WWE Monday Night Raw Review: May 9, 2011

We get to start off Raw tonight with the announcement of a triple threat match that will determine who John Cena will face at Over the Limit in two weeks. Of course the Miz will be one, then Del Rio and the third one takes some build, but between R-Truth and Rey Mysterio it comes down to Mysterio. Although I did enjoy R Truth calling Miz Kermit because he does kind of look like him. And it was surprising to hear him call Del Rio a Mexican fence jumper. Classy. John Cena will also be choosing the stipulation for his match at Over the Limit tonight on Raw.


I’m not gonna lie. I like watching the Raw divas matches because I really, really like watching Kelly Kelly. But regardless this week’s match was decent, albeit short. It was a tag match with Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly vs The Bella Twins. It actually finished this time before Kharma Kong comes out. This time Eve at least tries to attack here with little effect, then Kelly runs away leaving Eve to Kharma’s pretty awesome finisher.

You gotta love this move

The next match is a repeat from last week. We get to see Mason Ryan face off against Kane once more. Like last week, its a pretty good physical match but Raw will burn us out on it pretty quick. Not to mention it ends with Nexus interference. Again.

Our next match is another weekly Santino beatdown. At least now he puts up a little fight, playing a great role as jobber which is desperately needed. I really like Zigler. He’s pretty talented as was evidenced by his dropkick to Santino’s face followed by a Zig Zag to effectively end the match.

Let’s face it: Alex Riley is a bitch boy. He’s an ameoba like the Miz said. After getting berated by his boss again, Alex Riley goes to the ring and challenges John Cena to a match. Cena of course obliges the poor idiot with a match. In classic Raw fashion, the match lasts not even four minutes. He gives him a five knuckle shuffle, two attitude adjustments and the STF. Sorry A-Rei.

Once again we get more Michael Cole vomit-shit talk. I don’t know how else to describe it at this point. Seriously? How classy with him throwing the fact that Lawler’s mom died in his face after Lawler challenges him to a match.

The next match is refreshing change, as we get Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger in a U.S. Championship match. This is the most decent match of the night so far and after a simple distraction from Jerry Lawler, Kofi retains his title.

The best part came after the Kingston win when Lawler get a hold of Cole’s tie through one of the hole’s in front of his glass box and proceeds to bash his head against the glass repeatedly. Jack Swagger then accepts the match on Cole’s behalf. Please let it be their last match.

The Triple Threat match was a bit boring to me, but it was better than the other matches, even the U.S. Championship match. But wouldn’t you know it: Miz wins with some cheating bullshit once again. This guy reaks of credibility. Cena then comes out to announce his stipulation at Over the Limit is that the match will be an I Quit match. This goes to show the originality we are dealing with here in the WWE. Cena will have an I Quit match at Over the Limit, just as he did with Batista at the same pay per view a year ago. Lame. Suck it. Overall this was a pretty lackluster and terrible episode of Monday Night Raw.

By the way. Tomorrow the Maxim Hot 100 comes out and Kelly Kelly made the list! Make sure to pick it up to see which number she is!

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