The Urban 30 Weekly Update! Season 5, Week 9

Welcome back to the Urban 30 Weekly Update! If you’re looking to catch up on Season 5, you can check out last week’s update here. This week, the team all encounter the same strange creature, in a slugfest we like to call Freak of the Week, Part 2! Part 1 was in Season 3.

So this week be sure to read the posts in order as the story moves throughout each heroes individual posts. Generally I would summarize each individual post but as this week the story moves through all of them I don’t want to spoil anything, so your just going to have to read it to see what happens!

Here’s the weekly rundown:


  • Feed Me, Sey… Sonus
  • Interference
  • Day Dreams, Pt. 2
  • Secret Life of Plants
  • Nature’s Finest
  • Hitman’s Green Thumb
And that’s Freak of the Week, Part 2! Quite a ride, wasn’t it. And this season is only going to get better, that’s a guarantee. Now, I’ll show you a couple of the character designs I made using Hero Machine 3 Alpha. These are characters that feature in Drifter’s storyline, and since I can’t draw to save my life I used probably the best hero generator out there right now.
Zoey Parker & Spiritus
Agents of N.O.T.E. and Agent Willis
Lots more to come involving these characters, with new characters appearing in all the heroes posts, so make sure you check in daily at to see how it all plays out. Now I have one more special treat for you. Check out the new motion comic from ThreeZeroMedia starring Hitman!
That is beyond awesome. We’ll see you next week for the latest edition of the Urban 30 Weekly Update!

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