Flashpoint: Map of the Time Shattered DC Universe

I always love alternate universe/timeline stories in comic books. You get to see characters die that you normally wouldn’t and characters are alive that have been dead for ages. Sometimes you get role reversals where certain heroes are scum ridden pieces of trash and occasionally the villains may be a hero or someone not as bad as their real universe counterpart. Then you also get to see how the world map is drawn differently, such as in the Age of Apocalypse in the Marvel Universe. The evil mutant Apocalypse is ruler of all the United States in that universe, dividing up the country to his Four Horsemen.

Things are no different in DC’s Flash-centric Flashpoint storyline where things are completely ass backwards. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are at war with one another, resulting in the death of millions, because in this timeline they are not the superheroes we know and love. Check out the map below: (thanks IGN)

The Black Adam protectorate? I hate that guy! And it would appear that Brazil is currently… Nazi controlled? What the hell. At least the Aussies were able to sit this one out, but one can only wonder when some super hero turned genocidal villain will set their sights on them! If you haven’t checked out Flashpoint yet, then go pick up the first issue! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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