Great News Animation Fans!! Archer, Futurama and Venture Bros. All Renewed


Good news everyone! Futurama, Archer and the Venture Bros. have all been renewed! That’s right, some your favorite animated shows will be back to make us laugh, and hopefully offend lots of people.

Futurama is the T.V. show that just wouldn’t die. After Fox canceled the show, it was gone for nearly ten years before being revived with four straight-to-video DVDs, and then an ordering of episodes to be aired on Comedy Central. After thirteen new episodes it has been reported at IGN, that the Sci-Fi Comedy will air 39 new episodes carrying over into 2013.

I thought that when I watched the new episodes it might not have the same feel to it since it had such a long period of silence, but I was wrong. The voice actors hadn’t missed a beat. There were new fresh jokes and the same great animation, along with some new characters. I have to admit, my Futurama DVDs were becoming a bit worn, but now I can shelf them and enjoy the ‘Planet Express Crew’ in all new adventures for the next three years!

Venture Bros has also been renewed for at least two more seasons, and a 60-90 minute special according to the A.V. Club. Venture Bros is the best show currently on Adult Swim, mocking some of our favorite comic book concepts and cartoon shows, while following the exploits of the Venture family and their faithful bodyguard Brock Sampson. This show is one that gets progressively better as it goes on, and I absolutely loved Season One.

And finally the FX masterpiece Archer. This follows the trials and tribulations of one of the world’s most selfish and conceited spys to ever live. Great voice talent and an appealing artistic style combine with some of the best comedic writing on television to make this one of the funniest shows in years. Sterling Archer is my favorite spy in the history of media.

Sorry 007…

FX has announced that in addition to ordering another season of Justified, Archer will also be back for a 3rd year.

So now here is 3 of the best cartoons of the past 20 years, and they’re all coming back for another go around. Good news for all.

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