Arnold to ‘Cry Macho’, Maybe into Tiny T-Rex Arms of De Vito?

First off, I want to see a photoshop of De Vito with T-Rex arms hugging the Terminator. I digress though because yeah, that’s right, according to FilmDrunk Twins 2 is out there for the taking and apparently 6 Fast 6 Furious: Terminator Boogaloo isn’t the only sequel being offered to the Governator. Well, before we get into this, let’s just sit on this idea for a second.

Okay, now that we’ve thought about this, because I am not inebriated nor on any sort of hallucinogen, I can’t think of a comprehensible way to reintroduce this sequel. I have a better time selling Miley Cyrus as the next Sarah Conner (picture it then immediate fetal position crying). But then again, I never put anything past Hollywood these days and I’m sure someone will crank out an idea that may be absolutely ridiculous by nature, but due to product placement, tax credits in Vancouver, and a little bit of soul selling to the devil, we’ll have a screenplay in about two weeks with a  green light in a month. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still watch it. But it’s because I’m pot committed to any Arnold movie. At least that’s how I justify watching Junior and Jingle All the Way.


Regardless, this isn’t even the real news of the story. According to FilmDrunk and the Hollywood Reporter, Cry Macho apparently will be the first thing the we see newly-separated Schwarzenegger in at the movie theater. He will play a washed out horse trainer that decides to kidnap his old boss’s son from his ex-wife, only to find out that the ex-wife does not want the kid back. They end up getting chased by the Federales and start bonding.

So it’s Seabiscuit mixed with A Perfect World, and maybe a dash of Dutch? Fair enough then. I do think it’s interesting that he’ll choose this over the action flicks he has in the pipeline, as if to say that he’s a versatile actor and will take any role, action or dramatic and can still pull it off. I still don’t know what to make of this, and if anything it makes me want to watch A Perfect World again…

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