Camelot Review: Episode 5 – Justice

After a week of being MIA, I was ready to jump back into the world of Camelot. This week’s episode was properly titled ‘Justice’ because quite frankly that’s what it was all about. It was another episode where not much moves along in terms of action until the end, but we at least get to see Arthur not be a total little bitch. He actually passed for a man and a good King in this episode, even though it cost him a lot of enemies.

"Seriously bro, you need to kick it up a notch with the whole king thing."

‘Justice’ with Arthur and his warriors riding back to Camelot, when a girl comes running out of the forest calling for help for her father. Arthur and his men have her take them to her village and they arrive seeing a man being hanged by the residents. Arthur stops this, demanding that Camelot provide a trial for the man before he is sentenced to death. Arthur exudes some authority here and throughout the episode to the villagers, but the head of the village doesn’t seem to be intimidated by his “king”, asserting that villages such as his can handle things on their own.

As the trial proceeds at Camelot, the man who killed the village head’s brother, Colfur explains his side of the story as does the village head who’s name is Ewan. Arthur knows that Colfur isn’t sharing something and that all is not as it seems. Which of course… it isn’t.

Arthur, actually looking like a king

Merlin doesn’t have much to do in this episode. He is still reeling from the beating he provoked last episode and his part in the death of Excalibur. He spends most his time below Camelot writing strange symbols and drawings that appear to show him what may be coming in the future. I like that they kept Merlin out of this one just to give Arthur a little credibility on his own. Seriously, I want a King Arthur with a pair on him by the end of this season!

Her der der...

Morgan is doing her best in the meantime to undermine her brother’s rule, with the help of her not so holy Nun buddy Sybil. It is unclear to me what Sybil’s aim is in the scheme of things. She is obviously a mother figure to Morgan and understands the dark power she is messing with, but it makes you wonder if she is helping her just to help her, or is there something else behind it? Sybil is Morgan’s Merlin; they both seem to have ulterior motives in motion beyond their young apprentices and will go to any means to achieve them. After a crafty little scheme concocted by Sybil, Morgan seems at the end of the episode to have the various merchants and village elders on her side through the influence of fear and want of a strong leader. Eva Green was amazing in this episode, her voice alone carrying a commanding tone during her speech to those gathered at Castle Pendragon. I really doubt I would follow the show as closely if she wasn’t a part of it.

Arthur’s punishment to Colfur for murdering Ewan’s brother is that he be banished from the village after it came out that Ewan’s brother was there to rape Colfur’s daughter because the head of the village gets everyone’s daughter when they’re of age. Arthur orders that the practice end but things don’t go so smoothly at the village when Gawain is escorting Colfur and his daughter out. After laying down some royal pain on the villagers who attacked, Arthur proclaims that no women of the village will be harmed and that it is now under his protection.


I give the episode a 3.5 out of 5 bears. It had some great performances by not only Eva Green but by Liam Cunningham who played Colfur. Cunningham is no stranger to fantasy/medieval movies, his credits including: Clash of the Titans, Centurion and First Knight where he played one of King Arthur’s knights! Could it be too much to ask that he perhaps move into Camelot and join Arthur’s warriors? I sure the hell hope so. I really enjoyed seeing Arthur acting more like a King and thinking with his head instead of his sword. Yes, I’m talking about the other sword. He seems to be pretty well over Guinevere for the moment and I’m liking his character better for it, something that was slipping in the past couple installments. I hope the story moves along a little faster in the upcoming episodes and Arthur has an opportunity to deal with Morgan and the complications she is causing.

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2 thoughts on “Camelot Review: Episode 5 – Justice”

  1. Hmm… Haven’t seen this show yet, but it looks interesting enough, and Eva Green is in it! So can I just start from whatever episode it is now, or should I start from the beginning or something?


    1. Probably a good idea to start from the beginning on this one, unless you read all of the reviews and then pick up from there! Lol


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