Invasion of the Jersey Shore Spinoffs

Jersey Shore is the national car wreck of human life and debauchery that people just can’t get enough of. These morons on the show make more money than those who actually do great things in life, but good for them if there are people willing to watch. I don’t judge anyone for watching Jersey Shore, mostly because the majority watch it to see them make total asses of themselves.

These people re-define classy

Well now you’ll be having triple doses of all of this nonsense as two Shore spin-offs have been announced. If you want a little more info on the whole shebang, check out an article at the New York Daily News website. Otherwise read on to find out who the lucky Shore whores are.

So out of all of the cast members, it’s probably pretty easy to guess the first one getting further fame. The diminutive, alcoholic wrestler Snooki is getting a spin off. Undoubtedly it should be a show about nothing but tanning and all of the different ways of doing it while drinking yourself into a retarded stupor. She will be joined on the show by ‘Jwoww‘, who will be professionally flaunting her bountiful rack right alongside her little hobbit buddy.

Then, lastly there’s Pauly D, whom I have no idea what his function could possibly be. He’s probably a DJ or something like that.

Pauly D finding out he's getting his own show

Without a doubt the Snooki and Jwoww show will be an instant hit. Snooki has been riding a publicity tidal wave since her showing at Wrestlemania 27, which was so unimpressive that I find paint drying to be more inspirational. Then her speaking gig at Rutgers University pretty much put her over the top. And Jwoww’s boobs should be enough to make the show a mainstay unfortunately.

Pauly D on the other hand will probably be canceled pretty early, because who seriously needs a DJ anymore? I thought Ipods were officially the replacement for DJs.

Will these shows be as entertaining as the current MTV “reality” powerhouse? Will they fizzle into mediocrity? I think a lot of people are already starting to have Jersey Shore burn out, but I think everyone should shoot off their opinion in the comment section below. Whether you love it or hate it (Here!), the Jersey Shore cast is here to stay awhile. A loooooong while.

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