DVD Catastrophe – Filmatic Lives Of Zombies

Zombies are still very much the horror movie darlings. Lately, both ghosts and vampires taken a stab at stealing the top spot, but whenever you check the low-budget section of any DVD retailer, you’ll be faced with a title that has the undead mentioned somewhere in it. Overexposure is never a good thing but with zombie films, it seems to have forced the genre to evolve. Filmmakers have to be a tad more creative when dealing with the undead in their movies nowadays. So here at Grizzly Bomb, we have a handy little gallery (broken down into easy to consume sections) so you can see just what companies will release these days about the brain munching dirt bags we call the walking dead.

Zombies Vs ?

Zombies seem to be quite aggressive by nature. It is probably to do with having to chase their pesky food source all over the place, because we humans tend to run off from them quite a lot. In doing this, they do manage to get themselves in quite a few scrapes with all sorts of tough or random people. Normally these type of mash-up movies have the zombies in conflict with someone or something you would not imagine. Most of the time these confrontation are played for laughs though you do still get the gore scenes and the occasional tragic death. Of course in some cases, you might encounter Abraham Lincoln! Cockneys Vs Zombies has a group of retiring Cockneys taking the fight to the zombie hoards, with a whole heap of one liners and gun explosions getting left in their wake.Vampires Vs Zombies, on the other hand, has the exciting prospect of seeing the undead fighting the creatures of the night. Unfortunately, the film fails on its intended promise and just has said creatures living in the same universe and not actually fighting in the epic sense you would expect.   Here are a few more examples below which may be of interest.

Career Zombies

Zombies are infected dead humans, so every now and again you get an interesting mix of movies where a person’s job carries on through their new zombie life. People who have seen Zombieland can still remember the zombie clown that decided to terrorize the fun fair. In this case, some of the zombie’s careers are so fascinating that they have actually named the movie after them (or in the case of Monster Brawl, made it a big part of the movie). Some of the career choices may seem a bit unsavory (Nazi, bikers, etc.), but they do make for darn funny viewing. Hard Rock Zombies not only has a zombie rock band, but also adds Adolf Hitler into the mix.  Porn Star Zombies and Zombie Strippers, on the other hand, throw in a bit of sexuality to keep zombie fans happy. So if you like your zombies looking like they came straight from the film Return Of The Living Dead Part 3, then these could be the films for you.

Interesting Births

Traditionally zombies were brought to life by voodoo priests for slave work, but George Romero changed all of that and made the zombies flesh eaters, as well as making the infection spread through a bite (the origin of the disease was not mentioned, though it was alluded to in a news report). However, filmmakers have made some really wacky origins for the walking dead. Redneck Zombies, for example, had poisoned moonshine as the source of the zombie problem. You can see some of the crazier examples below.

Zombie Animals

An interesting way to add a bit of spice into the zombie genre is to change the zombies themselves. This seems to be a slightly recent undertaking, with animals getting on the brain munching action. Here you will see sheep and even beavers be taken over by the undead virus. Though Black Sheep has technically mutated sheep and not zombie sheep, they sure act enough like zombies to get put into this list! Also they munch intestines with the best of them so how can you not want to see them? It may sound a crazy concept, but it certainly has its own charm.

Odds and Ends

This leaves us with the weird and the wonderful zombie movies which really do not fit in any category. Whether it be zombie sex and zombie babies (Brain Dead / Dead Alive and Zombie Babies), zombies internally chatting away to themselves (Warm Bodies and Wasting Away), killer zombie heads (Swamp Head) or Rape Zombie which is…in a league of its own, I guess many have their own unique take on the zombie mythos. What they also all share is the fact that they are all movies that are just plain bonkers. Dead Sushi has reanimated food stock attacking humans, while Dead Heat has two zombie cops fighting a full on butcher’s shop of reanimated meat.  Ozombie and Zombie Christ probably win prizes for most poor taste zombie choice and Lust For the Dead and Zombie Ass are probably not to far behind either in the bad taste stakes!

Hope you enjoyed this collection of decayed meat and with the zombie genre showing no signs of slowing down at the moment, it seems there may be even more bizarre zombie movies coming our way.  Keep checking out Grizzly Bomb to find out more and for all your zombie news!

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