Grizzly Graphic Novel Review – Superman: Earth One

One of the review excerpts in an advertisement for Superman: Earth One quoted it as “What do you get when you combine Twilight and a classic superhero? The new Superman”, and I’ve come to the decision that those words are stupid.

I would lean more towards saying it’s like Smallville minus the five seasons of high school and college nonsense. It’s actually better though not to compare it to anything else, because it is simply a re-imagining of the Superman mythos. Much as Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman was. The story was written by veteran J. Michael Straczynski.

The story starts off with a young Clark Kent arriving in Metropolis. Pa Kent has already passed on, leaving Clark with plenty of advice on making the choice of whether or not to become a superhero. Clark has no plans of helping people in that way, but instead plans on using his abilities to help people in a variety of ways such as finding cures for diseases through science, exposing corruption and making enough money to last Ma Kent a lifetime.

Lois is onto him

After an alien attack occurs on Earth, the leader Tyrell explains to Earth’s populace that they are there to find another extra terrestrial who escaped them long before. So basically unless Clark gives himself up, the people of Earth will suffer. There is also some mystery to the aliens when their leader reveals that his race were rivals of the Kryptonians so long ago, and that someone gave them the technology to destroy Krypton. Who that is remains to be seen, but hopefully it is covered in a sequel graphic novel that Straczynski is rumored to be planning right now!

After a fresh telling of the Superman story by J. Michael Straczynski and some above average (a little too much emphasis on abs) artwork from Shane Davis I will have to give this trade a 4 out of 5 grizzlies. It’s one of those stories that current fans of Superman can enjoy or a new reader can jump on to.

2 thoughts on “Grizzly Graphic Novel Review – Superman: Earth One”

  1. I love Superman Earth One! It reinvents the origin of Superman, but yet includes little easter eggs here and there that long-time Superman fans will pick out. And that newspaper article at the end of the book where Clark Kent interviews Superman is interesting too…


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