With 38 days still remaining before the deadline, donations for the ROBOCOP statue to be built-in Detroit has already met its goal. They were giving it till March 29th to raise $50,000. Well here we are on Feb. 16th, and they’ve already raised $50,769.

According to the Detroit Free Press the group in charge of the fund-raising will keep accepting donations until the original March 29th deadline and make the statue “as big and good as possible”. Supporters of the statue got a big boost Tuesday when San Francisco businessman, Pete Hottelet, donated $25,000.

He runs a company you may have heard of: Omni Consumer Products

If that name doesn’t sound familiar to you, you need to watch ROBOCOP again. They were the company in the movie that bought the Police and ran “New Detroit”.

Well Hottelet’s company isn’t one I was familiar with 20 minutes ago, but I instantly fell in love with. This OCP, instead of destroying Detroit, actually makes products based off of non-fictional items…

In addition to Ghostbuster’s Stay Puft Marshmallows, they also make Tru Blood Drinks, Anchorman inspired Sex Panther cologne, and the energy drink that destroyed the country in Idiocracy – Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator.

Now it’s not yet decided exactly where the Robocop statue will stand, but if you’d like to be part of history, you can Donate Here

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Alright. Article Over.

UPDATE: As of 10:41 am, on Wednesday Feb. 21st, the total is now at: $60,903

9 thoughts on “ROBOCOP UPDATE”

  1. This comment was left on the Poll’s Comment Section. I’m pasting it here for another viewpoint:

    “- Doug
    The whole thing seems insulting. Not only does the movie portray Detroit in the worse possible light, but it wasn’t even filmed in Detroit. The movie did nothing for the city other than depict it as a violent hell hole. You can say the statue is symbolic of police dedication and justice or whatever eases the white guilt, but in the end its frivolous fanboy porn.

    Not only does it take 50,000 grand to construct it, but now with the extra money it will be “as big and good as possible”. The thought of donating this money raised, not to mention extra money, to something that would make a difference.”


  2. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie Robocop. The statue isn’t going to drive much tourism to Detroit; how many folks that are going to see it are actually going to stay in the city and spend money. I get why Philly put a Rocky statue up. That character and movie symbolize the city in a positive light. You can’t say the same for Robocop.

    The money would be better spent towards a new charter school or something like that. I realize its their right to do whatever they’d like with the money they raised, but at least donate some of the money to a local charity if they have already covered the costs.

    Okay, I’ll stop my ranting!


    1. Doug, I’m not saying that the statue alone will draw families from cross country, but it adds for people already visiting, and a lot of metro-Detroiters I’m sure will go check it out at least once. I know I’ll make a day of it. Lunch at Lafayette Coney Island, maybe stop for some gas, who knows. All I’m saying is it can’t hurt.


  3. My Response to Doug:

    The Robocop movie shown a light on Detroit in the 80’s that was not flattering, but wasn’t completely ridiculous either. It’s the same way New York and LA were shown in alot of films at the same time. As a ‘what if’ type of setting. The movie came out in 1987, but didn’t take place in 1987. It was a look at the future, and given the violent crimes rates in the city at that time it wasn’t out of the question to envision such a result. Much like ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.

    As far as “White Guilt”, I don’t have any, and if I did it certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with this.

    The truth is the money wasn’t raised for something else, so the idea of donating it elsewhere is irrelevant.

    San Fran, Philly, New York, Smallville Kansas, they all have statues of fictional characters. I can’t envision anyway this could be construed as a negative in the city. It’s just one more reason for people to come downtown and spend money on Coneys or at the bar.

    Robocop is a pop culture icon. Nothing more. If you’re still distraught over how the Murder Capital of the US (A city I love by the way) was depicted in a film from 1987, perhaps you can look at Robocop as a reminder of one possible Detroit future and how it was averted. And if you want to donate to something, start your own KICKSTARTER account and devise a plan, if it’s a good plan you can count on a donation from me.


  4. Robocop sucks…. Okay I cant even say that with a straight face, this statue is an amazing idea! If Smallville gets a Supes statue and Philly gets Rocky, I see nothing wrong with Robo getting his own statue… So I get that the money has been raised, but wouldnt the city still have to okay it for it to be put up? Is that still a hindrance? And if they say no is that it? Deal’s off?


  5. I totally get what you are saying Brian and agree with a lot of it, but to me what started out seeming to be a gag some people actually think is going to help Detroit and treating this like it’s their good deed towards the city. Sorry if it came off wrong, but I am not implying that you personally have white guilt or should.

    That being said, you forgot a key component in favor of your argument. Lest we forget the Fonzie statue in Milwaukee!


  6. I believe it will be a great thing for Detroit! I will be sure to take my two daughters down to see the statue. I can make a whole day of it watch the movie’s and see the statue it’s something to get us down there that will not cost a arm and leg :)


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