ass. He owned hundreds of cars, having them painted each day to match the suit he was wearing and even passed a law making it illegal for anyone to import a Lamborghini into Iraq because he wanted to be the only one in the country with that type of car. He used his position as Saddam Hussein’s son to murder, rape and rob all those around him, so understandably he’d have a lot of enemies and people wanting to kill him. (Rightfully so.) So he took a page from his demented father’s book and found an ex-classmate who resembled him and forces him to be his body double.

The Devil’s Double shows what that life may have been like for the double named Latif Yahia and to remind us of what pieces of dog shit the Husseins were. Check out the trailer below:

Even though I don’t want to give the Hussein family a second thought, I have to admit the film looks intriguing. The guy looked as if he was trying to be an Iraqi Scarface times ten. Dominic Cooper seems to be giving a wonderful double performance as both Uday and Latif that begs the question if he’ll be nominated for any awards. To me that is a complex part to play with two characters who are so different, but one of them may start to like the life that he is forced to take. Perhaps at one point in the movie he truly will be Uday’s brother before trying to find a way out of his predicament.