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DVD Catastrophe – Filmatic Lives Of Zombies

Zombies are still very much the horror movie darlings. Lately, both ghosts and vampires taken a stab at stealing the top spot, but whenever you check the low-budget section of any DVD retailer, you’ll be faced with a title that has the undead mentioned somewhere in it. Overexposure is never a good thing but with zombie films, it seems to have forced the genre to evolve. Filmmakers have to be a tad more creative when dealing with the undead in their movies nowadays. So here at Grizzly Bomb, we have a handy little gallery (broken down into easy to consume sections) so you can see just what companies will release these days about the brain munching dirt bags we call the walking dead.

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All the Boys Love Mandy Lane: Trailer For It’s Long Awaited US Release is Finally Here

So here’s a trailer for a film that premiered at TIFF in 2006, then in 2008 was released to theaters in the UK, and subsequently released on DVD in the UK the same year. That means almost seven years to the date of its premiere, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is finally getting a US release. Jonathan Levine directed this horror flick and has since moved on to bigger and more critically praised projects such as The Wackness, the incredibly sad and funny at the same time film 50/50, and the comedic zombie tale Warm Bodies. Starring in the titular role of Mandy Lane is Amber Heard (Never Back Down, Paranoia). The story is as follows: a group of teenagers invite a shy but popular girl, Mandy, to spend the weekend at a secluded ranch with them, and are soon terrorized by a stalker of hers. Sounds interesting with just enough originality in the ‘cabin in the woods-type’ trope to peak my attention. Check out the trailer below:

Honestly, the trailer doesn’t impress me too much, but the fact that they’re getting it out to theaters 7 years after it premiered, when it can already can be bought on DVD outside the United States, has to say something of the quality. That said, reviews have been very divided with some praising it, and others saying it diverges from what could be a clever story. Also, others who have reviewed it recently have said the hype of this long awaited release is too big for what the film deserves. But, while not horror flicks, The Wackness and 50/50 were two of my favorite movies the years they came out, so anything Levine makes is a must-see to me. Joining Heard is Whitney Able from the under appreciated sci-fi flick, Monsters (sequel’s coming out), and Anson Mount from the TV series Hell on Wheels.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane Poster with Amber Heard

The film is already out on VOD, and is set for a theatrical release October 11.