Camelot Review: Episode 7 – The Long Night

Just when I thought Camelot couldn’t get any worse…. it didn’t. Which is good because if this episode had been as terrible as the last one I’d have stopped watching completely. Lord knows it’s much classier neighbor, A Game of Thrones, comes on two nights after and is better in every aspect.

As I said above, the show wasn’t any worse. I would say it even got a little better with some action and a plot development that could prove interesting in the upcoming episode or two. The story starts with Morgan throwing a feast in honor of her brother Arthur to promote friendship and an alliance. That means an open invitation to everyone including Arthur, Merlin, Kay, Leontes, Guinevere, Gawain and Igraine. Of course Morgan has some sort of scheme behind the whole thing. Would you expect anything less?

Even though it was better than last episode, it was by no means a very good episode. Morgan basically set up a false attack, led by one of her men that was jerking off to her in the beginning of the episode. After her men supposedly defeat this unseen threat, Arthur and the others are convinced that she is an ally. So there was a threat, but it meant nothing in the end because the whole thing was a farce. Lame. When will there be an actual credible threat for Arthur to face?

Maybe that will happen soon because now Morgan will have infiltrated Camelot as Igraine since she took her prisoner in secret. The next episode should be good to see what kind of discord she sows while there and to see how long it takes Merlin to figure out she’s not the real Igraine.

There were some good character interactions while everyone was gathered at Castle Pendragon. Morgan and Guinivere were able to interact, with Morgan fishing around to see if Guinevere has feelings for Arthur, since she already knows that Arthur has his eye on her. What better way to create dissent among the ranks of Camelot than to expose Arthur’s betrayal of his champion Leontes? I actually am finding myself rooting for that to happen. Sorry Art.

Speaking of Leontes though, he and Gawain had a nice little confrontation. Gawain, displaying his cavalier attitude, was about to go off on his own to kill Old Wolf himself to elminate the threat to Arthur. Leontes on the other hand thinks Gawain should fall in with everyone else in a united front to protect the king. A pretty good fight ensues, drawing the eye of everyone in the castle until Arthur breaks it up and orders Gawain that he will not be going anywhere. It’s funny that Gawain was ripping on Leontes for his sense of duty and obligation because if Leontes had let him ride out to find Old Wolf, they’d have possibly seen through Morgan’s royal bullshit!

"You sit down and shut it mister!"

I give this episode a 2.5 out of five bears. It was better than last episode but not by whole lot. And as I said I’m having a little more hope for next episode which will be number 8, so we’re getting close to the finale. I’m beginning to wonder if this series will even get renewed for a second season.

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