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Top Ten 1980’s Inspired Movie Posters

With the up and coming documentary about poster artist Drew Struzan coming to cinema screens soon, it seems that more and more people are interested in the movie poster as a valid and exciting part of the cinema going experience. Back in the 80s, poster art reigned supreme with some of the greatest examples becoming not only popular with fans, but iconic for film goers. Who can forget the posters for movies like Star Wars, The Goonies, Back to the Future, Big Trouble in Little China, and how these images bombarded our senses when we went to see a movie? It seems in the last few years that interest in the fine art of poster making has picked up again with some truly stunning pieces of art coming out for mainstream blockbusters. There has also been an interest in the 80s style of poster making. It has a very distinct quality with brass colors, fully loaded designs filling the screen with outlandish characters from the movie, or in some cases just posing down. Here are some eye catching examples, most of which are official alternative posters for mainstream films that have come out in the last few years.

So without further ado, let’s brace ourselves for neon lights and over the top action with ten of the best 80’s inspired posters…

10) Drive (2011)

 80s inspired posters drive

Drive, with its thumping 80s soundtrack and gritty feel really caught the imagination of many cinema goers, and the original artwork for it is incredible. This early promotional piece gave us the cool factor that Ryan Gosling exuded in this film, but it also gives off a Miami Vice vibe with its bright, but not over powering, use of color and the sun back rising up from behind the cast.

9) Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)

 80s inspired posters hobo with a shot gun

The poster that really started the ball rolling with a return to the grindhouse style of artwork found in cinema houses and video shops back in the early 80s. Sure the Grindhouse movies by Tarantino and Rodriguez (which spawned this film) did a great job of bringing this particular style back to the masses, but it was this gritty poster art that really got a lot of viewers’ attention. This poster just makes you take notice, even with its muted color scheme, it still manages to elicit a response. Many 80s posters had guns shoved into the viewer’s face and this is following in that long tradition. Below is one of my favorite examples of this style from an actual 80s movie…

80s inspired posters hands of steel

 8 & 7) V/H/S and V/H/S/2

80s inspired posters vhs 1

On first glance the poster for the great horror throwback V/H/S does not seem incredibly 80s, but when compared to the poster below for the 1982 William Shatner and Micheal Ironside horror thriller Visiting Hours, you can see they share a striking resemblance.

 80s inspired posters visiting hours

Now for V/H/S/2 they have gone over board with the poster art. There are tons of great promotional pieces out for this movie, but the key one was in the incredibly gory cover by ex-Walking Dead artist Tony Moore. It encapsulates the gory covers VHS stores used to use to grab viewers into to the store. It also bears a  resemble to one of the most notorious horror covers of all time, the cult movie Cannibal Holocaust. Not an exact copy, but the style is very similar.

 80s inspired posters vhs 2

80s inspired posters cannibal holocaust

6) The Heat (2013)

80s inspired posters the heat

Now the more popular and incredibly generic posters that have come out for this movie in cinemas recently has come under tons of controversy due to the abuse of Photoshop to enhance one of the co-stars features. This could have all been avoided if the advertising department had decided to go for the more action packed poster shown above.  I had no interest in this movie up until I saw this poster that basically just told me that everything explodes in this film. Whether it does or not hardly matters because this is a great example of how to advertise a mainstream movie using poster art. Here is another great example of  how the 80s action flick used to use this very same method of presentation.

80s inspired posters the shadow warrior

5) Rewind This (2013)

 80s inspired posters rewind this

We have mentioned Adjust Your Tracking on Grizzly Bomb before and also Plastic Movies Rewound, but we have never really looked at the other recent VHS related documentary Rewind This, and it gives me great pleasure to present it here. It covers a mix of those other two documentaries and will definitely be one to look out for VHS fans. The cover is amazing and it looks exactly how I remember the 80s movie art. Horror pictures especially always had a hand sticking out the front. Look at this one for example.

80s inspired posters mortuary

Another great retro poster though not based on any film is this one for Video Nasties which I just threw in here as a companion piece for Rewind This just because it look to good not to include it.

80s inspired posters video nasties

4) The Last Stand (2013)

80s inspired posters the last stand

The film may have been a bit of a damp squib in the action department, feeling like a cross between Knightrider and Jackass in places, it did give us this great late 70s-early 80s style action poster which seems to follow the motif we have seen for many action movies past and present, the bomb exploding! It’s a great way to grab an audience’s attention and certainly got me to watch the movie.

 3) Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

 80s inspired posters wreck it ralph

Now it is easy to put a poster about video games into this article because of how many of the classic (and not so classic) 80s sprites popped up within this heart-warming tale, but what really caught my attention was this great poster actually showcasing Wreck It Ralph as a real life computer game coming soon to your local arcade. It’s the attention to detail which I found fantastic, and it reminded me of my childhood and seeing similar poster advertisements in issue of Crash magazine.

2) The Expendables 2 (2012)

 80s inspired posters expendables 2

The Expendables posters have always been full of testosterone, but this cover really gives off that macho 80s action movie vibe, with its collage of armored killers ready for action. This cover looks so much like a 80s action flick that someone decided to create a VHS cover and 80s style trailer for it!

80s inspired posters expendables 2 vhs

Shame the film did not deliver on the action goods but it does not take any power away from the extreme cover which is an amalgamation of several different types of 80s poster. [Ed. Note – I disagree. Obviously.]

1) Manborg (2011)

80s inspired posters man borg

By far the best cover on this list is for retro film Manborg, which takes the best elements of 80s cheese and rolls them up into a tiny package for a new audience. The cover reminded me of so many other covers from the dawn of the video shop era. Just look at some of the VHS sleeves for The Eliminators and Rotor and you can see where this cover got its inspiration. Absolutely stunning.

 80s inspired posters the eliminators

80s inspired posters rotor

That was just a small taste of what’s around at the moment and websites like Mondo and The Alamo Draft House are making superb posters like this all the time. It has never been such a great time to be a fan of poster art. Here is hoping we get more and more examples of this type of art popping up in the near future.


Grizzly Bomb’s Dartboard Box Office Predictions – Nov. 16-18

Welcome back to our second week of the Grizzly Bomb Box Office Dartboard Predictions which means I survived the first one with barely a few scratches. Okay, with one giant gash to be ego because of my stupidity and lack of attention to detail. First, let’s review what happened last week.

My prediction of Skyfall ended up being pretty close. I predicted it would get 82 million during the weekend and ended up with 88 million. I honestly thought I was overpredicting and even included a statement about the snow storm that might reduce the numbers but really, I did that to cover my bases because in my mind, I thought there was no way the movie would get that high past 85 million. However, I am glad that it did and it was well deserved.

Ya damn straight.

As for the other movies, Wreck-It Ralph went above my prediction by scoring 33 million, Argo was on target with 6.7 million made versus my 7 million dollar prediction, Taken 2 was in at 4 million, just above my 3 million prediction, and Cloud Atlas was right on with my 2 million prediction.

However, this also pointed out my giant glaring flaw in last week’s prediction list: I never mentioned Flight. That was just a stupid bonehead move and I apologize for that. I’ll try to do better this week. With that, we have some work to do with Grizzly Bomb’s favorite movie franchise…

That’s right you Twi-hards, the final Twilight is coming out in theaters. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 comes out and it’s already doing massive business overseas. So much that I took a picture here in the Philippines to show much crazy people are flooding the theaters overseas…

Now, this movie will explode. Predicting the actual final tally, however, might prove difficult. In my opinion, the buzz on this movie seems far more muted than the previous films. The movie series only came out four years ago, and I think that people have already been overexposed to the series. Five movies in four years can make people happy that this is the last one, but it might also bring those wonderful fans out of the woodwork to cheer on their favorite vampire couple.

Speaking of, remember that whole Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart scandal? The one where she cheated on him with the director of Snow White & The Huntsman? Yeah, that’s been brushed under the rug thanks to strategic PR and red carpet appearances (brilliantly I might add). Despite the awesome posters that show the both of them and the word ‘Forever’, I don’t think irony will hold this movie down. I think the constant numbers of teenagers and girls in their twenties will overlook the stupidity (for her, once a cheater, always a cheater and for him, how embarrassing to get back with her after being publicly humiliated like that with her BS public apology and I hope this isn’t a stunt because I actually respect Pattinson in the way he has handled it post-scandal). We have this out on the table now: There’s no snowstorm, people already forgot who Rupert Sanders was and it’s a big finale that people want to celebrate and say goodbye to as we send it off in the moonlight. Mostly because if we sent it into the sunlight, they would burn up like they were entering the atmosphere from space. Wait…in the sunlight, they don’t burn into a crisp and they…sparkle? Who the hell wrote this garbage…

Let’s get into the math portion of the segment. The Twilight series has always opened in November with the exception of the third movie, Eclipse, which opened in June of 2010. Amazingly, the movie had the lowest opening weekend gross of 64 million and the lowest per screening average of 14k.  Granted, it also opened during Fourth of July weekend and grossed 85 million over the 5 day period but still, Summit Entertainment knows that life is easier in the November market where competition is less fierce and people know not to open against a behemoth. (On that note, The Last Airbender opened that weekend and did 40 million. I have no clue where I was that weekend but I must have avoided the theater like it was full of walkers.)

We are going to use three movies as comparisons: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Parts 1 and 2. The first Breaking Dawn offers a good comparison because it’s the same franchise opening in the same weekend the year before, and HP Part 1 because it also opened the same weekend in 2010 and HP Part 2 because it was the final installment, albeit opening during the summer season. Looking at HP Part 1, that movie opened to 125 million dollars with a per screen average of 30k for the 4100+ theaters. HP Part 2, in comparison, opened with a record-breaking (at the time) 169 million dollars with a per screen average of 38k for almost 4400 theaters. Granted, it took place in the summer season, but it will also mimic the lack of competition that Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will encounter this weekend. Also to be noted is that HP Part 1 and 2 both carry a 79% and a 96% in Rottentomatoes.com scores, far better than what the Twilight films are tracking at but we’ll delve into that later. Basically when you split up the last film of a series into two films, you’ll see an increase from the first film to the last one. This is called ‘Hollywood Moneymaking 101’. We saw an increase of 44 million in the opening weekends (a 35% increase) and an 8k per screening increase as well (a 27% increase despite a slight increase in theater count as well).

Let’s look at the first Breaking Dawn. During the same weekend last year, in 4000+ theaters, it debuted at 138 million with a per screen average of 34k. That figure is slightly larger than the 125 million and the 30k per screen that HP Part 1 took in. Now, if we apply the same reasoning of the 35% increase on the total revenue brought in and the 27% increase on the per screen, we come to 186 million and 43k per screen.

However, I find that to be extremely unrealistic as that would make it the 2nd highest opening weekend of all time behind The Avengers. However, the shorter running time might make the final figure a lot closer to that. Despite the film tracking at 56% at the time of this writing, this movie is critic proof and actually is garnering some of the best reviews of the series so far. Take from that as you will.

As the final film, the idea that any publicity, whether good or bad, is good publicity, I believe that Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will end up with an extremely healthy 40k per screen average. In 4070 theaters, that means the final vampire epic will gross about 162 million. A crazy amount in my mind because that will make it third highest grossing weekend behind The Avengers and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part – 2. However, the Twilight folks will come out in force before the Thanksgiving weekend to send out the series with a bang.

Lost in the shuffle is the wide release opening of Lincoln. It destroyed my prediction last week of a 20k per screen with a 85k per screening resulting in a 900k limited opening gross. The reviews have been phenomenal as it lines up to be the premier awards season contender in all the major categories. But enough about that, let’s do some numbers. The movie is expanding to 1775 theaters and is perfect counter programming to Twilight and its only competition is the returning Skyfall adult demographic. At least it will have more of an appeal than The Master opening with more advertisements touting its awesomeness in the past few weeks. I look for a modest start in the per screen average of 8k for a final total of 14 million. This movie is going to be more reliant on the awards season buzz so the majority of its money will be made later.

The last three returning movies we’ll talk about is Skyfall, Wreck-It Ralph and Flight. (which I won’t ignore this week). Skyfall will most likely mirror the Casino Royale decline rather than the Quantum of Solace. It doesn’t have to worry about the Twilight effect so you won’t see people going to that instead of the Bond film. With Casino Royale, we saw a 25% decline although that took place during Thanksgiving weekend. With Quantum, we saw a more steep decline of 60%. The movie still getting great word of mouth so maybe a 40% decline seems more likely which will result in a 52 million dollar weekend.

Wreck-It Ralph will still carry its good run with no direct competition and we’ll see its bigger weekends soon with school going into holidays. I see only a 35% decline with a final weekend tally of 21 million. Finally Flight should wrap up the top 5 of the next weekend. It made 14 million last weekend but with Skyfall and Lincoln taking more of its numbers away, look for 45% decline to result in a 8 million return. With that’s let’s recap:


1.)  The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2: 162 million
2.)  Skyfall: 52 million
3.)  Wreck-It Ralph: 21 million
4.)  Lincoln: 14 million
5.)  Flight: 8 million


And with that, let’s find out how completely off base I may be!

Grizzly Bomb’s Box Office Dartboard Predictions

Welcome to the inaugural Grizzly Bomb Box Office Dartboard Predictions! This will be a weekly feature and I will be your regular host for these events. The main reasons we wanted to do this:

  1. Dr. Kronner wanted me to actually do a weekly feature so I’m not buried behind a computer attempting to fix random issues that pop up (this week’s culprit: hidden code that causes redirects)
  2. We want to let our audience know what’s out there, and if you should probably get advance tickets. We’re basically the movietickets.com commercials you see at the beginning of the shows…only mildly less annoying.
  3. I’m a sucker for math and algorithms so this stuff makes me excited. Also I like to have the power to make predictions.
  4. I’ll probably have a Sunday feature where everyone will make fun of my predictions because I’ll be horribly off base.

Honestly, I want to do this because I want our audience to be aware of what’s out there in the world and plan accordingly if they choose to go out to the movies. It’s a spectacle now with big crowds and big money so we want to sway your opinion one way or another if it’s worth the trip or not without being shut out for tickets or in some cases, maybe you want to go to an empty theater (Cloud Atlas?) and just find a place to hook up with someone. Regardless, here we go, I welcome comments as always to help me improve the piece as we move on from this point forward.

This is actually a pretty easy week as we only have one wide release and that is the already critically-acclaimed Skyfall, with Daniel Craig at the helm in his latest 007 adventure. Seeing that it has already topped $287 million overseas as of November 8th, it should be a no-brainer on what the number one movie will be right? Hell, it’s already the 3rd highest grossing Bond movie of all time and we haven’t even seen the receipts in the States yet.

I think the real question is how much money it could possibly rake in. This movie has been in our sights for the last month already with Europe seeing its early release and commercials for the movie; Heineken, Sony and everything under the sun that features Daniel Craig in it. It’s a cross-promotion wet dream that’s unfolding in front of us. It does, however, risk overexposure. Could the North American audience already be sick of Bond? Do we really need to know that he likes to drink imported beer from Holland and loves to infiltrate secret lairs run by Sony VAIO computers? It doesn’t hurt and nor will it because of the massive amount of terrific reviews out there.

Here’s the thing. It’s the only major release out there. It’s dropping in 3400 theaters, which is on target for most PG-13 wide releases out there. Let’s look at Casino Royale for a second. That came out November 17, 2006 and was 2nd in the box office behind Happy Feet (yep, that happened). It dropped 40.8 million that weekend and opened to similarly fantastic reviews in 3,434 theaters. It averaged nearly 12k per screen. Quantum of Solace had a similar opening in the theater count with 3,451. However, it dropped an enormous 67.5 million that weekend and also led the way with an average of 19.5k per theater. This did well despite the fact that the movie opened to lukewarm reviews and made about the same domestically as Casino Royale in the end, due to drop offs in the upcoming weekends and worse word of mouth.

Now for another comparison’s sake, let’s look at two other movies: The Bourne Legacy and Taken 2. With The Bourne Legacy, that opened in about 3700 theaters and grossed 38 million opening weekend. This was a spy thriller franchise looking for a comeback after a few years off. Granted, it also was missing Matt Damon and the franchise proved to be a lot more reliant on him showing up and being the face as opposed to just the name Bourne. It also opened in the busy summer season where it faced other similar pictures vying for the action movie demographic. Taken 2 was international appeal, fall opening, Liam Neeson growling his way through his warpath leaving nothing but Eastern European corpses as his calling cards…this could be another good comparison. The movie opened a month ago and crushed its competition with a 49.5 million opening gross in 3600 theaters for an average of 13.5k per screen.

I love math so let’s put this all together with my predictions. It’s safe to say that this movie will surpass both those movies in gross. So if you look at the per screening, it’s safe to say that it would probably be around 25k per screening. That’s a 6k increment increase that you got from the previous two Bond films and I imagine it would be the same in this case. You have to look at the inflation and those patterns. Plus there is an audience clamoring for a Bond movie after the four year drought. This movie also carries a ridiculous amount of buzz and there is no other competition out there to conflict with. Taken 2 and The Man with the Iron Fists would be the closest, but Taken 2 is in its twilight and the RZA flick isn’t punching its way out of the hole it’s in. So we do the simple math of 25k and multiply it by the amount of theaters, and we get an 85 million dollar opening estimate. Looking at outside factors, like the snow storm heading to the east coast, the 2hr and 25 min run time, and IMAX, we can adjust accordingly to be more conservative. However, the movie has already opened in some places today because of IMAX screenings. We can adjust to an additional 5-10 million.

So, my prediction? 82 million dollars this weekend for Skyfall. Granted I’m just throwing the figure out, but it’s going to be an event movie and with no other competition, new and existing, mark that down and watch me eat crow on Sunday.

Lincoln also opens in 11 theaters this weekend and those will surely be packed as the film is garnering major critical and awards buzz. In the major cities, look for it to get about a 20k per screen share so probably a 200k limited release opening before it goes wide next week.

Looking at the other holdovers, Wreck It-Ralph will have a steady decline this weekend to the 2nd spot. It made 49 million last weekend and has garnered good to great reviews (even though I personally thought it was overrated). Tangled opened comparably, but over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Its initial decline was 55% to the second weekend. Its declines afterwards averaged about 30-35% so it’s conceivable to think that it will have a 40% decline before it levels back to 30% because Wreck-It Ralph doesn’t compete directly with Skyfall and will still pull in the kiddies. Look for a 30 million dollar follow up frame for the Disney picture which should bring it up to 90 million for the first 10 days.

Argo continues to perform with minimal declines and while the adult audience will flock to Skyfall, I still see only a 25% decline so it should roll in about 7-8 million for the weekend. The Man with the Iron Fists? Yeah, 007 is going to crush that and take away its target demographic. 60% decline as the RZA and Russell Crowe flick will drop to 3-4 million. Taken 2 and Cloud Atlas will have similar declines of 50% due to the Bond movie and apathy, respectively. Taken 2 will drop to 3 million and The Wachowskis flick will go to 2-3 million as well.

So let us recap the list right now:


1.) Skyfall: 82 million
2.) Wreck-It Ralph: 30 million
3.) Argo: 7 million
4.) Taken 2: 3 million
5.) Cloud Atlas: 2 million


Again, we’ll have to see how this holds up on Sunday when I review the estimates and probably remove the foot from my mouth (foot on hand since I’m typing?). Disagree with me? Well, you know where the comments are.

New ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Posters & Soundtrack News!

Pop Quiz time!

Do you know this man? Have you ever been at the receiving end of his “burst into flames and launch at you” move?

Of course you do, we all do! That is none other than M. Bison from Street Fighter. He’s not looking so 8-bit these days though as he has gotten the star treatment in one of the newest posters released for Wreck-It Ralph.

For years I’ve decided to wait for Disney movies to come out on video to watch them. I don’t have kids and it feels a little weird sometimes being the only adult by themselves in a theater full of grade schoolers. Please note that this does not apply to the recent relaunch of Beauty and the Beast, as I was mowing down tiny little girls in princess outfits in order to get a good seat. I feel no shame over my actions.

Not so much with this movie. I will be standing in line with the 10 year-olds, just as excited as they. I have a feeling though, I will not be the only childless “old” person there. Not only do we have M. Bison, but there’s Q-Bert, and Mr. Eggman, and Bowser, and Sonic, and Coily, and Paperboy (!!!), and Dig-Dug, and OH MY GOD THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!

Speaking of Sonic and others- they too have gotten a makeover and starring spot in new posters.

Lest they be outshined by all the old schoolers, the original cast of Wreck-It Ralph got their own poster.

Even though the internet has been quite atwitter with the revelation that there will be no Mario, I think we can all agree that this is an impressive list of characters from games throughout the ages. And who’s to say, that if a sequel is made (let’s not kid ourselves here- this movie has a very broad appeal so the chances of a sequel are high) Nintendo might change their minds and we’d see everyone’s favorite plumbers on the big screen in no time. If you can’t wait until then, check out this on Netflix.

In other news, do you remember this song?

Oh yes, get excited folks, because the geniuses that brought us Pac-Man Fever and my personal favorite Ode to a Centipede, Gary Garcia and Jerry Bruckner have lent their talents to the Wreck-It Ralph soundtrack. If pop songs about 80’s video games aren’t your things, don’t fret because AKB48, Skrillex, and Owl City have also contributed. Henry Jackman, who did Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class, composed the score.

And if all this wasn’t enough- there’s a new trailer.

The soundtrack will be released on October 30th and I’ll see you at the theater on November 2nd.

I’ll be the one in the Princess Peach outfit.

CCI 2012: Oz The Great & Powerful and The Lone Ranger Trailers, Plus The Expendables 2 Panel & More!

Lots of movie news and trailers coming out of Comic-Con International, so let’s get started!

Oz: The Great and Powerful

It seems like the pairing of Sam Raimi and a Disney prequel to The Wizard of Oz starring James Franco wouldn’t exactly be on the top of “Things to be Expected at Comic-Con 2012”. But alas, Oz: The Great and Powerful is very much real. A Comic-Con panel revealed that the story would follow The Wizard before he became The Wizard of Oz, starring James Franco as the title character. Raimi also revealed that longtime friend and fan favorite Bruce Campbell will have a role in the film. I don’t think I’m alone when I say he’d be awesome as the leader of the munchkins.

The trailer, which was released soon after the panel finished up, reveals a similar style to the original film in that it begins in black and white and turns to color once our hero reaches The Land of Oz. I’ll admit, once Franco reaches The Land, the whole thing becomes Tim Burton-y in the Alice in Wonderland variation, a film that I despise with every fiber of my being. Joe Roth, one of the producers of Alice in Wonderland, serves as a producer on this film which may explain the similar style.

But here’s the thing, Raimi is better than 95% of most mainstream action/adventure directors working today. His projects always have an immense amount of passion regardless of the budget, and he has the decency to give the audience a self-aware wink, but not to the point of pretentious overload. I’ve yet to encounter a Raimi film that I didn’t like, and hopefully Oz: The Great and Powerful won’t be an exception. Here’s the trailer:

You can read more over at Bosco’s Grindhouse.

The Lone Ranger

After what seemed to be a falling out on production of The Lone Ranger due to an inability to find a suitable actor for the title character, a surprise visit from Trailerland has made its way to Comic-Con. A thus far unreleased preview for The Lone Ranger has been screened at the Con, and this is what Collider had to say about the goings-on of this important preview.

Most of the trailer has Tom Wilkinson (who plays the film’s villain) providing narration about the importance of trains.  He explains that because trains will be the fastest mode of transportation in the old west, and whoever controls them “controls space and time.”  It’s unintentionally funny because, it’s, you know, trains.  But the visual style is full of Verbinski’s indulgences, like a brief shot that goes into a saloon and there’s a prostitute swinging from a wooden crescent moon that’s suspended from the ceiling.  There’s also a slo-mo shot of a bunch of white guys in around a table getting shot at.

Then there’s the big reveal of Tonto (Johnny Depp) and The Lone Ranger (Armie Hammer), and the shot is the first official image from the film.  Then there’s a bunch of quick action shots including the Ranger drawing down on an unseen enemy, and Tonto clinging on to the bottom of a speeding train.  But if there’s one big take-away from this trailer, it’s trains.  Trains are really, really important.  The film also stars Helena Bonham Carter, William Fichtner, Barry Pepper, James Frain, Ruth Wilson, and James Badge Dale.”

Personally, I think Armie Hammer is an awesome choice for any movie, especially one as epic as The Lone Ranger. He has a certain screen presence about him that led to very powerful performances in The Social Network and even J. Edgar. Put Johnny Depp in just about anything and I’ll watch. I’m not too worried about his performance here. The Lone Ranger is set to release July 3rd, 2013.

Again, read more over at Bosco’s Grindhouse.


A new trailer for the upcoming Tim Burton film, Frankenweenie, was released at the Con today. It’s an extended version of the trailer that’s been running in theaters for the past couple months, and it furthers the tone set by the partially creepy and partially cute trailer we’ve already seen. This is definitely a passion project for Burton because it’s based off a short he made at the beginning of his career. I’m actually very excited to see how he extends the idea to feature length, and the way the premise seems to be played out is reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands. Will this be Burton’s first good film since Big Fish? I hope so.

You can read Collider’s summary of the Con Panel with Burton right here and you can watch the extended trailer for the film below:

The Expendables 2

One of the most anticipated panels of the year was The Expendables 2 which brought together literally every major action star of the past forty years. From Stallone to Schwarzenegger to JCVD to Liam Hemsworth, The Expendables 2 has something for everyone and this panel only proved that. One of the high points of the evening was seeing Schwarzenegger awarded IGN’s Action Hero Hall of Fame Award by last year’s recipient, co-star and friend Sylvester Stallone. A collection of Arnold’s best scenes and kills was shown to the audience and met with uproarious applause.

The bromantic panel that followed allowed for the actors to brag about how great everyone in the movie is. Stallone went as far as saying that audiences will be surprised by JCVD’s performance. The stars also got to talk about how much fun it was to interact with other legends in their genre. Some new clips were shown including “a truly kick-ass gunfight scene set at an airport between JCVD’s bad guys and the Expendables.” Despite Chuck Norris’ involvement (sorry, Kronner) and the film’s PG-13 rating (which is because of Chuck Norris [sorry again, Kronner), I’m pretty excited for this movie, especially because the first one was so truly bad-ass and will go down as one of the most popular cult hits of all time.

Here’s the panel for your enjoyment:


Disney’s newest film, Wreck-it-Ralph, looks to be something like The Avengers (Ed. Note: Nothing is like the Avengers.) meets Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World with animation similar to Tangled. What comic books were to The Avengers, video games will be to Wreck-it-Ralph. A valentine to gamers everywhere, this is one of my top ten most anticipated films for the rest of the year, and one that I’m getting more and more excited for as the release date approaches.

A new, ten minute clip was premiered at the Con today. A detailed description of the clip can be found here. According to IGN, the plot goes something like this:

Ralph is the antagonist of an old school arcade game called Fix-It Felix, Jr., where he destroys builds as Felix (30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer) makes repairs with his magic hammer. This is Ralph’s job, where he’s seemingly stuck forever as a destructive, brutish villain. The only time he can truly be his good self is after the arcade closes or during his Bad-Anon support group meetings with other video game heavies.

The lonesome Ralph is determined to find himself a new video game home, one where he can finally be the hero. What appears to be a simple power strip on the floor of the arcade is, in fact, Game Central Station, which allows characters to venture to the different game worlds of the arcade. Some of the other game worlds Ralph journeys to include the sci-fi combat shooter game Hero’s Duty and the cart-racer Sugar Rush, encountering no-nonsense Sgt. Calhoun (Jane Lynch) and Vanellope Von Schweetz (Silverman) along the way.

Sugar Rush offers Ralph his best chance yet at heroism (and love via his burgeoning relationship with Vanellope), but all is threatened when it’s discovered that the seemingly safe and saccharine realm of Sugar Rush holds a deadly secret that threatens to destroy all the game life in the arcade itself.

I think this is a fantastic premise for a film and I’ve been waiting for something that incorporates a bunch of different video game characters in a movie setting. While I’m not the avid player I once was, I know I’ll be able to understand most of the retro references that come up even in the film’s trailer. Something that disappointed me, though, was the reported absence of Mario and Luigi. According to the panel (which you can watch part of below) at the Con, Super Mario Bros. asked too much for an appearance in the film so Disney scrapped the idea.

A bit of news that redeemed this bad news; Skrillex will be providing music for the “Hero’s Duty” portion of the film. Guess where you can read more about Wreck-it-Ralph? Yep. Bosco’s Grindhouse.

And that’s the beginning of the news. Seriously. We’ll talk again, real soon.

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