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NIN: Year Zero Mini-Series Showing Signs of Life

NINE months ago we got word from Trent Reznor that his plans for a two-year HBO and BBC Worldwide mini-series based on his Year Zero album released in 2007 was moving forward in the pre-production.

For those of you who are not cultured (or depressed)¬†enough to be familiar with that album, it was Trent Reznor’s response to the George W Bush government policies. It served as warning if those policies continued, by portraying what the world would be like 15 years down the road – after a nuclear war between the United States and Iran, and the rise of the Bureau of Morality who take away American’s civil liberties. (Quick side note as a NIN fan: decent album, not the best. Favorite songs on the album include Survivalism, The Good Soldier, Capital G, God Given, and In This Twilight.)

At that time we heard that the team working on this project consists of Daniel Knauf (creator of Carnival), Lawerence Bender (producer of Pulp Fiction), and Kevin Kelly Brown (producer of Roswell). Since then, the development of this sci-fi mini-series has INCHed along, until recently when they announced that HBO and BBC have NAILed down a writer for the entire series, Jim Uhls. Uhls is most famous for adapting the screen play for Fight Club, and most forgotten about for writing the screen play for that piece of crap Jumper. Or maybe that was all Hayden Christensen’s fault… Thanks for ruining Darth Vadar asshole.

“Give me back my conditioner.”

Anyways, its good to finally here some news and confirmation that this mini-series moving forward and becoming closer to reality since the premise of the show sounds like it could be successful if done well. HBO does have a pretty solid track record when it comes to their own shows, but lets just hope tapping in to his inner ‘Tyler Durdon’ was apart of Uhls contract when coming aboard.