Brand New Green Lantern Trailer With Tons of Footage!

Over at Yahoo Movies, the new Green Lantern trailer dropped and it its packed to the nuts with new footage, A great look at all the characters, and some really great scenes of GL in action. But why am I talking about it, you should just watch it.

Wow. That was worth it just to see Kilowog punch the hell out of Ryan Reynolds. And we get a great look at Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller, Tim Robbins as Senator Hammond, and Peter Sarsgaard as Big-headed Hector Hammond.  Not to mention our very first look at the Guardians of the Universe!

I have been getting more and more impressed as these trailers come out, and this one kind of leaves me speechless. I mean, We get to see some really great usage of the ring, and a promising look at the relationship between Hal and Sinestro. And that one scene of GL flying into the clouds was beyond epic. And did you see? He made a bubble! That’s totally his thing. I’m officially geeking out.

Sorry about the terrible screen cap

All in all, I am freakin excited for this movie, and am amazed at how drastically my opinion on this movie has changed since the beginning stages.

Tell us about your favorite parts of the trailer, or what you hope to see out of the movie, or if you are still 100% convinced it’s going to suck in the comments section below!

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