DC Comic Review: Batman – Arkham City #1

Well thank God there’s something here to hold us over until October when Batman: Arkham City is finally released. Part of a five issue run, Arkham City is written by the legendary Paul Dini, and so far is a nice filler for the story between Arkham Asylum and the new game. I wasn’t too crazy about the art, but it was still above average to me.

The first issue shows us what’s been going on since the riot/takeover of Arkham by it’s criminals. Everyone including Harley is locked back up. Even the Joker, whom the Titan serum had a very devastating effect on, is back behind bars. But that won’t stop the crazy S.O.B. from laughing.

Also it turns out that former Warden Quincy Sharp is now the mayor of Gotham City, capitalizing off of his “handling” of the Arkham situation. Near as I could tell, the idiot managed to get himself held hostage and created more of a problem for Bats in the process. Throughout the issue Sharp is talking to a mostly unseen figure wearing glasses, who is obviously Hugo Strange (Just watch the trailers for the game). I find it interesting that he was Sharp’s psychiatrist for years and it’s plain that he is just Strange’s puppet, and that the Doctor is the true architect behind Arkham City.

It was also cool to see Batman’s tense relationship with Two Face. He confronts him for information and tells him that he won’t report to Commissioner Gordon on his whereabouts for a half hour if he cooperates. Two Face’s thugs all eagerly want to kill the Bat, but Two Face dismisses them saying –“You wouldn’t even tag him.” I can’t wait to see how his role plays out in the game because I really enjoyed his and Batman’s interactions in this comic!

I recommend you read the issue to see all that transpires to find out how Arkham City gets proposed, but know that there is a pair of new villains who use the Titan Serum to get all roided up, and Vicki Vale even makes an appearance as a news reporter! I’ll be interested to see how things play out in the next four issues and hope we get a feel for how Arkham City runs before we actually play the game.

I’m giving this issue a 3.5 out of 5 bears. It’s a pretty decent comic that I’m sure will get better and better as it goes on, it just seemed a little on the short side is all. And as I mentioned above, I wasn’t blown out of my chair by the art. It seemed like Mark Bagley on a bad day or something. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is going to play the game and to any Batman fans out there!

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